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PhD Dating and dating PhD'sPage 9 of 9    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
I don't even mention my education on my profile because unless
I'm interviewing for a job, I don't see the importance. If someone
doesn't want to meet me because I seem uneducated or whatever,
I'm okei with that. It's been a rare day I've not been able to join in
or keep up with a conversation that I'm interested in.

I do remember when I was on the school committee in my town, there
was a gentleman that was always writing us with some sort of concern or
criticism. He signed his letters Dr. John Doe, PHD, past president
of the Essex PTA. (his name wasn't really john doe...but you know what
I mean) The PHD part made me chuckle but seriously, past president of
the local PTA?

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PhD Dating and dating PhD's
Posted: 7/15/2011 11:07:45 AM
Regarding Ph.D's etc..., I think what is more to the point, is wanting to find someone who has a similar experiences and can appreciate a person's life's path. What I think is lost in this overall discussion is that going for a Ph.D. , especially in sciences, can take up to six to ten years, or more to complete. Very few finish in three or four. The process comes with years of lost income, and often the acquisition of significant debt. And unlike those who go for medical doctorates, the promise of great financial gain is far less certain. Although, some may pursue advanced degrees because they have specific careers in mind, I believe that most pursue it because they are very skilled and inclined towards abstract reasoning, and enjoy the intellectual activity of an academic setting and the sharing of knowledge and interests with others. The motivation is not a financial one. So, quite often, people who pursue advanced degrees, spend many years without being "financially secure" and sometimes not financially stable. Also, to pursue an academic career often requires frequent moving for temporary short-term positions.

I think it much more likely for someone has gone through the years of work, stress, off and on insomnia, to achieve a goal one has passion for, regardless of financial reward, would be best to understand. Rather than a person who just sees his job as a "paycheck." And for those who attempt the academic route, only to have their dreams crash in around them, or experience long delays, and have to start different paths; I feel that the best people who could appreciate are people who put all their life savings and took out second mortgages to start a business they dreamed of starting, only to have it fail, they go bankrupt, and have to start all over.

As a blue-collar intellectual who did complete a Ph.D., who doesn't read books for pleasure, doesn't go in for artsy stuff, and rather be at the local dirt race track watching modifieds or sprint cars, I think that one thing that is in common for many people who pursue Ph.D.s is that they have Beta type personalities, if not full-blown Aspergers tendancies. I think that some of us intellectuals can loosely be described as "Idiot Savants." Brilliant in espousing brainy stuff, but complete wall-flowers in social settings. Often requiring others to get the conversation started.

Geologists like me aren't as stuffy, because we share some traits with artists, and like to go on field trips. It's getting worse though, as more techno-nerds invade the geoscience depts. Parties at Physics departments are complete Blahs! Quantum Physicists and Mathmeticians might as well be aliens from another planet!

All in all, divorcees probably feel more comfortable with divorcees because of common experience. People are comfortable with, and seek out others for what ever reason. But don't always judge a book by its cover!

As Charley Chan says: "Hasty deduction is like ancient egg. Looks good from the outside."
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PhD Dating and dating PhD's
Posted: 7/16/2011 6:49:28 AM
PhD doesn't mean anything to me in the dating or social seen, so PhD are lousy people and are really bad socially, some PhD's are excellent ppl and you can have great conversations with them, in the end ppl with PhD's are like everything else, the PhD just means that they have attained a mastery in there field of study. Its like my uncle, he has mutiple PhD's but socially is really lousy, i'm serious if you had to have a conversation for longer then 30 seconds with this guy you'd probably want to punch him in the face.
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