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I think we are all guilty. I wish I could say that didn't happen to me but I can't.

But this is what I read. It starts with the way men and women are wired. While men and women have about the same amount of sexual desire, men have to have it, while women could go on for periods of time without having it. So men start to push and not get it, and women start to recede.

Now, look at the things that both did when the sex was good. They went out on dates. They danced. They romanced. They teased each other. They made time. What happens when they are married? They work. Take care of kids. They get home and worry about the finances about this, that and the other. Then the woman starts complaining that He doesn't help around the house to clean or pick up. He complaints that well, she doesn't pay attention to him. So he discovers working late, or a good football game.

Because sex for men is instant, we approach don't get any then pull back. But women have to escalate slowly. Her sexual desire is directly connected to how the relationship is working. If something is not working or she feels that the guy is not putting any effort or taking her for granted her sexual desire goes down. This is where guys, including me fail miserably. Sex starts by washing the dishes, helping her fold underwear, clean a toilet. Cutting the grass does not count because that is guy thing. Grilling for her does not count because again that is a guy thing.
The next thing we forget to do is what we used to be very good at. Set a date. Be romantic, romance her. Make her feel special.
And finally, now that we are in bed, we have our chance, and what happens. We get our needs before hers. It doesn't matter if your lady says that she wants to please you first. Do not pay attention to her. Until she has a multiple orgasms, hold your own.
Anyway, I write this because I know that I screwed up in a lot of these. And it's only in retrospect that I can go. Now I get it.
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