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I was the long suffering martyr
A role I did despise, yet
portrayed with vigor
my love for you,
as you spoke the words
to bleed my heart,
not one act- did you convey~
was not sorry, to end
such tedious play- my great act,
only a female supporting
role, amongst many
A simple star of david- your
ironic gift-not lost on me...
I rose you above all-
to success- oh such a money shot...
a vulgar porno of love you portray-
this your fame-an entertaining game
I needed my role only once-
begone with you, and your
lousy portrayal of love...
You have your ego and
I keep my oscar!
from you
who thought you knew
it all, you never knew me
i was never obsequious-
my role will forever shine-
as a reminder of my faith in one-
that guides my heart in all...
your manhood left me cold..tempted not this soul...burn baby burn
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I saved your Drowning Ass
Posted: 5/17/2018 3:15:54 PM
A****blest be gave you the divine gift
Use it well, for it can be our private hell
cat and mouse- you do not know the half
of it-this game so popular in intimacy
unknown to this priestess- offer freely
i do- then i found you-in your soulless
Eyes- i saw it all never ending the best
mouse and cat ever- touch never: Jest,

your glinting eyes: a dark leafless forest
dark shadows, who was the cat , who
was the mouse? Eternal self-solidarity
your eyes smiled-my eyes searched
a pain i can do without, it could be:

You and I in eternity-please learn
from my offering, love and prosper
recompense from a repentant heart
would bless you further, let us part
fix your tricks, your darkness i know
you will have no one but me- and all souls
will dance with your Father, not you and I..
I will be ok- knowing that… Yet you will
Not have me-does not matter how long
Or hard you laugh-never will I come before you,
You will see nothing but my bright eyes swimming
of the skies and seas reflections of green
That you will never see again…Take my gift
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I saved your Drowning Ass
Posted: 5/28/2018 9:34:53 AM
interfering with nature???
departing not its essence
the awe-is in-creation
withhold not the engagement
oh the sacro-scent permeates
the sacrosent
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Posted: 5/31/2018 10:04:20 AM
[I]I in Us, Lay lie of themly

in awe as a child's first decimate snowfall-
-a thick fleshed malleable sinistrocular cheek
squashed against cold smoothness befall
right eye inward as countermeasure, streak

moist oily imprint does smear the thin silken
veil of solid pressure between here and there
into an empty fishbowl we immersed our kin
in selves swim with ours and away from their

yet with each other; building windows and walls,
with no water to secure that wandering the halls[/I]

(from joined in me-ALL POETRY.© 15 minutes ago rhymePM 5/31/2018) edit 1:09 5/31/2018
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Fall Equinox
Posted: 10/15/2018 4:07:04 PM
Waking Winter
Surrounded Secure,
as autumn decays
my blue days-
paper swatches
of sepia paint peel
from crumbling walls...
Not long now:
A closing cover:
A barren blizzard:
No abode holds
a heart of heat-
Stand cold- grab gear
face fear-it is here
Glacial Obmutescence
Hear our prayer...
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Fall Equinox
Posted: 10/30/2018 7:54:35 AM
Artic Scene (father)

I sit quiet and look out the front window,
Across the drifting snow. I see a fuzzy thing,
Stealthy, swiftly go, bouncing, stumbling, tumbling.
What it is, I do not know.

I strain to see more closely as it bounces up a hill.
I hope it will come closer. I know it will.
Then I will know if it is a polar bear,
Or an Artic fox, or a tundra wolf
With long and frosty hair (my vision of dad in dream)

The wind blows the snow,
Steady at its back
And swiftly cover up its
Light and cautious track

Now it angles back, silent it approaches
My watchful place...It glides and skims across
The snow, like a ping-pong ball
Rolling on white table lace

I construct these images and thoughts within my mind
And project them through my eyes, adventure seeking to find.
In truth I might realize this is fantasy,
A mentally constructed idea of romantasy.

Mayhap it is a waking dream,
Regardless of how real it may seem,
But now know it is not real because
I can see it is a blowing, driven ball of dryer fuzz. (P.W.E: 1938-4/2018)

¬(daughter’s response)
Dryer Lint
It is I father
You came down from your watchful place,
Always verifying a reality, beyond
Confirming, all you couldn’t see, as not to be…
Wishing hoping- some little blood beating
Creature would Cross your path, to unexpected
Welcome, yet Finding dry dusty lint,

A slight movement brought my eyes
From my sisters’ homes
Wherein we were canning, planning, chatting.
To the window overlooking woods
Beyond the deck you and I placed
Your visage cleared and capturing, the sight

Of long and frosty hair, the saving grace
Of the absent lace- I always knew as your face,
The artic grizzly…wresting animals from home
The mourning fog blurred my view, yet:

Flesh, sanguine, faded blue, moving
Through dusty evergreen a strolling Sasquatch,
Merrily meandering, the Western dungaree
Blue from collarbone to shoe
Faded red flowers, flowing to
a Gentle rose glow of skin…

Covered with the steel gray cap
Hanging over shirt collar,
Glasses over eyes,
As a Spartan warrior helmet
Unmistakably you:
I went to you and joined your step
The fog dissipated-
your hair cropped-

Your chin and cheeks still absent of beard
And bow but now-Weak and soft,
not quite in the know

A work Suit and tie, sans your boutonniere
We road in back, a limo-cab, or police car
Santa cheeks and lips exposed- the lost
Happy joy, I placed my hands pressing firm
Into your thick malleable crumbling flesh
And Asked “You thought I hated you, always?”
Your Piercing stone blue eyes, shining
Wetly as the lower lids filled, oozing
Out thick white milkweed tears,

How you showed us the spongy, soft green pod,
Splitting the seam, ready and ripe, the sticky sap
On our fingers, as we blew the seed pod silk
From our palms and watching the dark sepia,
Brown seed floating from our breathe,
Like little parachute warriors carrying life,
Showing us the monarchs they drew and fed,

I replied
“Never, have I father” You were gone again.

The roads blurred As Snow Flurries began
Alison and I collected a Bright Packaged
Gift laying curbside, In the snow; She exclaimed,
“I have my Husband back” As she ushered me
In…The backseat
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