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seems to be united on every front to block ANY progress anywhere, and to ensure a presidency that gets nothing accomplished.

Because it's not about accomplishing anything anymore. Politics and how government is run has become a popular American sport where it's just about winning and employing strategies to prevent the other side from winning.

For Obama to achieve any measure of success, it would be a touchdown that puts the Democrats in the lead thus making the next election more favorable to their party. So the Republicans have to play defense. Possibly look for a steal to take the ball the other way and put go ahead points on their side of the scoreboard.

Then when the buzzer sounds at the end of the term. It's someone's turn to kick off and start it all over again.

And all of us sit on the stands cheering them on unconcerned if our guys are really right or wrong... they're just our team and we support them unconditionally based on no other fact than that. They're our guys right or wrong.

Every sport has a final buzzer. Game over. As long as we continue this mindless government as a sport mentality, there will be a final buzzer and the clock is ticking down right under our noses.
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Conservative Vs Liberals
Posted: 4/24/2010 8:24:14 PM
Conservatives believe it when they see it. Liberals see it when they believe it.
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