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 silent guardian
Joined: 8/9/2009
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
I am around but not very often on here lately, been out of town on a four day holiday, and playing my x-box and reading, so giving my cat some playtime attention. Now off tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I will compose a reply.
 silent guardian
Joined: 8/9/2009
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 11/21/2009 2:51:54 PM
yes peek and tempt there is some bad history with my aunt and uncle that I dare not to share with you. All I can say is there youngest and daughter have issues with them as well. The youngest one is in the middle of a divorce and pretends nothing is wrong because he knows he will be disowned by his parents. There is no way to deal with them, they just use guilt and silent treatment and go biblical on you and say you are the evil one. Myself I cannot live in that kind of environment and nor do I want my future significant other smothered in this toxicity. Yes some people can survive in that kind chaotic family environment like a dandelion but not lets forget not everyone is built the same ( even in the bloodlines) like an orchid which can only be nurtured in the right stimulating environment these people like are prone to not take stress all that well which affect the person physically and mentally.

Family or not family everyone deserves respect. Besides my mom never liked her own sister (myself in the past I was trying to do the christian catholic way by not questioning family elders and always look for the good in people even though I was getting disrespected.

Yes I get invited to their family christmas but it is merely for show that the family is together. There daughter almost never shows up. Numerous times recently I have tried to discuss touchy subject with her but right away denies or says she forgets or makes up a story. My uncle well he is stubborn and does not talk much and thinks he is always right don't dare to say otherwise, the last time I was there he muttered something against me again behind my back while I was heading outside. Do I need this crap anymore? I say no. Nobody does and that includes me.

Hay that sounds like a good book I will have to add this to my long list of books I have to read.
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 11/21/2009 3:41:56 PM
I'd just have a paralyzer and a smoke and pack my shiet up and move out on my own.

I had a similar situation occur..... and just walked;..... wait and see if that saying "time" heals all wounds is really true.

Fix yourself, get yourself in a happy place and moving in a positive direction.... then worry about the issues others have!

If you allow them to ride you a bit.... then it'll be a bit more, and a bit more... etc, etc.

Nip it in the bud ! ... Be the bigger man and get a car ! ( hick ... )
Joined: 8/4/2008
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 11/22/2009 7:35:12 AM
easy karma remember "do you think the girls will think by penis is too small?" really means "i think my****is too small".
Sometimes we look back on life and wonder did we survive unscathed and relatively sane. We become shy from cringing away from others and take on a series of low profile jobs that keep us out of the way, hidden from life. We only defend ourselves when the rage is too great to control. Sometimes we go the opposite and become the hunter rather than the prey and stalk the earth looking for weaker beings to feed on. Either way we eventually all find a home at plenty of fish and then we know, nobody survives childhood. We are all damaged goods and sanity,like truth and justice,does not exist in this world. We have nothing to guage sanity by and therefore we must always wonder anew on our own. I think that is all silent wants to know, is he sane. Is it considered a rational thing to cut off from members of family? The truth is sanity does not exist so we use what is usual and customary to decide on a sense of sanity. This of course is a poor meter as we all are tainted. In short yes silent you are as screwed up as you think you are but so are the rest of us so don't worry about it. Do as you see fit as long as you can justify it to yourself. That is the new world way of doing things, embrace it.
Joined: 8/4/2008
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 11/22/2009 3:22:16 PM
kharma you're startin to sound like a conservative. Hope for this world is lost i think. She needs to be destroyed so we can begin anew. Those who would take an objective look at themselves and their place on this planet are few and far between. In order for society to work in a civilized manner we have to have rules. Generally these are based on the cardinal sins of man, even in ancient cultures that knew nothing of sin. These are such as greed,sloth,gluttony,envy etc and are all actually human nature. So what has happened now is we are embracing our baser selves and letting society go. It is alledged to be a more inclusive society thus fairer to all and thereby less stressful. It cannot work and must fail yet who will be first to deny this new way a hold on them? I would love to see life changed to what we need it to be but a hand full of people will not change anything. With the way the world is now i think God doesn't have a prayer to change this world. There is not much point to fighting it any longer,i'm too weary for that.
 silent guardian
Joined: 8/9/2009
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 12/15/2009 1:45:42 AM
to justify why I would want to exclude my aunt and some familly out of my life to a new girlfriend (whenever that happens.

The last time I talked to my aunt was about 2-3 weeks ago, I gave her a big speak about not being honest enough to admit of her wrongs after these years I gave her the chance to redeem herself but you know what all these I was kidding that she will ever change. I did not give her much opportunity to speak as soon she tried to pretend it never happened and trying to say I am acting unruly with added spin of a guilt trip in it, anyway I hung up on her.

Also to add to her character she is so sneaky, many times when I lived there I would her pick up the phone and listen on the conversation I had with my mom and my friend and on a call with a girlfriend; she would deny that did that but whatever that does not bother me too much , although I had to pretend with my girlfriend at the time that the click she heard was not somebody eavesdropping; I wished I had ****ed my aunt out my about that but that was not a big deal compared to other shit.

Alot of my moms sisters (no brothers just sisters my mom had) faught one another and there is always someone as a blacksheep. The aunt I lived with was a blacksheep along with my other aunt and my mom . Things never changed; my grandma was never really liked by all my cousin and even her favorites didn't like her. I remember 4 or 5 occasions Christmas at grandma ended up someone having a verbal spat. After awhile all this crap seems normal when you live in it for a long time. I have a cousin who we never here of but then again alot of our familly we don't speak much to eachother period. When I was 13 yrs old I had of my other aunts (not the aunt I lived with) and my grandma demanding to live with my terminally mentally ill mom whom I was pulled away like a handful of times before from her custody by cfs. So this whole idea of my aunts and grandma wanting me to live with my mom did not make any sense at all. They wanted me to complete there little fantasy of having a perfect familly and make my mom happy. Weird!

Back to the aunt I lived with, my aunt even told her only daughter at a young age that she wished she had a boy and not a girl, to this day she pretends to not have said that. And whats really screwed as a family we never ever discussed the fact her dad touched her. My uncle has alot of weight in the last years because he is living in regret but in my opinion this social familly stigma should of stopped long ago and he would of been in jail. There daughter moved out before I moved in as a foster child at the age of 5, I only found out about this in my latter teens while I was living in a different foster home. So do you really blame me for not wanting to do with this familly; I actually don't even want my last name associated with my moms family side.

ok now off to work soon
Joined: 8/28/2011
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 10/14/2011 2:00:13 PM
Every family has there problems. Mine too have a member who has out-casted most ofus because we did not agree with him in a serious family matter.

Don't give in to them. Would they do it for you, no. If that is how you feel, that's okay you have your own feelings, mind, conscious. If they don't like it to hell with them I say. They don't pay your bills or take care of you. You'll go on in the future with a person who should accept you for you and will one day marry you , not your family. If you loose relatives because of it, so be it, it is what it is. Those relatives you loose will one day have the same thing done to them too probably and be going through the same thing as you are now. No one controls you, comon your an adult accept what is and let it go. It will only haunt you if you don't. Who needs that in their life. Best to you.
Joined: 9/2/2011
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Will my new girlfriend (whenever that will be) accept me for breaking up from the familly?
Posted: 10/27/2011 12:35:00 PM
some may, some may not accept a rift in the family situation. We cannot choose family, and for some, they can be very toxic. Gotta do what you gotta do for your health & sanity sometimes. If you cant have a decent , open discussion about life & things in you really need that person in your life. Just be yourself, be open & honest, and it will all be the way it is meant to. The right one will listen & accept things the way they are.
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