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Joined: 10/23/2008
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(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Oh I am sure you well know, your post is offensive on so many levels...

Okay...I'll bite.

Women so desperate to conform to societal standards that are borderline unrealistic that will put themselves at risk just to achieve it.
So I sat there in horror, to be honest. I read this article and just shook my head. Has society finally impaired the male mind to the degree that it had done to the female mind for so long? Is it finally happening?

Some women would say its about time. (While ignoring the steroid use.) Some people will say it is only a horror because anorexia/bulimia has become non-gender specific, while ignoring the fact that it even exists in the first place.

Who dropped the friggin ball? Parents. That's who.
Yea, I said that.
So many luxuries and conveniences have made my generation sloppy and inattentive to what's going on around them.
My generation played outside more than in, and this wasn't a fluke. We enjoyed it, and we wanted it. We had toys to play with and such, but being outside and active was a staple to us. Sure we could be lazy lumps too, but that never lasted long as our parents would finally have enough of it and pretty much boot us out to "Go play!". Running, jumping, playing, climbing, rough housing...all of it. We were, by today's standards, highly active kids. Now when I look around, it's rare to see. All the kids are inside fapping away online...doing the IM/chat thing...or playing WoW or some other MMORPG...or on one of the numerous game consoles that are available...and you get the idea.

Broad-sweeping generalization, which probably has some merit. I don't see as many children playing outside as I used to, however, I went to a state park that includes a "mountain", (it is actually more like nub) and there were many families climbing the rigorous path around it. Families, including children. Including my children.

I do, on occasion, kick my children outdoors. (I will probably get blasted for this.) Sometimes I lock the door to ensure that they will stay outside. (They need the fresh air...)

how low have we sunk? Have we really, truly become that complacent that the phenomenon has now bridged the gap? So is this a byproduct of the society we ourselves created and allowed though inaction...or is this just the next step in society's ever increasing demand to conform to a female (and now MALE) "ideal"?

The obvious misogynistic connotations of these sentences stand for itself. But I am sure you know that.
Joined: 4/19/2007
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(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?
Posted: 11/9/2009 4:49:53 PM
Actually, it's been the norm for at least 10 years. Round about then, I recall there were reports that anorexia and bulimia had suddenly started being found in a lot of men.

However, I could see even then why. Back in the early 90s, men started being shown in the media with their tops off, with fantastic physiques, and hairless bodies, kind of the way women were in the 60s. It's had exactly the same effect.

People watch that. Women swoon at it, or holler, or whatever it is they do when they see a semi-naked, hairless really fit man. Men see that, and realise that this is what the women around them want, and it's just not realistic for them to achieve it. That makes them feel depressed and hopeless. That hopelessness demotivates them to take even less care of themselves. It also makes them want to comfort-eat to feel better. So a LOT more men get fat.

For a lot of other men, it makes them go the other way. They get obsessed about looking perfect, and feel they have to always be shedding pounds. The media sees fat people as unattractive. So losing pounds makes you attractive, and the quickest way to lose pounds, is to throw up what you eat, or better still, not to eat at all.

We've made this world we live in. We can see the consequences. Only we can undo it.
(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?
Posted: 11/10/2009 9:45:58 AM

Men did NOT obsess about their weight to the point they'd starve themselves, or perform the "binge and purge" routine.

BDJ... the above statement is not true, it just has not been brought to light in your world until now. I was in school the same time you were in a town a couple hours north of your current location and I knew guys who were doing this. While it's not nearly as in the open as the women doing it, it is, and always has been happening.

And get real...the ONLY thing that will prevent a man from getting help is himself.

This is true for everyone, not just men. I believe it is our ego that prevents us from getting the help we need.

Who dropped the friggin ball? Parents. That's who.

In this, BDJ, I completely agree. I have two children (boy 16, girl 18), and despite the fact that both parents have weight problems, neither of my children have weight issues NOR body image issues. My children are active and did not spend their childhood in front of TV, video games, or computers.

If I could repeat back what I am reading in your posts, BDJ, I am reading that you feel/believe the lines between woman and man have become so blurry there is almost no distinction anymore.

It is rare to find a feminine woman and a masculine man these days. Women have taken the "bra-burning" to such an extreme the men have become emasculated. At least that's MY opinion.
Joined: 4/19/2007
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(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?
Posted: 11/10/2009 9:58:59 AM

Yeah, but that doesn't get them to curb their fork. Obeisity continues to spiral out of control and the consequences cost about the same as funding our war in the middle east.
That's because our society uses food as a source of comfort. When people feel bad, especially about how they look, they dive into a plate of carbs, because it contains tryptophan, and lots of tryptophan encourages more serotonin, and that makes you feel better when you're feeling down.

However, it doesn't solve the problem. When the serotonin wears off, you are still faced with the same problems, and without a different outlook that focusses on solving the problem rather than making yourself feel better, the problems build up over more and more time, and get cumulatively worse the longer you continue with it. Bigger problems now make you feel worse, and then you solve them with even more carbs. That process makes an ever-increasing cycle, that is exactly the same cycle as occurs in alcoholism and drug abuse. Really, we would be entirely accurate to say that obese people are serious carboholics, and the serious health problems they suffer from are the food equivalent of cirrhosis of the liver. Overweight people are people with a carboholic problem, who aren't yet in the red zone, but soon will be, just like anyone with a drinking problem. People who take in carbs reguarly, but more than they need, are in the same situation as people who drink more than they really should.

Obesity IS addiction, just to carbs, instead of alcohol. It needs to be treated in the same ways, as it is the same problem, just using a different drug.
Joined: 12/13/2006
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(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?
Posted: 11/10/2009 12:31:50 PM
I remember, early nineties, Naomi Wolf describing male anorexia.

Eating disorders include extreme attitudes, emotions and behaviors surrounding both food and weight issues. They include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. All are serious emotional and physical problems that can have devastating effects and life-threatening consequences. Eating disorders affect both men and women. While eating disorders are less common in men, approximately 10% of those suffering from eating disorders are male (Wolf, 1991). Studies also demonstrate that cultural and media pressures on men for the "ideal body" are the rise. This increased focus on body shape, size and physical appearance will likely contribute to increased numbers of eating disorder in males. Research indicates that eating disorders in males are clinically similar to eating disorders in females (Schneider & Argas, 1987).

Studies also demonstrate that certain athletic activities appear to put males at risk for developing eating disorders. Body builders, wrestlers, dancers, swimmers, runners, rowers, gymnasts and jockeys are prone to eating disorder due to the weigh restrictions necessitated by their sports (Andersen, Bartlett, Morgan & Rowena, 1995).

I have a brother who got seriously ragged on by his buds in the 60's for his "belly" ~~ he fixed that: he now looks like a concentration camp survivor. And is "happy" about it.

I agree that it's sad, but like so many things, I don't think one gender *owns* it. Nor ever has.

Joined: 3/1/2006
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(M)anorexia? Who'd have thunk?
Posted: 1/17/2010 7:03:27 AM

The saddest part of your post is that it was somehow OK when it was only women who had eating disorders and now that men are included in this phenomena it shocks you.

the op never says he condones eating disorders in women. in fact, it states just the opposite:

Now I'm not saying that we didn't get failed ourselves in MY generation, where we had scores of young girls doing the anorexia/bulimia thing - I'm simply saying that the issue has now evolved and bled into the male side and I'm wondering when someone is gonna stop the insanity?

jockeys, primarily male, have suffered with this for decades. if they don't weigh in under a certain number, they don't work. the jocks' room typically has something they call the 'flip bowl,' specifically for the jockeys to vomit into. gross?
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