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I once very stupidly tried to sneak into the front of the queue at my local
post office during pension day and was confronted by an angry mob of pensioners
who chased me down the high st and I'm sure it was only by luck that I cheated death!

If the OP is true it would have been great if the RAF had blown up the Traffic Cops patrol car!!
(With no casualties on the ground of course!)
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Have you cheated death?
Posted: 11/13/2009 9:55:59 AM
Yup....I nearly drowned in Loch Lomond as a kid....and my brakes once failed....doing 60mph.....downhill.....ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH
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Have you cheated death?
Posted: 11/20/2009 11:58:09 AM
Aha.. the great myth.... Death cheated.

Death can not be cheated, it is the one and only predetermined step we will take in life.

To be born is not a surety, however, if you succeed in this, be certain you are eventually going to shuffle your mortal coil..

We may be lucky to avoid but never cheat an untimely trip to the pearly gates but ultimately the big chap in the flowing gown with sharp scythe will be there to greet us ..

You may avoid paying your taxes but Death will come knocking on each and every ones door at some point of his choosing.

Dr Nom - happiness abounds
Now then, where is the number for the Samaritans ?
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