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Living expenses and pride..Page 7 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I don't know HOW this thing keeps getting dragged into "welfare leeches". The OP didn't mention that either she or her SO were getting any kind of assistance-unless now unemployment insurance is somehow now always just a handout to the undeserving unemployed.
The whole point of assistance is to protect the vulnerable...and children are vulnerable. If their parent(s) or other custodial person cannot come up with the wherewithal to meet those needs, then the assistance program is there.
Are those programs sometimes abused by malingerers? Yes
Are the funds mis-spent sometimes? Yes. But unless the state or other government entity starts doing means evaluations and removing children from homes that fall under a certain income-assisting the FAMILY is all we got.

Now,I have to ask whether the tone of this thread would have been the same if it were a MAN concerned about a female SO who wasn't contributing a previously-agreed-on amount?
And so what if the OP has a "manny" or the SO is taking a larger share of non-financial responsibilities.
If "moral support" is not worth anything, then what about stay-home moms and dads?
Without disrespecting the concerns about financially parasitic relationships, lets' not overlook the value and comfort of moral support, having somebody who has your back emotionally- that feeling you can't always get from kids, room-mates, families, neighbors or pets.
Cindy O
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Living expenses and pride..
Posted: 9/25/2014 7:25:08 PM

Of course it would cost at least $100 a week for food for an average healthy man.

Maybe in your corner of the world, not in mine.
Good thing I'm WAY above average healthy.
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Living expenses and pride..
Posted: 9/26/2014 10:57:31 AM

Of course it would cost at least $100 a week for food for an average healthy man.~Hondogal

Maybe in your corner of the world, not in mine.
Good thing I'm WAY above average healthy.~Fullmoon

Good for you as to the WAY above healthy. Is that your opinion or your doctor’s?

You stated that you live on, “Way under less than $150 a month” for food. Given that you advocate dumpster diving;
Taste the Waste"
"Just Eat It"
'Dive! the Film
is this how you keep your grocery expense so very nominal? Or perhaps you avail yourself of free food pantries? However, if you are shopping at grocery stores, and even outdoor markets, as most of us do; a hundred bucks or less a month is not going to adequately feed anyone or even a healthy 120 pound dog.

So please tell us how you manage to purchase quality food on this WAY above healthy diet for Way under $150 bucks monthly.
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