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Joined: 9/12/2004
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Sex on the First DatePage 3 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I am not ususally one to reply to these things, but after reading some of the comments i am compelled to say the following. What is with the attitude that if a woman sleeps with a man on the first date she doesn't value herself! let's get into the year 2004, woman(ESPECIALLY single woman) have needs and desires as men do. Women can get caught up in the moment, especially if it has been a while since they had any passion in their lives. Everyone needs to stop being so judgmental and recognize that a single woman can have sex without having to wait for 'mr.longterm relationship' to come around, because he don't come too often!
Obviously, it is not the best choice if you would like a relationship with someone, but don't feel guilty for following your own natural desires, as men do all the time. Be safe and do what feels right and screw what everyone else thinks.
Joined: 4/20/2004
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/15/2004 7:30:29 PM
did you give him head!!!!!
Joined: 10/21/2004
Msg: 53
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/17/2004 8:26:40 AM
Joined: 2/26/2004
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/25/2004 9:00:34 AM
Your resolve weakens, b4 u know it, the body follows
Joined: 4/12/2005
Msg: 60
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 5/1/2005 3:05:55 PM
maidendg - I am so glad to hear you say that.

IMHO - Different strokes for different folks. If you are okay with sex on the first date then do it, if it isn't for you, don't. If someone MAKES you do something against your will, report them to the police.

Life's a crapshoot, so roll.

Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 62
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 5/1/2005 3:39:42 PM
Just know that each dysfunctional "relationship"(1nite-stand,included)the more junk you have to work through realize it or not.The more junk the less chance of actually finding and sustaining a healthy relationship.

If someone "pressures" you and you give in......stop dating period,until you are mentally strong.The same advice goes to an adult who feels "pressured" inot robbing a bank or doing drugs....if ya can't "just say no" as an help.
Joined: 4/12/2005
Msg: 66
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 5/1/2005 9:52:15 PM
I hear an echo - from a bygone era.

No offense intended Chamblee. I think it's sweet, but those days are gone. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube it's hard to get it back in.

Life's a crap shoot, so roll.

Joined: 5/12/2005
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/29/2007 10:34:24 AM
I think its appropriate we pass the hat around POF and take up a prize for TrixiePixie, ask her "How'd you do it?", maybe engrave a lil fake bronze Nov 2007 employee of the week award to stick on the POF Hall of Shame plaque. For actually reading the details of the OP and RESPONDING IN KIND Who knows what else she is capable of did she maybe read a good sampling of other replies (yes as did many of you too, I didn't forget those of you). IF not a Trophy, at least the Mods could at least give her a brownie point.
"""""I could care less if people have sex on the first, I realize that the original posters question was posted eons ago...what bothered me about it, was that she said she was pressured into other than being held down noone """.

I must admit, I have been guilty of on rare occasion, of not reading the dozens of similar replies that were just going to verify what I said, but sometimes I give credit to those folks who beat me to it, they deserve recognition.
Joined: 2/13/2007
Msg: 76
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/29/2007 10:43:02 AM
The fact that you did it. I don't see anything wrong. The fact that you are blaming him, that I find ridiculous. Take responsibility for your own actions. In the end you caved in because you wanted it as much.
Joined: 6/27/2006
Msg: 79
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/29/2007 11:46:00 AM
Robin Williams once said "God gave man a brain and a penis....but only enough blood to run one at a time!" If he is looking for sex on first date, its obvious that was the only thing he was after.
Joined: 10/9/2006
Msg: 80
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/29/2007 12:24:21 PM
Its up to the individual, if you feel it was the right thing to do then thats fine.
Sounds as if you were not 100% sure though.

I always like to wait until I get to know a guy better, before having sex. Sometimes waiting can make it way more exciting, but would not want to wait too long, not sure my hormones could take it
Joined: 8/21/2007
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 11/29/2007 1:24:42 PM
I think it is stupid to have sex on the first date. Get to know him first. See if you really care for him. Why have sex with a stranger? Doesn't that leave you empty??? Lonelier than before? Just wait. If he's a fabulous man, he will be worth waiting for. Go slow.
 Adam 4 Coffee
Joined: 5/31/2007
Msg: 88
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 12/4/2007 4:53:12 AM
I'm totally cool with sex ont he first date as long as it feels right and there is not pressure. jsut unbridled passion. And the knowledge that we will continue dating and it won't be a fling or a one night stand. Becuase I have feelings. I think sex between 2 consenting adults is wonderful. But its wrong to force yourself on someone else. If someone says no or stop. you stop. And you should only have sex if you feel comfortable enough with eachother. i hate guys who force themselves on women. they give men a bad name. And me and my buddies are the ones who end up having to talk to the girl and we usually tell them not to go out with that awful person in the first place. you have to judge people. it soudns horrible but not everyone is nice. There are abd people out there. there are good people as well so ehre are the rules.

1. Sex must be consensual: both parties must want to have it.
2. boundaries should be respected.
3. protection should be used.
4. call the next day and don't use people.
5. Be honest with eachother.
6. Oral sex is optional and kinda better than sex ona first date. nothing liek being kissed.
7. Each person should be able to satisfy the other. its a 2 way street and you are equal partners.
 IThought UWereAHandpuppet
Joined: 11/14/2007
Msg: 94
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 12/9/2007 7:43:59 AM
What's the problem? Just collect the $ up front!
Joined: 8/2/2006
Msg: 97
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 12/20/2007 6:53:27 PM
I've said it before and I'll say it again... I will never, and never have, slept with a man on a first date. It's my own personal morals, and beliefs, etc... and others, well, to each their own. But if any man pressures me for sex, when we don't even know each oter... there's the door, buddy! NEXT!!!!

Joined: 12/12/2007
Msg: 98
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 12/20/2007 9:55:59 PM
Whenever I read a post where someone says something on the order of "All men lie", I recoil. Speaking in such absolute terms is without foundation, justification and certainly can't be proved. I'd like to see the research that supports the "All" contention. "Many" and, occasionally, "Most" could work, but certainly not "All". To me using that word is an emotional response resulting from bad experiences, but certainly doesn't rise to the level of labeling "All" men as liars.
Most of us have heard or read of not using "never" (as in 'never say never'), but the same thing applies to 'All", "Everyone/body", "Always", etc.

As far a sex on the first date; I had sex on the first date with my ex-wife. We were married 3 months later and remained married for over 23 years.

My personal experience stands in contrast to the majority of the opinions I've read on this thread. So to universally condemn it, I feel, is ill-advised. To me, it's an individual call, to be made by the two parties involved.
Joined: 12/16/2007
Msg: 103
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/1/2008 2:55:41 PM
Sorry to go in the face of everyone's advice, but I had sex with the ex-wife on the second date, and we were together 14 years. My friend had sex with his girlfriend on the FIRST date, and they are still together 11 years later. So it's not always a mistake.
Joined: 11/27/2007
Msg: 107
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/1/2008 3:27:00 PM
the reason that you have a problem with this, is that... you have disrespected yourself! and you know it! anytime you allow yourself to be pressured into something, ( a buying decision or a one night stand or even staying in a long , suffering affair )than you have not been your own best time , ask yourself if the person you love most were in this situation, what advice would have for them? and then give it to yourself!!...remember, you are responsible for your own happiness! and unhappiness!
Joined: 8/27/2007
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/1/2008 4:27:29 PM
If YOU want to have sex on the first date..have sex

If you don't...don't

simple really... no one can "pressure" you into sex, and anyone who tries to pressure someone is not worth having sex with anyway..IMHO

Joined: 2/6/2006
Msg: 110
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/1/2008 7:04:21 PM
I think you should of waited until the 3rd date to do it see we all love to have sex but don't rush into it do safe sex
Joined: 12/28/2007
Msg: 114
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/2/2008 10:22:51 AM
Sex on the first date is risky in a numer of ways. First off, You should never had been pressured into this. Did he hold a gun to you? In any event, it is OK to have sex on the first date if it is a mutual attraction and is entered upon wantingly by both parties. Of course there is always the danger of transmitted disease with a partner you don't really know. And both guys and gals can be pretty good liars about past performances. In the realm of life which is so short and basically pretty meaningless really I would just say, "why not?" Who's it going to hurt in the long run? Unless pregnancy occurs than there is a huge decision to make. And does the baby deserve the consequences that may occur? I dobn't think that any social stigma should dictate sex or anything for that matter. It is a personal decision that only you can make.
Joined: 1/1/2008
Msg: 118
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/10/2008 3:18:14 PM
I think you saved yourself a lot of time.
You are both consenting adults that shared an adult pleasure.
If the sex wasn't anything to write home about, now you can spend your time searching for someone who gets your fires hot.
I have noticed a few comments that seem to harken back to our old friend Mr. Standard Dubleve. If a man will take what is offered from a lady on the first date, then leave thinking he really met a slut, then what does that make him?
Personally I think that a lady who is comfortable enough in her own skin to share pleasure with another person as a way of getting to know each other is pretty fantastic. I wish that the word "slut" could be elevated to the level of "erotic free spirit".
 Boricua Papi
Joined: 10/8/2007
Msg: 119
Sex on the First Date
Posted: 1/10/2008 5:41:31 PM
I think she just wanted a piece too and now she is saying the guyis the guilty one
Joined: 2/24/2008
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Sex on the First Date
Posted: 3/1/2008 11:39:38 AM
I've noticed there's a quite a few profiles from gals on here that include lines such as "bring the damn condoms!" etc...

maybe I should have bookmarked those ones.. LOL!
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