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Joined: 8/7/2008
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Male EDPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)

I think rates have probably been stable for years - it's the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies can make that is behind the increase in ads...

I couldn't agree more!! And for all the women, many of whom seem to populate these forum pages, who believe that ED is epidemic, well, I think they watch too much TV, and just assume that the frequency of the commercials is somehow correlated to the size of the demand. The reverse is true, imo- all those commercials are designed to increase the demand, and of those "afflicted" among the over-40 set, a chunk of those can get themselves off, which suggests that "ED" is more a diagnosis of a flagging relationship than a half-masted flag mourning the death of virility.

I have no clue about the effectiveness of the pill, and anyway, today I just want to fvck my cable company, not repeatedly, just once, but in a way they will not soon forget.
Joined: 4/1/2009
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Male ED
Posted: 11/20/2009 7:25:30 AM
IMO: I don't think Ed is anymore prevalent than it was years's like many other topics that were "not' discussed openly then, topics that were considered “taboo.”

Heck, I, myself, can remember when you never even heard the word "sex” let alone see what was considered "soft" porn then but the “norm" now on television. Look how far we have come with that...........

The below post by NightJ1986...

OMG! The visual.......

Forget Superman.....who was able to leap tall buildings with a single bound....

we now have............

ED man !!! *heroic theme plays*

Taking the bite out of crime, one woody at a time !
Joined: 6/15/2006
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Male ED
Posted: 11/20/2009 9:26:09 AM
Wonder if there could be an enviromental factor at play here? Load more people seems to be dealing with issues around infertility.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Male ED
Posted: 11/20/2009 9:36:44 AM
Awareness that contributes to desire to fix what may be wrong with a little pill.......It is called "advertisement"........

I laugh at all the commercials bringing to our attention, things we never even considered, and looked at fixing the symptoms and not the disease.

How many of us even knew about "restless leg syndrome", or "depression" drugs for every occasion, along with "artery clearing" pills that will do what a brisk walk will, or "high blood pressure" pills when losing 30 pounds would have the effect, or "high cholesterol" medication that going on a diet, eating more fruits and veggies, and exercising more would accomplish the same thing.....on and on.

Shall we continue on with "sex addicts" that have that compulsion, "anxiety' medications to help you get up, speed up, slow down, sleep better, cope better, on and on.

All of these things have existed for as long as men and women have been here, but instead of dealing with it naturally, we have enjoyed the wonderful quick fix that makes it much easier for us in the short term, and much more money for the companies that make the medications.

Do all these things exist? Of course, but maybe not as advertised and maybe, just maybe, what has happen is "convenience" instead of what we did before, just like the "cell phone" has made it much more convenient to be one place and in contact with another, instead of getting up and meeting them.

It comes down to choices, and most will choose the easiest way, but not necessarily the best way to fix what is wrong, and this goes as well for "ED".

Joined: 6/29/2009
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Male ED
Posted: 11/20/2009 12:06:09 PM
Aw, who knows. Unless a valid study was made in the long distant past, and another identical one was made now and compared, it's all guesswork.
The one thing that's for sure, is the ads for ED stuff sprang into being right after the pharmaceutical companies discovered (by accident) that a drug they were working on for heart health (I think?) or blood pressure, tended to trigger erections in men. As soon as they reported this to their business division, the ads showered the world. Clearly, the ads are all about making money, and NOT about answering a growing health need.
I have a counter question:
Why do all the Cialis ads show two oldsters outside somewhere sitting in separate bathtubs? Are they hinting at a very disturbing side effect that would make life tolerable only under those conditions? When they first started the ads, they didn't say right away that they were selling a new ED pill, they just showed old folks in tubs on top of a mountain, and said "It's Coming!" like it was a threat of some kind. I thought we were all going to be rounded up and chained in tubs, and put on a mountain top to feed the Eagles or something.
Joined: 10/30/2007
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Male ED
Posted: 11/20/2009 3:00:22 PM
No comments on Female ED? :)

ED has many causes, many of which are on the rise, so ED is on the rise.

diet and environment polluted with estrogen analogues and other endocrine disruptors.

increasing overweight/obesity causing vascular dysfunction, including penile arteries.

increasing diabetes causing vascular dysfunction.

etc, etc.
Joined: 8/7/2008
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Male ED
Posted: 11/21/2009 6:23:35 AM

If you go to "google scholar" and type in "Erectile dysfunction prevalence" I bet there are studies that will actually tell you if it is more prevalent now than before. All this guessing ....what do we know!!???

The accuracy of those studies is entirely dependent upon the willingness of "test subjects" to step forward. Probably, what with the epidemic of tv commercials on the subject, more people would overcome their modesty, hesitancy and reticence to report for treatment. And no "study" is more than a sampling, in any event; they don't prove anything beyond the results of the sample group, and even those are questionable.
This thread, imo, like almost every discussion thread in these forums, is mostly about the perceptions of those who post to it.
 fresh food
Joined: 9/4/2009
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Male ED
Posted: 2/13/2012 9:01:50 PM
does not keep u up 24hrs thats a fantasy go ask ur doctor
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