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Joined: 12/27/2009
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I think it is Jackson Pollack, the painter that scribbles and throws paint on a canvas right out of the can. But how is it used, what context?
Joined: 2/8/2009
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Posted: 1/24/2010 12:28:22 PM
oh PuhLEEESE !!!

who ever said the description "Pollacks" is derogatory needs an enema !

what, if not a "Pollack" is someone who lives in, or is from, Poland ? you call people from England: "Brits"; people from Holland : "Dutch", people from Mexico: "Mexicans", people from America: "AMERICANS"
are these also all derogatory?

we don't need to be SO anal retentive as to refer to everyone as "that human being from the country of _________"

methinks someone has been reading the liberal handbook of political correctness with a jaundiced eye

FYI - my entire family on both sides is 100% polish and we all refer to each other and other "persons of Polich ancestry" as - you GUESSED IT - P O L L A C K S - and in 58 years i've never heard any of my realtives or their friends say they were offended by the term

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Posted: 3/26/2010 5:04:20 PM
Weiner Dogs (dachshunds) make me smile everytime I see one. I just adore them.

~ How about a package of Smoked Almonds with the following warning :
"May contain nuts"
No, really! You think? So you saying my chance to find nuts in this package is what? 50/50 more or less? But either way, I may find some ? Right?

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Posted: 3/26/2010 9:55:33 PM
I think its funny when you end a relationship, and he says..." you'll never find any one like me." Well, DUH dumb ass! I sure hope not. If I didnt like you, why would I want someone just like you!!!!
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Posted: 3/27/2010 7:52:30 AM
And how about this one.......If ignorance is bliss.......why aren't more people happy? lol
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Posted: 3/27/2010 11:54:09 AM
I know my sense of humor is odd and I'm probably the only one amused by this, but here goes: during a football game when I hear the ref make a call of "Unnecessary Roughness. I laugh everytime I hear it and think to myself, what the hell, c'mon look at these guys, what are they about 6'6 300lbs crying about being hit too hard??? Makes me think of being a kid and running home and telling mom that big kid down the street was picking on me.........they need to call it something else and don't ask me what, I don't have any suggestions, it's just one of many things I find humorous.
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Posted: 3/28/2010 5:43:41 AM
Why do they call them gynocologists? Why not vaginacologist? And this was a commercial for Chilli's that came out soon after my identical twin daughters were born. Completely identical teenage girls, sitting at a table. Same clothes, same hair, everything. And a teenage boy walks by and looks at them, then turns around, and looks again...double take. And one says, oh, he was look'n at me! And the other one says, no, he was look'n at me! Then the other one says no, Im pretty sure he was look'n at me! Why would he be look'n at you, when he could be look'n at me? I mean, look at you, (sarcastic) and look at me!!
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