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An Open Letter to Obama from Michael Moore.Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Ummmmm ... I guess we'll all just have accept that "War is Peace".

Supposedly, going to war puts people to work, they pay their bills and spend their money and pay their taxes that buy the war materials that the people go to work to make.

That would work except we are no longer making our own war materials ... we contract that out to third world nations.

So War is Peace for the third world nations.

In the meantime, we just go bankrupt paying for a war that is killing off the most healthy of our citizens. If not that, maiming and mutilating them so that when they do return home they're nothing but worthless pieces of flesh who (as badly as they'd like to) can't even work to support their once thriving family ... because there are no jobs and the war has left them either mentally ill or physically incapable of finding one.
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An Open Letter to Obama from Michael Moore.
Posted: 1/2/2010 7:25:44 AM
I don't believe that letter was a legitimate letter from Michael Moore,I highly doubt if he'd drop F bombs on the president,I see no problem with Michael,we need whistle blowers like him,just like how the original 20/20s worked,and 48 hours and Geraldo they told you of stuff you never would have heard about no matter what sensationalistic edge they put on it.

Anyways since a war was already in progress and no plans with it on how to proceed ,Obama had to have a plan even as an exit,Promises were made to those people over there by Bush and if you pack and go to quickly can you get many innocents killed,far more than what number dies now.Anyone remember the killing fields in Vietnam,we made those promises,work with us and we'll take care of us,then Nixon says its time to go NOW,and we run and then the Khmer Rouge comes in and kills millions of those that supported us.

In this case we have been trained the police and army in Iraq and giving them a count down,so they have warning and just need to prepare,but we are not leaving in a race as with Vietnam with like a half day notice,and the same with Afghanistan.He never once said we were leaving afghanistan in his election,he said he would have all his experts keep him abreast of the situation and they would do as what was needed,we are already fighting with small groups of specialists in Pakistan where the Taliban resides.

His time frame is not exact as it would be impossible to be with any president, but he is doing exactly as he said.
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