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some will think that a drunken roll in the sack on the first date is the best you got to give, and everything beyond that is drama, politics, tedium, and 'commitment'
and if you have given it up - he got his cookies, why stay around to see if the recipe improves.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/19/2011 9:54:08 AM
Hate to say it but that is all guys expect from the clubbing scene. Otherwise he would have gotten your number and not invited you back in the first place. Clubs honestly are not a good way to meet a guy unless you are wanting to get laid. Maybe JMO but I think it holds some merit.
Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/19/2011 12:41:56 PM
hello, um right off the bat there's a flaw here. you are dealing with a big fallacy,because first off in a case such as this we have to know what our intention is
the women in question at the club is playing the same game the guy is playing.
it's all about showing off the goods, so yes the women is leading the man on as he is leading her on . the intention is the same.

clubs are not places where people go to find a relationship, clubs, pubs ,bars, etc, are places where people go to hook up or get laid . in most cases there are no intentions of anything other then sex. haven't you ever gone to a zoo & saw the animals in action? take for example the male or female pea**** in this case we will speak about the male pea****what does he do? he exposes his beautiful feathers by floping his wings & singing songs; by floping his wings ;his feathers will be exposed showing forth all of his deep rich beautful colors. the females are attracted to bright rich colors.( human women are also attracted to bright objects hmm are you thinking diamonds ;gold etc?) he will then show off his building skills by building the best & biggest birds nest ,which he knows will attract a mate for mating his nest is bigger then the other nests in the area, so she will see it better & think wow that bird is rich.

hmm are you thinking Elvis Presley dressed in a gem studded jump sute singing on stage ,& sweating up a storm yet? He's the pea****in action.

notice in the end of your scinario he asks if she wants to come over to his nest ie house apartment. so he's the pea****showing off his big nest after singing & floping his feathers on the dance floor, & she's the female pee****showing off her goodies on the dance floor, so in the end she accepts the invite to come over.
the 2 birds are gonna have sex; no doubt about it the sex will happen, but we arent talking about birds are we, we are talking about humans.
so let's talk human.
in this case , she should have sex with the guy ,because she did lead him on & play the role with him,so it would be proper to have sex or do some foreplay or fool around ,maybe a little oral sex, but going all the way doesnt have to happen, but most likely it will end up going all the way because it has gone past the point of no return.
someone ie either gonna have to give in or get raped. it's that simple.

& if the sex does go down in many cases don't expect to make a relationship out of this because in the mind of the man he's thinking if she's willing to have sex with me on the first date; she's willing to do the same thing with another guy on the first date. so in cases such as this the women & the man is expendable. personally speaking if that was me, I wouldn't call the women back,because if she's doing me she's doing some one else, besides what women in her right mind is gonna call a guy the next day & expect to have a relationhip? she & the guy can't be trusted
clubs are designed for hook ups she's not looking to marry me, & vs versa.

I hope this helped you & everyone else.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/19/2011 4:45:24 PM

- A girl goes to the club with her friends, she looks great, carries herself with class, in no way acts slutty. Sometime throughout the night she hooks up with a guy she would like to get to know, they chat dance, she in no way leads him to believe that she is going to sleep with him, but makes it obviouse she is interested.

-The end of the night comes and he asks her if she wants to come over for a bit to watch a movie, she accepts.

- A classy woman would not "hook up" with some guy right away. She would actually spend that first evening at the club TALKING to the guy and getting to know him, then arrange a proper DATE where she could double-check everything he told her the first night.

- A classy woman has all the time in the world. She doesn't need to rush over to some stranger's home the very night that she met him - indeed - in the late hours of the night when "classy" women are at home asleep.

OP - It's very clear you don't understand what "classy" means or the behaviors associated with it.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/19/2011 11:24:50 PM
Sex on the first night does at time lead to a relationship. The first time I met my ex wife, we had gone at it all night long!

What would turn the guy on the most? If the girl was being aggressive and forward!!!!

Why does he not call? Sure seems that he was interested in one thing.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/20/2011 8:57:49 AM
I have had long relationships +3 years and had sex on the first date.It just tells me that sex is not a hang up and that is not a bad thing.I put sex at about third behind trust and intelligence.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/20/2011 8:57:10 PM
First off, if she goes home with him on the first night, it's assumed that means hookup! Second you admit that she says NO "Not because she doesn't WANT TO..." Which means she WANTS to but feel it necessary to play games and try to gain the upper hand in the relationship! She isn't ready to date or have sex! ...Not until she grows up and learns to have sex when and IF she wants regardless of circumstance or perception... or to gain respect, security, love, etc..

A free person has sex when they WANT to regardless of the other persons intentions... do that and you'll never get "played' again! .....And your sexual experiences will be much more enjoyable.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/21/2011 12:38:12 AM
judging guys on a whole is a lost cause. Every person is different. you could get into the mind of a priest and the next guy could be a serial killer.. "kinda freaky example" anyways same goes for sex. Even if you have sex on the first date with with 2 different guys you might not get the same result twice. If you say no to him on the first date. Than call him the next day and explain the reason why or maby he will call and ask who knows. If he doesn't answer try back again later "hang overs suck" he will probably wake up the next morning either embarrassed or feeling really stupid especially if you work together or have friends together "word travels quick". If you just met this guy call him and go out for a coffee or something and get to know each other and see how he acts not in the wild environment of a club or bar.

life's all about risks. gather your info and see if its worth taking the plunge, if you haven't gathered enough info and want to wait a bit longer hold back and try another day.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/22/2011 3:53:09 PM
The number one problem is the meeting at a club,i try to be polite on here and get shot down and i'm a good man in my opinion.there are so many men that mis treat ladies that they tend to get tired of real gentle men.because all the buttheads pretend to begentlemen and confuse that you meet at clubs are truly looking for one thing only.if you want a good man meet for a soft drink one time then dinner the second time and then let things grow into what they will.that's about the only sound advice i can give without sounding preachy i hope this helps in some way.
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Guys i need your help.... let us girls in on your huy stuff
Posted: 6/24/2011 8:50:43 PM
you went over his house the first night you met him! i have my pants off right then and there if that was the case.

i will say this though, the girls that i have banged the first night i met i usually lose interest in. marked my territory and on to the next spot
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