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Why can't some men stand up to domineering and controlling women?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
ROFL.....Now, let me see if I got this right.

Man cheats on wife justifying with HER abusiveness (Both genders always do I discount the lie from both genders)
Man presses the woman he's dupped into the affair....probably by giving her (idiot that she is) the sob story of his alledged abuse, to leave HER husband
Woman says "No"....and SHE'S "domineering and controlling"!!!!

LOL! so, now I have a pretty good idea of why some people here are REALLY single. Man has wife who refuses to leave him for the lieing cheat she's having sex with, but out of the OTHER SIDE of your're really saying that IF SHE says "NO"...then...she's "domineering and controlling". LOL! she HAD to have the affair with the guy....because she is NOT "domineering and controlling"....if she were...she'd have said "No".
By your own admission....her husband didn't care! "Obviously", HER husband wants the affair to continue....maybe hubby is sterile and they can't afford the price of artificial insemination...maybe she's a nympho and hubby needs a nights rest....or, maybe hubby just doesn't want her to miss out while he's off getting his own strange once a week (or however).

You gave your friend some bad advice in seeking a paternity test. First of long as she and her husband are denying that this man is the father, he is no more than a STRANGER....and they (either or or her husband) are under NO LAW, or NO OBLIGATION to have this insane stranger force their child to be DNA tested. Now, if at some point she were to petition for Child Support from your friend, then yes...he could THEN (and only then) demand DNA testing.

Next...and finally LAST....the "new girlfriend" is "DEMANDING" that her boundaries be him finalizing his divorce, and establishing paternity. She doesn't yet fall into the catagory of "domineering and controlling" because he's still screwing her....LOL! but she'll be there soon.

I think you both need to call Jerry Springer on this one, the whole cast of characters are a bit too trashy to comprehend for us fairly normal folk.
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