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I'm not a Scrooge, but like Margo, I just don't seem to have the time and energy. I have not been able to have a tree up for several years. I have a 110 lb dog and there is no place I can put a tree in our house that she would not potentially destroy it with her tail. I have also had people put all of my Christmas decorations up on the rafters of the garage, the huge containers big enough to fit a tree in. The tops weren't put on right and I don't even want to see if the roof rats we fight constantly because of the sewer main in the back yard have gotten into them. I am scared to look at the ridiculous amount of xmas decorations in my garage that may be damaged. Yeah, I know, hard to believe I am a grown-up.

Christmas has kind of gone to hell and a handbasket since. I don't seem to find the time to do the baking. For years, I sent out 100+ cards every year with our little letter and pictures of the kids, something I haven't managed to do since we split since half the cards would go to his family and he didn't want anyone knowing what was going on with us.

Like Margo, I work with college kids so my schedule is totally retarded until like yesterday.

But yannow, I think Christmas is like everything else, it is what you make of it. We decided a couple of years ago that the presents from me weren't going to be mental. The kids would get a few gifts from me, their father usually gives them money, they get things from their aunts and uncles and my mother. But we felt like we would be doing a better job of the spirit of Christmas if I didn't spend as much on them so that we could afford to really do right by the kid(s) we get off the angel tree at church, kids that would have NO Christmas without our help.

We started a new tradition a couple of years ago without realizing we were doing it. We watch It's a Wonder Life together on Thanksgiving. That movie always makes me remember to think about what is important, not what you have, or what you do. Christmas is for spending time with people. The decorations are great, I love Christmas Carols, but if you really have the spirit of Christmas, it doesn't matter what you are doing but whom you are doing it with.
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