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Photos From Inbetween Holiday's Party!! Dec 12, 2009!Page 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
c.w....i had a blast. met up with a few of my previous friend from POF and made a few new ones. there were many people who i wanted to talk to and didn't seem to find the right moment or time. oh well, maybe that can be done the next time around! the turnout was great and i enjoyed myself. i also liked the "catch and release" icebreaker game. maybe can try that again at the next party! hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and my love find you!
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Photos From Inbetween Holiday's Party!! Dec 12, 2009!
Posted: 12/21/2009 6:16:22 PM
Well I must say as I am on several other sites, have attended many various parties and chatted in many forums this site has blown me away in many ways!
The childish behavior, closed minded, one sided, arrogant, and self-centered behavior of many on here has really left a bad taste in my mouth, as well hurt my heart.
I have met several people from here that are really great people!
I have made some Great Friends.....But, it has amazed me how many are very Rude and indignant to others and Down Right Hateful and intolerant !
Now, with all that being said.......I will add, I was very thankful to C.W. for going out of his way to set up and work to have a place to meet and enjoy others from here! Who ever reported him for doing whatever they think he did is very childish and rude!
OH YA Tis the SEASON for giving Tis it not ?!?!
May Santa bring you what you Deserve my reporting friend.........
And to all the rest of you ........... Best wishes for your Holidays!
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Photos From Inbetween Holiday's Party!! Dec 12, 2009!
Posted: 12/22/2009 9:46:29 AM
I didn,t even get to come to this M&G,and I am so sorry that someone could stupe that low to have C.W. ban.he has always been a great host ,and would love to be able to come to another one.I was looking forward to make the one in Jan,thanks to the childest person that did this I wont get to make it ,unless they take the ban off,and i sure hope they go back and study the post on the M&G in the beginng, and they will see who needs to be bann.C.W,I know that I missed a great get-to-gether,but I hoping this can be fixed to you can have another,I will make sure ,that I will be there!!!!! your friend Spritefire
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Photos From Inbetween Holiday's Party!! Dec 12, 2009!
Posted: 1/4/2010 2:51:48 PM
Wow, Southern boy, I'm 37 and demand this year to be better than last.

I have to say, every time there are events, I'm out of town, this one sure has me questioning why would anyone want to host one.
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