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Does anyone else feel this way?Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Welcome every embrace, enjoy every kiss and stop looking for life's answers walking through the local shopping mall and observing strangers. You are separated and not used to being single, you do not trust because you got burned and you are suspect of everyone because you have lost trust.
Take a chance, its better than being a cynical old fart that has give up at 46.
Joined: 4/19/2008
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/27/2009 3:30:06 PM

It doesn't matter if you felt that way all of the time or recently...your posts SCREAM unhappy!!!

I'm sure many of us can relate to feeling envy at watching people be happy but your feelings are not the same. This is why so many people believe you need help.

You need to talk to someone--someone who won't judge you and will allow you to empty your head, heart, mind and soul of this hate that you're carrying around. It's toxic and will do nothing but keep eating at you until you have nothing left.
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/27/2009 3:59:47 PM
Vinnie, what you desperately seek is already inside of you. What you need to do is find it. Find not another person's version of it, but your version. What I am beginning to see is that you are a "Duty" type of person. You keep your emotions so in check, that you do not realize that you do get satisfaction from some of the things that you do out of DUTY. Which means, you are probably a saver. You like to save people. So now you are going to hook up with a person that has lymphoma? Is this where part of the anger comes from? Is she rejecting you, not wanting to share her pain? What about you? Can you commit to the pain an agony of Chemo? Of emotional downs for her and you? If you can, then be brave and be with this woman. Learn to love by loving her. And love her because you want her to get better. In the end it may rip you to pieces. But it will be worth it. Then the next time you see two people hug and embrace, instead of anger you may understand how beautiful and awesome that is.
 surely im shirley
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/27/2009 4:30:53 PM
Stop trying to be someone that you are not. Your OP may be the most honest thing you have ever said.
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/28/2009 1:37:06 AM
OP= original post. You need to get over your past and start focusing on the future. Sleep it off, you will feel better tomorrow bud.
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/28/2009 9:21:54 AM

What cruel and enlightening people you all are. Truth is, I'm afraid to feel anything, but at the same time I desperately want to. I scream inside, when I see the joy two people bring each other, just by their presence, I weep inside knowing I should have felt that way, but I can't bring myself to face it.
I know love for my children, I know love for my mother( the only one left ) I know love for my brother, I gave him part of me and saved his life. I know the love of my dearest friends, who watch out for me, and lift me up when I am down, but,..I remember the way ONE made me feel before she was taken from this place, and it tore my soul in two.
Most are right, I thought I was ready, but perhaps I am not. I confess I never had the support to help me through what happened so long ago, before I married, and wasted her time, though it was not wasted time to be sure, but I only wanted to know if anyone else ever felt that way. I never said I always feel that way, you assumed it.

Awwww, now the story changes, and his tone goes all

You're a troll. You really do need counseling.
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/28/2009 11:02:20 AM
Oh I get it alright and it's going to require some years of therapy and the whole effort of wanting to get out of the thinking you are in. This isn't anyone's problem but your own and lashing out at others is just a symptom of the problem. It's quite transparent to many even though it seems like a mile of muck & mire to you. Get the help or rage on, it's your own choice.
Joined: 6/10/2009
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/28/2009 4:56:52 PM
Man---you need some help!!!! You are confusing Jealousy with anger - stop looking so hard and paying attention to everyone will find you....once you stop focusing on everyone else.

Therapy, therapy, therapy!
Joined: 10/25/2009
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 12/29/2009 4:46:23 PM
OP - sounds more like you feel used than angry!
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 1/8/2010 4:11:21 PM
Bitter, Table for one! Glad you saw the light Vinnie, when you're in a great relationship, and you see public displays of affection, it seems like there is alot of love in the world, and you generally feel more positive.....when outside of it, it seems dark, maybe makes you angry.....I say more power to people who have things I don't, and I just aspire to someday get what I need too....
 Discerning Virtuosa
Joined: 6/10/2008
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Does anyone else feel this way?
Posted: 1/8/2010 6:06:39 PM

Am I the only one who gets angry (it's very hard to descibe how I feel, angry may be too strong) when I witness a man and women in a passionate embrace?

I don't know of any other people that get that passionately angry over complete strangers being affectionate to each other.

Carefull - bunnies and kttens or little children playing and singing could send him on a shooting spree.

Ever since I found out things like that have no meaning it upsets me to see two people misleading each other in such a way,
How do you know it has no meaning to them?

Maybe they're not misleading each other at all?

It's called projection.
You know, when someone lies or cheats, they assume that everyone else does it as well.
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