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it goes both ways. womens leg muscles are different than guys leg muscles. Guys will tend to have more B type muscles which are the ones that tend to get big and buff and they can lift a large amount over a short time. Women have more A type muscles which are more for endurance than the actual lifting. I have not heard before that women can easily strengthen their B type muscles, but I do know for a fact they will always have a stronger innate for gaining stamina and endurance.

I knew a girl in high school who could squat 450 while I was only able to squat just shy of 300 which made me feel kinda week. Another thing you have to take into account though is balance, girls naturally have a lot more finesse and balance than men. I am able to leg press 900 pounds but only able to squat 300. Why can I only do 1/3 the amount on a squat? cause I dont have high balance. If a woman can leg press say... 700 she might be able to squat half of that due to balance. 350 and already can out squat me.

hope that wasnt too complicated.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/29/2009 11:32:51 PM

What do you guys think?

I think it's a moot point. I don't think it matters due to weight machines and steroids, and enough disposable time to focus on developing it.

For example this comment

Women are more physically resilient and live longer than men.

The last part is true simply because of modern technology and medicine. Used to be that women were more likely to die before men, had shorter lifespans, because of child birth. They develop physically different than men to facilitate child birth, but before current medicine and technology it was still traumatic enough to affect lifespan. Sterilization and antibiotics and improvements in medicine increased a woman's life span by something like 20 years over the past 200 years or so.

But I don't think women naturally have stronger legs than men as you also have to take into account the structure of the hips, and sockets, all the other muscles, and all that crap. And mens hips are structured for labor, womens hips are structured for labor pains...see what I did there?
I don't think men have stronger legs than women.
I think they are about the same if given the same amount of development.
But I would compare your 5'6 friend with a guy that is 5'6.

It also depends on how you are measuring "strength" IMO.
In absolute terms? Or are you measuring as a percent of their body mass? Or development/improvement over time and the building of muscle? Or amount of muscle tissue in the legs as a percent of total muscle tissue or percentage of body mass? Or comparing leg muscle tissue to the amount of leg muscle tissue to men? Are you comparing your 5'6 friend with someone 6'4?

Because generally men are taller than women. How much more weight and extra muscle to function does a guy that is 6'4 carry compared to someone that is 5'6? Is it more than an average baby?

she is like 5 " 6 with a very petite frame and squats almost 500 lbs

Was it the first squat she ever did in her life? Or had she been doing it for a while? Because you know women can develop muscle too?
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/30/2009 11:32:24 AM
I don't know about the legs, but I know what's between 'em can bring the world's strongest man to his knees.......

Leg Press is a rather poor indicator of leg strength. I see someone talking about a 500 lb squat for a woman. Now that is impressive.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 2:33:42 AM
well some womens legs look physically bigger than some mens, thou i dont think this is all muscle lol.

500 lbs isnt really that much, apart from being a little less than 39 stone man shes lifting????? mmmmm.

then again i weight 13 stone and bech press 160 kgs far greater than my own weight? so can say its impossible. thou id advice she dont do it because a womens pelvis is not as strong as a mans, thats why men offer to carry heavy bags for women, theres medical reasons to it as well.

thou i dont mind chunky leg girls lol
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 2:58:20 AM
I don't think my legs are "stronger" than a mans legs, but my aim at kicking is dead on.

Practice makes perfect
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 9:39:56 AM
I actually learned a lot from this thread about this topic.....I thought men were superior physically when it came to everything from endurance to strength. I guess I underestimated women...key lesson is...don't pick on your sister
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 9:50:46 AM
Men legs on average are stronger than women's. It's a myth that women's are stronger. women have longer legs in proportion to their height, but men are on average taller than women, which makes up for the difference in limb length.

also men's muscles are stronger per square inch of muscle. and men stroe les fat than owmen and have more muscle cells in their bodies . all onaverage of course.

If women had stronger legs, their 100m time would be faster than men's. there is no strength record where women dominate men.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 10:31:16 AM
Well today if you ask me men are no longer some women definitely do have strong legs...but stronger than a man that works out as well. A man that actually not works out...not the ones that just walk around the machines and use
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 11:30:42 AM
Squats are one of the three competitive powerlifts, as you may know. As someone involved in that sport, and who knows women powerlifters, it's entirely possible your friend's sister was being truthful with what she said about herself.

Its possible that she did squat almost 500 lbs, especially if she was equipped (wearing a specialized squatting suit that boosts one's strength and stability). Her petite frame doesn't surprise me because very strong women very rarely sport noticeably large muscles - that's primarily a myth circulated by the treadmill-walking and 5-lb pink dumbbell-hoisting crowd.

I have no doubt that any woman who actually practices squatting is going to be able to out-squat a man who does not. Especially given that squatting any appreciable amount of weight has a lot to do with form, technique, and mobility as well as pure muscle strength. And, no, a guy who only uses the leg press and leg extension machines in the gym will not be able to make up for a lack of actual practice squatting with a heavy barbell across his shoulders - higher testosterone or not.

But if your friend's sister meant to compare trained male and female powerlifters or other strength athletes, than she is being ridiculous.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 4:01:28 PM
It might be possible that women can be stronger than men in the squat when comparing similar bodyweights but I doubt it. But a naturally strong woman who trains with weights can easily be stronger than many men who don't train for strength.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 4:19:52 PM
malice from wonderland:
Kinda depends on the woman...I mean wtf? Okay, some may be stronger some may not. Me; I have thighs that are super strong and thick; I body build and have genetics that most MEN do not have. 28" thighs and can leg press 550. And that is "comfortable." Right now do I press that weight? Not all the time (I alternate what I lift.). I am trying to lean up and am on a diet where all of the training I am doing is for a different reason. but as far as strength goes, yeah, I have it. A lot of strength and muscle has to do with genetics. I am Ukraininan. Put me next to some of the other women and it is night and day. Weight, body fat; you name it. You would never guess my weight or strength. However most of the guys I see all the time know better :) It is not all about Testosterone, however, Testosterone is a good thing. And we all have some. Just some more than others. As far as upper body I have that too. God Bless the Ukraine.Nuff said.

Smartest response yet. I completely agree. I train men and women all day.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 4:54:44 PM
Used to be that women were more likely to die before men, had shorter lifespans, because of child birth.

Don't you mean, shorter life expectancy? More likely to die younger in childbirth, but not more likely to die at an older age than a man who's lived that long.

There's a book called The Frailty Myth that examines the OP's question. It talks about all the hard work and sports women have done over the ages; talks about how the male power structure kept trying to take them down by outlawing womens' events and changing the rules; and how the gaps are closing recently for record swimming and running times due to more encouragement of girls to be strong and active from school years on.
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Do women have stronger legs than men?
Posted: 12/31/2009 9:47:35 PM
IN regards to gender difference in endurance and training this was quoted from a master in Physiology& Performance.

"The bottom line is that there IS a physiological explanation for the gender performance gap observed in endurance (and power)sports. Keep in mind that the best women can still beat 99%+ of the men. However, if you ask me "When will women run as fast as men." I will answer, "just as soon as they have the same VO2 ( maximal oxygen consumption) max as men. Grete Waitz probably said it better, "As long as women are women, I don't think they will surpass men."

Females, on average, have less total muscle mass than males. As a result, maximal strength measures as well as maximal power measures (power = force/time) are reduced. Gross measures of upper body strength suggest an average 40-50% difference between the sexes, compared to a 30% difference in lower body strength.

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