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Breaking up with a girl for no reason.Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
It'll be kinder to her if you just break up immediately, and admit to her that you are an ahole and your real reason for breaking up. Just be straight with her. She's better off without you (and the longer you two stay together, the more of a shock it will be that you're not in this for the long run).
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Breaking up with a girl for no reason.
Posted: 1/6/2010 4:18:20 AM
Aieee! So many "you ARE an a$$hole" comments.
No, you aren't, you are a typical college kid. The single MOST common thing to happen to high school kids who go to the same college, is to feel they need to break up for no reason other than to experience more people. Make and female alike. The challenge for all of them, is what you face, wanting to start dating freely, but NOT wanting to either appear to be a jerk, or feel like one.
There's no way to make sure that she isn't hurt and/or angered by your decision, so be frank with her, and be gentle in how you express it. Tell her that you feel it's too soon for either of you to commit to one person, as you have too much to learn. That's the truth, and the truth is ALWAYS the best approach. ACCEPT her anger or pain, if that's the result, and BE A FRIEND to her in response: being a friend means NOT holding her reaction against her, or claiming (as I've so often seen ) that her reaction to being dumped PROVES you were right to dump her.
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Breaking up with a girl for no reason.
Posted: 1/6/2010 12:39:58 PM
Be brief, and be honest, but kind. You are not doing her any favors by continuing to accept her time and attention when she could be with someone who appreciates her far more. Be a man and don't just disappear on her. You have a valid reason to not want to be too commited at your age, so make sure she knows it is not her fault. There are definite benefits to having a "steady" so don't think you're going to have some fresh booty in your bed every night.
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