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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
If there are no dental schools in your area you could get a passport and head for Mexico. Dental work is extremely cheap in Mexico compared to the US.
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/19/2010 11:02:47 PM
You're not too far from Mexico. There are some very good dentists in the Tijuana area.
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/19/2010 11:24:29 PM
If you can afford it, consider a Sonicare toothbrush.

I have a problem with chronic dry mouth (no, not dry mouth from chronic, actually Sjogren's Syndrome) and had been using a Sonicare for years. Due to the inability to afford several crowns I got a partial lower plate recently (Sjogren's is murder on teeth, seriously, even with brushing and flossing multiple times a day, and it's really hard to reverse decay), and the oral surgeon who extracted my teeth was really shocked. My gums were the healthiest he said he'd seen in a long time, even in comparison to his younger patients who are coming in for wisdom teeth extractions -- the problem was I needed several root canals and crowns due to the decay to the actual teeth. He said he had to really work to get my teeth out because they were so well attached.

The action of the toothbrush massages the gums, and it does remove plaque very well. It also makes you brush each quadrant for the proper length of time by having a timer in the toothbrush. My dentist credits it for why I still have any teeth in my head given that I don't produce saliva very well at all.

Anyway, enough of my nasty problems advertised on a dating site. Sonicare for the win!
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/20/2010 12:07:38 PM
As stated, dentists do payment plans.

Use anti-bacterial mouth-wash
Use a "Soft" brush
Brush circular or up/down, not a "sawing" motion.
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/24/2010 10:05:57 PM
Do you floss your teeth? If you don't, start flossing. That in and of itself may stop it.

Dental schools can be an affordable alternative. They have clinics.

Why do you think you'll have a $10,000 dental bill? It doesn't cost thousands of dollars to make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned and checked. You do what the rest of us without dental insurance do - pay out of pocket.
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/25/2010 12:57:34 AM
Being a dental student who still has 2 month to finish, I think dental school is a good choice, we use the best material and everything is supervised... work is academic and professional.

Cost is 50% less in general here at LLU... not bad, in North America patients pay for dental treatment even in schools, but back where I got my first dental education we never charged them.
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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 1/26/2010 2:30:43 PM
gingergirl, re sjogren's: i have that as a secondary dx resulting from lymes and the autoimmune reactions that it causes. my lymes doc found out a trick to use time released mucinex twice a day and it works, not only on my mouth, but also eyes, et al. it doesn't relieve non existent congestion, but it does get the existing juices flowing. recently a friend told me about dry mouth from meds. i don't know if it would work for that, but it's also worth a try.

when i travelled to britain with my ex, i was mortified at how bad most peoples teeth were. so, wondering about that dental coverage and why that is. my ex thought his teeth were great, until he came here and "paid" for major work done. there, the richer people pay for secondary insurance. i suppose like our govt. programs and hmo's, they cover the "basics" well. however, it seemed that there was more teeth "pulling" than root canal, caps and if necessary implants. hopefully, you are not yet at that juncture.

OP, in addition to checking out dental schools, i would also find the nearest dental hygeinist colleges. both will require a waiting list. you can only get govt. sponsored indigent insurance to cover that and most single people do not qualify. some counties, within states, have programs for the next level of indigency, but most do not--especially now. maybe a regular doc will prescribe interim antibiotics. however, that poses other problems for the longer term and most are cautious. there are herbs that have similar properties. i'd also keep dabbing with tea tree oil as a possible precaution.

if you are so bad as to require a periodontist, you are in trouble as infection can spread. you might also ask the respective colleges and universities if there is a sliding fee scale. in the meanwhile, i'd look up holistic means to prevent it from getting worse.

of course, half the country (usa) continues to fight health insurance--UNTIL something happens to them personally! but also, having had to deal with govt. dental while i was in foster/adoption process, i will say that my experience in a "then" (not now) wealthy county was only good on the treatment/prevention end. when it came to replacing a front tooth my kid knocked out while being wreckless in the park, they wanted her to wait two months while they played around with paperwork. then, they tried to get us to pay in the interim. i reported them and paid my own dentist to create her teeth. at that age, they are temporary until the mouth forms fully later on. fortunately, other unexpected monies came in to me. but, before my lymes, i often went w/o other things to cover my health and disablity insurance. if i didn't, i wouldn't be alive today because my disablity insurance made it possible to cover the extras--both for me and my family. back then, if needed, i'd take a crummy job just to cover as much as possible. but, that 's me. i'm a strategic thinker and do'er.

since you waited this long, it appears you do not "plan" for your health coverage. i'm thinking this may take some time for you to address, but if you make it a primary goal after researching properly, you must not give up. just pay attention to the goal and put "first things first". too many people put other things first and then it's too late when the need arises.

note, some dentists are joining groups that are not insurance companies but will lower costs. the problem is that you can pay in and they are not covered by insurance laws. however, if you get work pronto, then it might be a good idea. also GE has medical credit cards. only problem with them is to get everything documented as to your initial discount. if the provider does not fill out the application properly, you can get screwed with interest. also, some providers belong to get the first six months interest free and others do not. of course, to get the card, you need a good fico score. thus, the vicious circle.

if someone knows contrary to what i've said or knows "reasons why", please advise!

ps i now don't have coverage because it is not worth it for what "could" happen to me. my teeth are all properly capped, et al. i do have the means to cover something if it happens--but it would be very tight for several months. what they do cover, with individual dental insurance at my age (versus group) is thus far not worth the premiums. if surgery is required or medical conditons cause problems with teeth, often that is covered by regular medical insurance. but, i pay for twice a year cleanings and if thought necessary, x-rays to make sure nothing new is cropping up. some new dental practices provide cheap intitial x-rays to suck you over to their offices. but, once they have a stable clientele, they are more likely to tend to their sudden needs than newcomers.

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I need to see a dentist, but don't have dental insurance...what should I do?
Posted: 2/3/2010 7:40:30 PM
i know a great deal about teeth. please feel free to write.

I DONT like dental insurance. I always select the best dentist and go for regular check ups. This kept the cost down for the long haul.

After 35 yrs of age expect your teeth to be costly.

I always told my kids "dental floss the teeth you want to keep".

The teeth were not designed to last a life time unless very diligent care is taken. The well cared for mouth could keep the teeth for a life time but otherwise,,,,no.

My mom is 85 and has all her teeth.

Over the last 35 yrs my teeth have cost me $50,000. For a man that should not be the case because no hormal changes, pregnancies etc. However, expect to pour in $20,000 over a period of time to say those pearly white.

Good post---proud to see you are concerned.
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