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Is it enough to do no harm: Laws are often manipulated to benefit the present dominant system....Was it once fashionable to burn people because someone had an idea in their heart that those people were doing harm??? Witches, heretics, non Germaic people, slaves, heathens etc??? Many in this forum have asked that harm be clarified and often natural law is stated as "satsifactory". Natural law to do no harm is at best unattainable as human understanding of harm is socialized not innate...
Sometimes we kill people because we know in our "hearts" they do "wrong" or "harm". Criminals, War Casualties, traitors, trespassers, etc...
Ted Bundy who abducted and killed unknown amounts of women was offered as an example earlier, I offer another exampleJohn Wayne Gacy, who was convicted of raping and killing 33 men, both were executed for there trespasses against humans. Are the aforementioned Valid examples of removing harm from our society through harm?Were we safer? no... These people were incarcerated. If they had remained incarcerated society would have been Just as "safe" as through execution. And in killing them we become powerless over other such villians.
It is to say to violent offenders "we can do nothing to stop you unless we kill you! long as you live you retain power over your victims."
And that seems oxymoronic to me...IMO the message to the criminal "you are so powerful we cannot contain you: you have permeated our society. WE have lost control over you....."
Have we lost control of the laws we created?? Do we burn all laws explaining do no harm???? what harm do the laws do? Are we afraid of our own laws?? and is the damage done and permeating society??? AS with theologies, philosophies, sciences, religions/myths, political systems, doctrines, that have become outdated and useless yet form the foundation of our society and infiltrate every aspect of society: will annhilating the laws leave us helpless to deconstruct and/or reconstruct the foundation and do we want to protect the old laws???burning or killing things/people are extreme measures to remove (heartfelt) harm because "our hearts" have been known to confuse and fail us in perceptions....
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Is it enough to do no harm?
Posted: 2/27/2010 10:01:10 PM

Do no harm or do no harem?

Doing someone else's harem could do you harm...especially if he finds out!

Is it enough to have only one wife or is six bettter ?

Zero is a nice round number...but to each his own...pick your favorite.

What do women think of a man with six wives?

I don't know, but as long as you're asking, what do men think of a woman with six husbands?
quote]Should all the wives be treated equally or should some be kept especially for their treasures?

Favoritism could cause emotional harm to some of them, but lack of it will probably cause physical harm to you.
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Is it enough to do no harm?
Posted: 2/27/2010 11:36:14 PM
All I have to say is I dont care if Im a favorite but If I have to be forced to share I better get it first!
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