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People are annoying when they're stoned all the time, I'd rather have someone sober who can carry and follow an intelligent conversation without stopping to giggle at the way a bird is flying (true story).

I think this blanket statement is pointless...annoying people are annoying whether stoned or not, and just because somebody fire up a doobie it does *not* inherently make somebody annoying...

I know lots opf folks who can carry on perfectly cogent and intelligent conversations stoned...maybe it depends on WHO you hang out with...

ALSO, with some medical patients, they don't get very stoned at all...if you're in deep pain, most of the THC goes to counteract the pain, not inducing a buzz...

Medical patients and the effect of THC is very misunderstood by those who are not in this situation...

I'd prefer a lady that IS 420 friendly, than a lady that is uptight about it...I was one of the first legal patients in 1996, and I've had back surgery, and I know much better what does and doesn't work for me, and I'll never let somebody caught up in Aslinger's hysteria of the 1930's ever dictate what I should or should not do for relief of major pain...

The IRONY of the situation is that some of the very same people who are very anti MJ, might themselves need it for themselves or a close relative, yet because they have political or moral reasons to be against it, effectively shoot themselves in their very own foot in terms of a treatment that might provide medical benefit...

Don't **** about it unless you've walked a mile in my moccasins...
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 3/23/2010 2:14:22 AM
Mermaid sari said:
<div class="quote"> Pot is a halucigenic, although difficult to accept by those partaking.

Most pot smokers are underachievers in life and suffer from drug-related relational issues due to the low grade halucigenic qualities found in marijuana as well as the time consumption and adverse health affects.

Oh boy...first off, it is NOT a hallucinagenic...second, please spell it right (try saying the sylables slowly while typing it out)...

It's a MILD euphoric...

Alcohol IS legal for people to brew or ferment at home in small quanities, so some of the comparisons that have been made in this thread are *not* taking this into account...

Each state regulates the sale, method of sale, hours of sale, and taxation of calif we have the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) agency, and that is where we get a 1 day (or more) permit for sale at public events...NOT from the feds...

While Obama and Holder *say* they're backing off and will respect states MJ laws, it's POLICY only, *not* LAW, which means a new administration could reverse the current policy, unless Congress puts ink on paper to make it a law...
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/4/2010 10:12:15 AM
Here's some articles on however you want to spell it, dearies:

As stated many do not want to accept that Marijuana is a hallucinogenic and creates the symptoms I have stated:
Marijuana, LSD, and PCP
Marijuana and hashish, two substances derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), are also considered natural hallucinogens, although their potency (power) is very low when compared to others.

lol...and I love this Wiki answer on 'why' marijauana is an hallucinogen:
It can cause hallucinations in those who use it.

What is Marijuana?

the world’s most commonly used illicit drug—and far more dangerous than most users realize. So, there is just cause for alarm when adolescent marijuana use increases, as it did in the mid-1990’s, and the age at which youngsters first experiment with pot starts to drops. ...

Although cannabis contains at least 400 different chemicals, its main mind-altering ingredient is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

How Does it Affect You?

A mild hallucinogen, marijuana has some of alcohol’s depressant and disinhibiting properties. User reaction, however, is heavily influenced by expectations and past experience, and many first-time users feel nothing at all.

Effects of smoking are generally felt within a few minutes and peak in 10 to 30 minutes. They include dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time, and diminished short-term memory. Moderate doses tend to induce a sense of well-being and a dreamy state of relaxation that encourages fantasies, renders some users highly suggestible, and distorts perception (making it dangerous to operate machinery, drive a car or boat, or ride a bicycle). Stronger doses prompt more intense and often disturbing reactions including paranoia and hallucinations.

Most of marijuana’s short-term effects wear off within two or three hours. The drug itself, however, tends to linger on. THC is a fat-soluble substance and will accumulate in fatty tissues in the liver, lungs, testes, and other organs. Two days after smoking marijuana, one-quarter of the THC content may still be retained. It will show up in urine tests three days after use, and traces may be picked up by sensitive blood tests two to four weeks later.

The Impact on the Mind

Marijuana use reduces learning ability. Research has been piling up of late demonstrating clearly that marijuana limits the capacity to absorb and retain information. A 1995 study of college students discovered that the inability of heavy marijuana users to focus, sustain attention, and organize data persists for as long as 24 hours after their last use of the drug. Earlier research, comparing cognitive abilities of adult marijuana users with non-using adults, found that users fall short on memory as well as math and verbal skills.

Although it has yet to be proven conclusively that heavy marijuana use can cause irreversible loss of intellectual capacity, animal studies have shown marijuana-induced structural damage to portions of the brain essential to memory and learning.

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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 1:27:21 AM
try living in humboldt county and finding someone to date who does not smoke pot.

i wont be one to argue that those who genuinely use it for medical reasons do not need is their medication. let them have it. where i live...i see so many ppl have medical mj cards who get them just in order to be legal with it.
there are doctors who accept $150. from anyone of legal age and give them a medical card. its b.s.
so...i say ok for those who Genuinely need it.
but the majority of "patients" do not.

i have some close freinds who smoke it.
i am not against it. i used to be.. but living here has changed my attitude about it on some levels... because i dont want to give up or judge my freinds who use.

however...i do think it Is a Drug
and it Is a Hallucinogenic drug for sure.
look it up.
smoke tell us it does not alter your perceptions...
ie: hallucinogenic
(sorry if i spelled it wrong)
it stays in the fat cells of the brain for a long time.
i believe it is not good for you. unless an honest doctor says you need it.
not just handing out a card because you go to the doc and say you have a headache or whatever.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 2:44:56 AM
^^^^^I've been around enough people who used a lot of marijuana to suspect that in time, it tends to make you less motivated and ambitious. Personally, I don't like my brain to be in a fog all the time. As for the medical use, I realize a lot of people insist it does this or that for them that nothing from a pharmacy can do. I doubt it. I don't claim to have studied the scientific evidence, but NORML has presented it all in federal courts for years, complete with expert testimony. And despite all its efforts, it hasn't been able to persuade any judge that marijuana has any valid medical use. And that's why it's stayed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act for 40 years.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 6:40:15 AM
It wouldn't be an issue for me, because I have ZERO issues with marijuana, though I no longer smoke it. I hated that lazy effect.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 7:43:54 AM

because after testing it they forgot to change it or didn't have the ambition to...?

The 2005 Supreme Court case has a little history of the challenges. Apparently there were several, and they went on for a long time. I'm sure they presented everything they could find, but they couldn't sell the claim it has a legitimate medical use.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 8:05:28 AM
Rushluv let's kick your statment around for a bit. if you have zero issues, except the lazy effect, isn't that an issue, especially what is becoming ever more daily a welfare state?

For example the strict libertarian view of immigration is that it should allow completely open borders. of course in the real world a welfare state, a rich and generous welfare state like ours, becomes an attractive place to move to with lots of negative consequences for those pulling the wagon

I think this has always been the rub for both sides of the political aisle, how do we balance freedom (use drugs, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, etc.) and not create all forms of undesirable consequences.

Frankly I would encourage all drug using lefties to incorporate a little base-jumping into their drug use day, but most would be sentient enough to leave out the base jumping part and leave us all with the tab for their kids, healthcare, food stamps, etc.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 1:39:45 PM

but they couldn't sell the claim it has a legitimate medical use

so are you saying that they have not found a legit medical use?
then why are there legit med. marijuana clinics in this county?
and..what are the medical uses anyway?
i have heard that for some terminal cancer patients it works to alleviate their symptoms.
and also for other severe illnesses.
but other than that...what are the medical uses?
the ppl i see who have the medical use cards seem to have them as only a means to not get arrested.
they like getting high. how is that medical?

(and i am Not saying i think pot growers or smokers should be arrested...i am just wondering what the medical reasons are for)
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/19/2010 5:48:31 PM

so are you saying that they have not found a legit medical use?

No. I said that the Supreme Court, in a 2005 decision, recounted the history of the suits NORML and others have filed through the years. And the Court noted that none of these suits had succeeded in persuading the federal court that heard it to move marijuana out of Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

One of the criteria for classifying a substance in Category I is that it has no demonstrated, legitimate medical use. Whether that's true or not, I have no idea. The point is that federal courts have looked at the evidence about marijuana's possible medical use pretty closely several times, and none of them has agreed that it has any such use.

California passed a law in 1996--the "Compassionate Use Act"--that recognized a legitimate medical use and provided for those clinics. But the U.S. Supreme Court, in the 2005 case I mentioned, held that the CSA could prohibit the friend of a disabled California woman from growing marijuana for her to use as medicine, and that it could also prohibit her from possessing and using it. A state law isn't valid when a federal law directly contradicts it.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/20/2010 12:02:09 AM

A state law isn't valid when a federal law directly contradicts it.

personally i dont even care about pot.
but if the federal law is over the state law...
it doesnt seem that way around here.
just take a walk in arcata, ca. you can smell pot in the street. no cop is going to arrest someone in this area for having a small amount of it with them.
and people are permitted to grow a certain amount if they have one of those cards.

the state allows for it.
i see that you say the feds dont. maybe the federal law is aimed at the big time growers.
which is also illegal on the state level.

what do you think is going to happen? will it become legal?
some ppl in this town will like that.
but most wont...because they are growers and they wont be able to make as much.
even if it is legal...the big growers will still be illegal..wont they?

i dont like it myself.
but i find it interesting because of where i live and the fact that so many i know smoke it.
and most of them have "medical" cards.

if someone is suffering with cancer, well,..i think they should be able to do what they want to and need to in order to alleviate their suffering and have a better quality of life.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/20/2010 6:27:20 AM
^^^^^just walk around arcata,....and you will get high. no need to buy it..
how did someone like me end up here anyway.?
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/21/2010 5:09:45 AM
^^^^^^^Here's the deal. It's against federal law, but that doesn't mean the feds have the resources to enforce that law. And states don't have to enforce federal laws, even though they usually choose to. So what's happening is that California has chosen to apply its own marijuana laws, and local governments may decide not to enforce minor violations of those laws. But the state medical marijuana law is sort of a joke, and in 2005, the Supreme Court (without actually saying so) made pretty clear it's unconstitutional.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 4/25/2010 11:11:29 PM
aside from the legal and medical issues..
does anyone here have opinions on how it is when someone who partakes of the drug is in a relationship with one who does not?
can it be a good relationship if one is smoking it everyday and the other not?
arent they on different "wavelenghts" so to speak?
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 10/24/2010 12:15:47 PM
Getting back to the original issue, I have been in LA for a month, and have met quite a few people who will have nothing to do with it and it boggles my mind how it's considered a drug, prepackaged from mother nature.

A lot of people find cocaine acceptable also, which is fine, live your life, it's just not for me.

I personally hope that my future mate, wherever his illusive ass is, is a fellow pot smoker or at least liberal enough to understand your personal feelings do not dictate morality.

If I can change one mind with my post...
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/4/2010 11:53:07 AM
Paul when you get to our age you can count the number of pot smokers we knew as youth who can open their own mail or tie their own shoes on one hand. I don't care either except to the extent these infantalized dope smokers imagine they'll never get old. Most I knew who have mercifully gone for the big dirt nap or are hanging in there with the kindness of strangers (welfare).

I would imagine 420 removes actually having to make sense or be understood by your significant sleepover.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/4/2010 1:13:39 PM

at least liberal enough to understand your personal feelings do not dictate morality

You might as well say that if someone understands that their personal feelings about God don't dictate their religious beliefs, that shows they're liberal. No, that would just show they don't understand things, period. If people's personal feelings about something *don't* dictate how moral they think it is, I don't know what does.
 Molly Maude
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/4/2010 5:31:50 PM
only in this one specific instance, per the above post only, I agree with Pirate Heaven ...

I was surprised that the marijuana initiative failed ...

I figured that, even if it passed, it would be a few years out before all the technicalities settled as to what that initiative actually meant in real life ... but it failed ... odd, that!

puzzled ... I questioned a few of my marijuana-using friends and was dumbfounded to discover that N-O-N-E of them ... that's right ... not even O-N-E of them ... VOTED ...

I just laughed and laughed and laughed ... omg ... their big chance to legalize their favorite illegal activity ... and they stayed home and chose not to vote ...

pathetic ... the visualization in my mind of them sitting home by the fireplace, smoking ... not voting ... too wasted to get off their Lazyboys and go out and vote ... it's really funny ... in a sad, pathetic way ... it's really funny ...
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/8/2010 2:58:05 AM
The irony to me here, is that some of the older members here, turn up their noses at the notion of someone smoking pot, but at the same time, will go out, frequently, and booze it up with little to no thought about it.

That, my friends, is the real kicker.

As for people you've known in the past, that underachieved, due to pot smoking....etc.

We could sit here, and probably come to similar conclusions, about plenty of people that booze it up.

I know alot of people out there, that lead more than productive lives, that smoke pot, in the same way, that a person might come home, and have a glass of wine.

But hey....the person that comes home, and has a glass of wine, EVERY single night, isnt a lush, right?
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/8/2010 6:33:28 AM
JR us old timers are not orchids, living in some BBC period drama. I attended the U of Wisconsin during the 60's, could discern 7 different types of tear gas from a half a mile, knew all manner of folks trying to escape this veil of tears ala Grace Slick and Jim Morrison. Later lived in SF, NYC, and LA but am old enough to know the world pre- and post Beatles (my own personal demarcation line in time)

Having an alcoholic drink is actually recommended for heart health (see all manner of European societies that think nothing of the daily glass of wine) and if used in moderation simply a mild protoplasmic poison marginally beneficial to one's psychological well being, if not also tasting good.

The argument is not a zero or one argument. It's gray, nuanced as Obama without a teleprompter. In the balance... old dope smokers are obvious, sadly, tragically, and cannot get out of the lazy boy to vote pathetic. If you want to get to 50, sit on your front porch and yell your age to passing strangers and be an object of derision by the neighbor kids, smoke out. If you believe in global warming and that you can add 30 million new patients to a healthcare system and not increase costs you have probably already changed the chemistry if not the structure of your brain.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/8/2010 7:01:52 AM
I don't care either way, had my daze when I use to do more than my share and then I grew out of it. Pot smokers to stoned to get off the couch to vote, ROTFLMAO

That is the ultimate oxymoron of human actions.
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/8/2010 2:46:33 PM
Prop 19 was a bust from the get-go. I knew it wasn't gonna pass.
 Molly Maude
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/8/2010 11:09:52 PM
really? I so DID think it would pass ... I figured everyone who supports marijuana use would go out, register if necessary ... and vote for it ... I was so sure!

man! I was way off base! it's almost a week later and I'm still surprised! color me wrong!
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/9/2010 7:48:48 AM
Conflicting laws trap patients on marijuana

Robert Jones, a state-licensed medical marijuana user for his cancer, worries that he will lose his federal subsidy for HUD housing. Jones says marijuana helps himdeal with the nausea that he gets from his chemotherapy.

By Oren Dorell, USA TODAY
Marijuana helps Robert Jones deal with nausea and anxiety that come with chemotherapy.

He has been dealing with a lot of stress ever since he was told that his rent subsidy would end because marijuana is illegal under federal law. The drug, which was recommended by his doctor, is legal in New Mexico.

"My eyes are fogging up as they do when I'm stressed," says Jones, 70. "I'm getting anxiety. I don't know what's going to happen next."

CLASH: State, federal laws collide
MORE: Medical pot use, job rules can conflict

Jones is among patients with cancer, chronic pain and other maladies who say smoking marijuana helps their condition. Many, though, are trapped between state laws that allow medical pot smoking and federal laws that do not. Sixteen states have approved medical marijuana.

Attorney General Eric Holder told U.S. attorneys in 2009 to refrain from prosecuting "individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana." That applies only to the Justice Department.

"There still are people in the Obama administration who take a much more hostile approach," says Keith Stroup, legal counsel for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, chairman of the banking committee, and 14 other Democratic and Republican members of Congress have asked Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to adopt a policy for federally insured national banks similar to the Justice Department's.

Like Treasury, other federal departments enforce the law against marijuana. Travelers with medical pot are arrested. People who lose their jobs after testing positive for marijuana can be denied unemployment benefits. People who live where the Border Patrol operates have their marijuana confiscated.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has largely resolved the conflict at its hospitals and pain clinics.

Until last summer, the VA would not give pain medication to patients seeking treatment at its pain clinics who tested positive for marijuana. Now, veterans in states where marijuana is approved for medical use can submit documentation showing they have legal access to pot, which means a patient who tests positive will not be denied treatment.

Some patients with chronic pain use marijuana to magnify the effect of painkillers, which allows them to use less of those drugs and reduce the risks of addiction and digestive problems, says Michael Krawitz, executive director of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.

Pot also helps vets with nerve pain and phantom limb pain after amputation, conditions that are hard to treat with traditional drugs, he says.

Jones, an outspoken advocate of medical marijuana who rents a house for $400 a month, was told by public housing officials last month that they planned to take away his $156 monthly subsidy because he is engaged in criminal activity by smoking marijuana.

Jones, who has anal cancer, says a doctor recommended in 2007 that he use marijuana for the nausea caused by chemotherapy, "which was quite severe."

Now, "whenever I have to eat, I have to smoke a bit," he says. "I'm trying to eat it and not smoke it because I have lung problems." He also takes it for depression, and it has helped him stop taking other pain and anxiety medications, he says.

Mandy Griego, New Mexico administrator for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, cites national policy saying all users of illegal drugs must be treated the same.

Jones is abiding by New Mexico's medical-use law, Stroup says.

"What's he to do, live out in the street?"
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420 an issue in relationships?
Posted: 11/9/2010 9:53:58 AM
That's funny--Barney Frank trying to get the Treasury Dept. not to enforce marijuana laws. His "roommate" at the time was nailed for having the stuff all over their place, but Frank got off scot free. He claimed total ignorance, saying that since he wasn't much of an outdoorsman, he didn't even know what the plant looked like.

There's another issue in this policy of non-enforcement. What's with some parts of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government enforcing a federal law, and some not? The Chief Executive should be able to resolve that very fast, and get everyone on the same page. Maybe federal laws are going to have to include an official notice that "Congress intends the Executive to enforce this provision as strictly as possible."

Of course, it's the Chief Executive who had Arizona stopped from enforcing federal immigration laws he chooses not to have his Justice Dept. enforce. If the high panjandrum had *enough* discretion in enforcing laws, we'd no longer have the rule of law. "Who's being charged? My buddy Jim? *He!!* no, let it ride. But I want that b------ Johnson crucified!"

Back to the rule of the Roman arena, with the emperor turning his thumb up, or down. It's pretty easy to picture Mr. Obama in a toga, crowned with a laurel wreath and sitting high above the adoring stadium crowd in a throne chair.

I voted for Prop. 19, not because I use marijuana or hang around people who do. I don't. I did it because I favor less government intervention whenever possible.
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