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as a non-believer, you cannot be a righteous woman, as I said. I also said I hoped and prayed you were a good person.

It's not your beliefs that make you a good or bad person---it's your actions. One can be a moral person without believing in a god.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 11:09:41 AM
I must be immoral. Just could never buy worshipping the dead-guy-on-a-stick.

'Accept me or be skewered on Satans pitchfork and BBQed over hot coals in Hell for eternity'. Jesus is one sick passive aggressive dude. Megalomania in extremis. Piss him off and he murders all the children in various ways, flood, plagues, pestulance, throw in some locusts......then comes back and rapes a virgin to gets weirder and weirder. All topped off by zombie Jesus on Easter.

'Jesus loves me, yes I know
For the Bible tells me so

I am NOT a Christian. No way do I accept some abusive psycho as my saviour. So amusing when Christians shake their head at the thought of some young gal wanting to marry Charles Manson....duh? But Jesus loves me!
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 11:23:19 AM
Confucianists believe in eternal nirvana with no god per se.

Their philosophy focused on education and becoming enlightened to keep peace within a society. No god required.

There's a quote somewhere from a Chinese guy talking to a Christian and commenting how hard it must be to live up to someone else's rules, or risk going to hell.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 1:45:29 PM
Confucius says. Jesus says. Buddha says. SpongeBob square pants says. All variations of the same crap. Some are just more trendy and new age than others. Buddhists monks also have their small boys in their monasteries. Muslims, 'nuff said about those sadistic whack jobs. As for Confusianism , it sure wasn't great for the billions of Chinese who have never stopped obeying someone's else's rules and lived in real hell on Earth. Hindus can feed all the peanuts they want to their elephant god before they get recycled into a monkey in the next life.

I'd rather defer to the wisdom of POF gurus than baloney cooked up a few thousand years ago in some agrarian feudal society in Palestine or along the Ganges River
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 2:10:49 PM
^^^ k that made me laugh out loud!
WWSBSP do should be a bumper sticker
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 3:52:59 PM

It's not your beliefs that make you a good or bad person---it's your actions. One can be a moral person without believing in a god.

OK.....but why or what was this decision to take this path............?

Was it 'The law of the land'.. those damn christians....'or your up bringing'.... or were you naturally born in think in your heart this is the best choice to be in to be happy ?
Please advise for us in why you know how all along in your belief .... in this path to take without using laws, religion etc to guild you on in a higher being & freedom.... to live love & the pursuit of happiness without the laws,religion or those that did not give you the freedom to. be & sat what boy think,feel & live...thanks
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 4:02:23 PM
PS and those christians also seen the problem of....."The separation of church and state" as a balance for all is our country path to take.
And its belief can I say that ? cheers
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/8/2014 5:43:03 PM
Msg. 629:
From a mans perspective- First- I prefer a lady that I can compliment on daily basis- meaning in beauty ( eyes of the beholder) which ofcourse includes, the Godly personality, character, mannerism, flurtiness ( to spunk it up- a wee bit at my age :) a Godly women/lady that is searching for long-term relationship leading to marriage.

The second was a fake poster a pic from 10 yrs back and a piglettttt.

Is this how a “Godly” man, with a “Godly personality and character” speaks about women on a public forum? That doesn’t sound Godly or “serving Jesus” to me, and I doubt many ladies would be interested in such a hypocritical man.

I’m sure just as many women would like a man they can “compliment on a daily basis.” I can read between your lines, and believe it or not, many women can.

There is at least one other site specializing in what you’re looking for…oops, you’ll probably have to pay. :(
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/12/2014 9:53:47 AM
Sun - some men need to stand in front of a mirror and fact check their bodies. Most will find a droopy wrinkled face and body and receding hairline along with a nice sized gut.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/12/2014 3:40:58 PM
Certainly not all 60 year olds need to do this, Christmas/Easter.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/12/2014 3:57:01 PM

Sun - some men need to stand in front of a mirror and fact check their bodies. Most will find a droopy wrinkled face and body and receding hairline along with a nice sized gut.

The same thing applies to women, except for the receding hairline (in most cases). hotdogshop-have you checked into any meet-up groups in your area for man haters?
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/12/2014 6:08:54 PM
I saw the guy she's talking about in the store the other day in the checkout line. He was complaining to the clerk how tough it was getting old. He did in fact look old, short dumpy gut and gray hair complained about his back hurting etc. she asked him how old he was and he said "54". I liked to screamed "hell yeah" I'm not feeling so bad for 60 after all. Lol
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/12/2014 7:35:18 PM
I have noticed that the only time most people are religious is when they are actually sitting in their different churches .
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/14/2014 10:30:56 AM

Sun - some men need to stand in front of a mirror and fact check their bodies. Most will find a droopy wrinkled face and body and receding hairline along with a nice sized gut.

Yeah, but a swelling wallet will more than offset the receding hairline and droopy wrinkles.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/14/2014 12:38:59 PM
billy--as Bailey and the Boys used to say (sing):

Love will get you through times with no money
Better than
Money will get you through times with no love.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/14/2014 4:30:54 PM

So, the question remains: what DO men in their 60s want?
The same thing men in their 30's, 40's and 50's want ...

Unfortunately, they can't always get it up in order to get what they want.

Obese men face problems with increase in producing estrogen plus their fat cuts off circulation to the groin area and men need access to blood flow in order to get an erect penis. Men with diabetes develop ED related to the tissue in the penis not being able to hold the blood and eventually can't even get a partial or momentary erection. These guys can want the sex but will probably not get it without ED drugs or machines. High blood pressure medication as well as anti-depressants contributes to ED as well. Often, smokers have problems getting erections.

Many men over 60 are so poisoned against dedicated, committed relationships related to bad experiences with ex-wives or ex-girlfriends they ended up giving up money to or houses or both. If you are a woman and didn't make out well after your split up ... no matter, the guys see a woman and wants sex ... but then they wake up and they see you as a monster who robbed them or will eventually rob them.

They run as fast as they can.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/16/2014 10:23:47 AM
I feel it is not how old you are just how old you feel and act. My 90 year old uncle would put many 55 year old to shame.
Stay active get out use those muscles, I intend to be healthy and active well past 90.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/18/2014 8:37:06 AM
OMG baggage,You would not believe the baggage here in Maine.Woman talking about there ex In my home as I serve them a home cooked lunch or dinner.Makes me want puke,and regret having them over.Yes X BS can come up once in a while,i guess its normal.But then they go on telling me about there child hood sex abuse by daddy or brother in one case mother.
I really can not believe the dysfunction iv witnessed on POF ppl.
As far as wanting a friend,Well some of the insecure/controlling woman on here Just cant take things slow and enjoy the moment because they cant show there control freak attitude that got them devost the last 4 times.
I really want a low baggage woman to jump in the RV and explore the west/AZ/ for the winter and just have fun.(im not talking friends with benefits)Im talking a real friend that i would never want to be without for the rest of my life.
I want a woman in my age rang also.I gravitate to a older woman due to the fact im retired and they being retired would give us the freedom to travel.I would date a much younger woman due to them not having kids/responsibilities that tie them down.Its very sad we have this technology and it becomes a joke to some( Married/men posing as women ect,looking to sit here typing to have some attention).
It would be disgusting if POF required a background check,.Maybe if POF took profiles down if you dont check in in a week or two.Maybe give a response rating to the person your trying to write.Say a ABCDF F being they never respond.And what is up with all the profiles without pictures?Thank you
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/18/2014 9:05:11 AM
All that 'crap' you mentioned is society and not unique to PoF.

I don't get hung up on ex talk. Sometimes its cathartic for the other person to share their life stories. I don't mind lending a compassionate ear.

I only take exception when they discuss their ex's in flattering phrases (i.e. wealth/occupation/appearance).

I think it's too convenient to assign the term 'baggage' to someone's life experiences. We've all got 'em. Get the misery off the table. If it becomes an ongoing thing? Houston, we got a problem...

IMHO, a true relationship means being vulnerable and sharing your cross with another. No small task...

You sound pretty simple. I like that. I have friends entering the 'dating scene' for the first time in decades.

I tell them to be careful...a lot of women have 'been there and done that' with the provider stuff. You need need to learn some new tricks:)
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/18/2014 10:06:20 AM
The biggest dilemma with people who have a lot of baggage and can't let go of the past is they're demanding a partner who is baggage free, and they have a list a mile long of requirements that any new partner must have, in order to avoid a repeat performance from their last relationship. People who always play the victim role have blinders on and never see how they were part of the problem as well in their failed relationship. Another red flag was their willingness to stay in a bad relationship for as long as they did-often for decades. If your ex was such a horrible monster as you say he/she is, why did you stay more than five minutes, and why did you agree to breed with him/her-which leaves a life-long connection to the ex?
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/19/2014 3:53:14 AM
there wouldn't be enough money to induce me to bother with a fat, unfit, wrinkled fifty something man. Not even on a dark moonless night would I contemplate being in his bed.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/19/2014 7:39:56 AM
Geez Petula, just look at the guys that posted just on this page alone - I don't see a fat, unfit, wrinkled man among them. In fact, I think Clooney (for example) it totally bangable. The vast majority of men I know over 50 take relatively good care of themselves; many still go to the gym, some cycle, some hike and other stay in shape just due the the careers they have. Guys are much more aware of effect weight, exercise and eating have on their over all health.

Rock on dudes, you're okay in my world. Yup, we're older, have wrinkles, maybe lost a little hair or its going grey - so what. Still hot.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/19/2014 8:44:33 AM
Wrinkles and hair loss are a natural part of the aging process, while obesity is not. For that reason, I don't lump them all together. And honestly, I have seen a couple of guys in this forum that would qualify as fat. That would be a lifestyle incompatibility for me.
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/26/2014 8:31:23 AM
I still have a few more good years untill I can hang in this thread
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Men in their 60s
Posted: 12/26/2014 11:13:27 AM
I sincerely want to be with a man in my age range....but so far, the ones I have met look and act older than my grandfather did when he was in his 70's. And the constant complaints about the "younger generation" though they were never young. Sorry, no grouchy old men for me. I'd rather be alone.
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