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As a former pastor turned atheist, I completely understand the source and appeal of this cliche.

It is an abbreviated expression of a biblical doctrine, specifically the notion that God is sovereign and governs all aspects of reality (i.e., everything that happens within the dimension of time) according to His will or design. From this perspective, all of the pain and suffering that characterizes life is part of God's grand plan; that is, it all happens for a reason: to fulfill God's plan (even if we can't fully understand how it all fits together in a cause-and-effect manner).

As part of His grand plan, all pain and suffering (i.e., everything bad that happens) possesses a positive, beneficial meaning. And if one's pain/suffering (whatever it happens to be) ultimately contributes to the fruition of God's plan (instead of just being trivial and random), it is less painful and causes less suffering. Pain that has a positive purpose reduces suffering, which is the primary emotional benefit of the belief that "everything happens for a reason." Hence its popularity.

Humans are animals. And although our rational capacity sets us apart from all other animals, we are still animals mainly motivated by primitive instincts, drives, and emotions. Our reason, then, serves our emotions--not visa versa. With that in mind, the cliche that everything happens for a reason remains one of the most widespread spiritual myths, not because it is logical, but precisely because it is illogical.
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Everything happens for a reason?
Posted: 12/27/2012 5:26:48 PM

Everything happens for a reason?


Everything happens because of a set of circumstances.
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