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Joined: 10/3/2011
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Put off becuase of what i like?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Geek is not a downfall if you want someone with similar interests. Hell, with this whole digital age, it's nice having a friend or significant other who can keep up with the technology.

Play up, not down, your geeky attributes.

Best of luck!
Joined: 5/16/2011
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Put off becuase of what i like?
Posted: 12/28/2011 9:11:34 AM
You won't be able to hide something like that for long. I'm a comic geek and have a collection of stuff that I will not hide, and if they don't like it, they can pound sand. If she's worth it she'll accept your hobby.
Joined: 9/5/2011
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Put off becuase of what i like?
Posted: 12/28/2011 11:41:15 AM
Just be yourself. The girls who are turned off by your interests would NOT be a good match for you anyhow. You need to be with someone who is into the same things as you.

I might suggest, sometimes I have seen anime conventions. Maybe, you should consider attending. There were all kinds of girls and guys dressed to the hilt in their costumes. I would think it would be easier to find a date in that kind of setting for you.
Joined: 2/3/2010
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Put off becuase of what i like?
Posted: 12/28/2011 11:56:54 AM

Some guys are addicted to sports and will do everything in their power to ward their woman off during football season when Sat and Sunday afternoon come around. There are some women who are addicted to this or that show and will put their respective man off so they can watch it. There are people addicted to extreme sports (sky diving, SCUBA diving, et al). EVERYONE has a hobby, EVERYONE has that one thing they enjoy doing in excess of everything else.

A few posters have mentioned this THEME - A woman does not want to play second fiddle to your hobby, no matter what it is. A woman wants to be first in your world, first in your mind, first in your duties.

You feel that gaming and geekiness are some special catagory, but they really aren't. Women treat men who are obsessed with sports, hunting, and motorcycles the same way. What's different is that those hobbies have over 100 years of history for women to learn the vocabulary and the habits of men who do them. Before then, people didn't have much time for hobbies other than reading by candlelight -- if you weren't filthy rich you didn't have a hobby, you only had work and sleep. Since the rise of the working class, middle class, and leisure time, men have created these hobbies to keep themselves busy -- women thought men would use their newfound leisure time to hand out with family, help them around the home, take them on beach strolls, didn't happen.

Men are Men and they like to do Men things like argue about stuff and build stuff and blow stuff up and kill stuff and make a lot of noise and hit each other a lot. No matter the hobby, you woman will NOT LIKE IT taking up most of your time.

Bottom line is that you simply have to CURTAIL YOUR HOBBY TIME and turn that time over to paying attention to your woman. Sometimes it's worth it. Sometimes...meh...don't delete your WoW account!!
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Put off becuase of what i like?
Posted: 12/29/2011 5:59:47 AM
I feel your pain.

I am a computer tech (yes a full time good paying job) and I am ex Canadian Military. I enjoy my PS3 and the occasional computer game. I love my job and actually do work on the side as well. I don't enjoy the outdoors, nor am I a sports fanatic.

I don't hide what I am. If a woman is looking for something else then so be it. Sure I don't get a lot of repsonses (also because I am separated and not divorced and most woman won't see past that), but I am who I am.

If I hide what I was it wouldn't last long. Soon as she walked into my apartment the questions would start... you know... why do you have three computers? Why are there two Xbox's? Why are there two PS3's (my kids own a few of those).

Woman see geek or gamer and immediatly think your living in your mom's basement.
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