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Swearing up a stormPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)

I'd hate to see the 3 of us watching a hockey game together

I'm sure we'd blow the roof off the house

I suspect we would be escorted out by some big burly men if we ever were at a hockey game

Okie I tend to get a bit passionate and VOCAL at sporting dear 73 year old father recently had to escort me out of the school gym when I was being a tad toooooo passionate at my 11 year old's basketball game. I blame my parents for this....I had to take my brother to soccer games and practices for years when I was a teenager.... you swear...oops.. I mean you get a bit passionate when you are standing in the rain for 1 hour and all the kids are smashing into each other and scoring in their own nets!!!!....ya.... I'm PASSIONATE..... ***wonders*.....if I might be Italian ***

My virgin ears have just been corrupted

Okay..that was funny really...that was funny!
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Swearing up a storm
Posted: 2/22/2010 9:22:24 AM
I am not afraid to tell someone to watch their mouth when my kids are with me.. I don't care how big or how old the person is either.. I HATE people who use the f bomb every other word.. It is annoying.. My kids don't need to be in a public place like a bus or skytrain and listen to some idoits potty mouth.. I wish people would use comon sense or curteousy.. At a place with adults only, do what you please, swear your heart out BUT when in public with children around KEEP YOUR POTTY MOUTH TO YOURSELF!!!
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Swearing up a storm
Posted: 2/22/2010 9:24:32 AM
It really irritates me when people talk with every 3rd word as a swear. I mean do you really need to use the f word when saying how great something is.

It irritates me more when it is an adult. Teenagers swear because they are trying to be tough and need to grow up but adults should have better vocabularies.

If you are really mad and not at a child then swearing is just natural and lets you blow some of the steam off quicker.

Just my note for the day.
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Swearing up a storm
Posted: 2/22/2010 1:51:20 PM
I think cussing can be appropriate when venting but when it is used in general conversation, well, I find it sends a message about that person. Some of you maybe offended by this but heck, not unusual for this venue. It isn't directed at anyone personally but you may recognize yourself.

Swearing in every sentence only reveals how limited a person is in expressing themself; how limited a person is literarily, as if your mind stopped infusing information at the age of 13 or 14; or the english language wasn't your favorite subject in school. I have endured people who's every sentence includes 'f' this, and 'fkn' that, as if 'f' was the only descriptive word they could muster up to express themself. It is verbal laziness in expressing yourself. When you really think about it, what are they really saying when every descriptive word is 'f'?

Example: "My F'n Mother and I went to the 'F'n store to buy a 'F'n pair of 'F'n jeans and we couldn't find a'F'n parking spot. It drove me 'F'n nut driving around the 'F'n Parking lot ...bla bla bla bla bla........ :drinking:

Then, this consistent swearing is done around little children. Not much disgusts me more than listening to a 2 year old saying the 'f' word. Oy vay!!

Swear words become deflated, ineffective and mundane that when you really want to get a point across and the situation maybe deemed appropriate to 'cuss', people won't take you seriously. Now take a person you know that virtually never swears and then they get angry, potty mouth expressed and tend to pay attention.
 Nerdimus Maximus
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Swearing up a storm
Posted: 2/22/2010 7:46:28 PM
Buy this book:

You can swear at people and they won't know it. Just don't let this stuff creep into your memoes which go upstream. Calling your boss a fissilingual (*) psaphonic genius is entertaining though. He will think it's a compliment. Calling a female go-getter a fireship is acceptable in gentile company. Calling her a diseased prostitute is not.

So having the book has curbed the ptooy words I learned in the trenches but, I would like to reserve a seat on the couch for the hockey game. I have a few favourites combos with poetic flare.

(*) Forked. Seeking fame and fortune. Hehehehe. Works great.
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Swearing up a storm
Posted: 2/22/2010 8:35:54 PM
Did anyone catch the movie The Commitments?
Irish band in the 80s....a hodgepodge of characters....well the language was something else.
I had no idea what they were saying... I had to watch the movie a good 3 or 4 times... I finally clued in ... every freakin second word was FU... with a strong Irish accent of did they swear a lot in that movie...funny as hell once you got thru the translation...great music btw.
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