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"You sound very sexist but I would expect nothing less from a male veteran. Go figure!"
After close to 25 years of seeing crack-troops working the system I don't believe you can call my opinion sexist, just the truth. You see the more high speed the unit the thing your least likely to find is women soldiers and forget about pregnant women troops. It is what it is and women can not hang in the high speed outfits. A fact is not a sexist thing it is just a fact. The money wasted on flight training for a women that has three kids while on active duty and can not perform her duties for years because of the pregnancies is also a fact. If a male was to miss three years of normal duty because of an elective condition he would be finished, not true for females and pregnancies. Does the truth hurt? To bad.

"Also sounds like you have great taste in women."
Are you flirting with me?

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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 7:48:35 AM

If you're curious as to what social changes might occur as a result of this "role reversal", perhaps look into what single fathers do differently than single mothers do. Are they more/less organized? How does having his children 24/7 affect his career? How much more or less outside support does he utilize or need? Does he participate in hobbies or activities that do/don't include the child(ren) or both? What is his mental state three years later?

Good idea, but I don't think it is that easy. The statistics clearly show that in existing single parent households, the situations are much better when it is a single father household. Here are some of those statistics (financially related stats).

* 79.6% of custodial mothers receive a support award
* 29.9% of custodial fathers receive a support award.
* 46.9% of non-custodial mothers totally default on support.
* 26.9% of non-custodial fathers totally default on support.
* 20.0% of non-custodial mothers pay support at some level
* 61.0% of non-custodial fathers pay support at some level
* 66.2% of single custodial mothers work less than full time.
* 10.2% of single custodial fathers work less than full time.
* 7.0% of single custodial mothers work more than 44 hours weekly.
* 24.5% of single custodial fathers work more that 44 hours weekly.
* 46.2% of single custodial mothers receive public assistance.
* 20.8% of single custodial fathers receive public assistance.

[Technical Analysis Paper No. 42 - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services - Office of Income Security Policy]

I say its not that easy as with the way things are now it is very rare for a father to get sole custody. In the cases where full custody is awarded to the father I would suggest that there were significant issues with the mother already. Therefore the stats, while being accurate, are going to give a bit of a skewed view.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 8:13:54 AM

I mean realistically obviously women have superior pain tolerance and adaptation skills compared to men.....

^^^ That's tough to prove.
We each have unique abilitites and tolerances being different genders. However, you can't prove one is superior to the other unless each has taken on the roles of the opposite sex.

That was sarcasm my friend.

My point was that when we do most of the dangerous, painful labor out there and have throughout history i think it's laughable that women think childbirth is out of the realm of men to "handle"
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 8:37:05 AM

What I think is TRULY laughable is that men such as yourself believe that men have always performed the most painful labor continuously in this world. Nothing you have ever performed even compares to childbirth therefore, nice try.

Really? Men bleeding to death storming normandy getting shot in the stomach isn't like childbirth? Men working 20 hour days of backbreaking labor dying from exhaustion building the railroads, bridges and tunnels of nations isn't like childbirth? Men being tortured for information, bamboo under fingernails, the rack, all these things couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad as childbirth right?

Men haven't done all the awful things, but we have done our bit, no one is on here saying women can't do anything, but i see a BUNCH of women saying men can't deal with childbirth, INCLUDING you so YOU are the one that needs to get over yourself. Women worked in the fields, women have performed backbreaking and physical work, but no one on here is disparaging the capabilities of women, it's women like YOU saying men can't handle what women do.

Ever hear of Ying/Yang guys? Both genders are needed in this world for balance.

Thats something WE know. Then again we STOPPED telling women what they couldn't do. Funny, i still have women like you telling me that we could never possibly hack the horrors of childbirth that women suffer.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 9:18:27 AM

Last I checked, not only men are war veterans.

Can you show me where I said women weren't? You see, you read what you want to read, which is a fight. I haven't once said women can't or haven't suffered ANY of what I have used as examples of what men suffered, the reason is women HAVE suffered as well. You want to see sexism, so you do. When I use examples of what I consider to be extreme physical pain that men have and do suffer, where do you read that women don't suffer the same? This isn't a men vs. women battle for me like it is you, it's about showing that there is a TON of suffering out there that many consider to be as bad or worse than childbirth and that men have made it through that, so it's laughable to consider that they couldn't handle childbirth.

The only difference is, unlike you I'm not disparaging a gender by saying they couldn't hack it.

Men being tortured for information? Women have also been tortured
and murdered while in captivity. There are and have been male
POW's as well as women. Check your history before making such
incorrect statements.

My statement is incorrect that men have been tortured? Where did i say women haven't been pow's?

You utilize all these examples of torture but have YOU been through
torture? Probably not. Have I given birth? Yes, I have. You
have performed neither therefore, it's safe to have no
clue about either.

Nope never been through either. Then again I've spoken with women who say migraines were worse than their childbirth, and i happen to have migraines. So i guess it's always up for individual interpretation isn't it?

Yes, men have performed many great things in this world and I for
one am grateful but I will not idly sit by while someone who wants to
compared being shot to giving birth. That is just outright ridiculous.

Really? You think childbirth is that much worse? I mean in terms of recovery time most women are up and at it before most gunshot victims would you not agree?

You stopped telling women what to do? Actually the law made men stop
telling us what to do.

Actually i said we, implying that men as a gender no longer feel it necessary to limit women because of their gender. Apparently there are many women like you who would do well to do the same.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 9:30:14 AM
"No, I'm not flirting with you because it's obvious I'm not one of the free-ridding and low-class women you are use to."

True you are not one of the women I am use to, you are far far below them!

You have no idea what a high speed unit is, if you think I was talking about infantry units you would be wrong. Not that is a job women can do I did my time there as a platoon leader and yes we did need support. We did not get this support from pregnant females lol.
"Same can be stated of men when women are trying to stereotype."
"If men were the ones who became pregnant and carried babies in their bellies I do agree with another poster that the male population would become extinct because men would be killing themselves during the first trimester!"

And you would never do that. What a joke!!!

"I can state that according to army regulations, no woman or man is allowed three years off for any condition. If that is what you think or perceive as truth, you obviously didn't serve in the US military because no where in regulations is this allowed. I should know, I was a pregnant female in the military."
In my example I said three kids, as in three times, but some wome have had more while on active duty,you do the math.

"If you think getting shot is horrendous, try squeezing a watermelon
through a small hole. Ever done that?"

It might not be as small as your making it out to be lol.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 10:20:20 AM
You ma'am, while i thank you for your service of defending this nation, are insane.

You only acknowledge that KNOWN fact of women being war veterans
when informed as such, otherwise, you wanted everyone to believe that
only men have suffered the horrors of war. Obviously, both genders
have done so and galantly I might add. God bless our troops. Notice
I didn't say men or women because one is not a gender in the military,
they are troops...period.

No, you SEE that because you want to have sexism as a crutch to change the subject. I don't reference women as suffering war because the debate is if MEN CAN HANDLE CHILDBIRTH. Why in the hell would i talk about women's suffering if i am trying to make a point that men suffer in what some would think is greater or at least equal pain.

I know women can handle the suffering of childbirth, why would i compare pain when they suffer the actual pain? Are you daft?

I have jokingly stated that men could not handle childbirth. If
the good lord designated men to give birth, I'm sure they would
perform gallantly (minus the ones who kill themselves).

Oh it was jokingly then?

Referencing your statement of men being tortured. Once again, you
failed to mention women as well.

Again, if i am trying to make a point that men have experienced pain similar to childbirth, why would i point out that women have also experience pain similar to childbirth when it is blatantly obvious? (especially when women GO through childbirth)

I do agree with some other women that childbirth may not have been
so bad for them. It highly depends on the individual. I"m not stating
nor will ever state that giving birth is the worst thing on this earth
to experience but in my humble opinion referencing what I have
experienced with it......don't ever want to do it again. There is a

True, but i don't ever want to tear my MCL again, that doesn't mean it's the worst pain ever.

My point referencing being shot and giving birth is different. Are
you a doctor? Some type of healthcare professional? I would assume
no due to the knowledge that some women DIE during childbirth and some
have great complications during labor. This is why when someone such
as yourself wants to downplay the act of labor, it only shows your
disrespect for not only the labor of delivering a child but women

Of course not. To be honest, if i think of getting shot and tortured as similar to childbirth, you honestly think that is a downplay of the act of labor? Are you serious? You can make this a sexism debate if you like, but that isn't what this is about.

Men do not give birth to children therefore, this argument is obviously
redundant and proves nothing because no matter how much you or some
other man wants to stand on your soapbox while claiming ...labor is
no big deal,,,you still haven't performed the act therefore making your
argument truly laughable.

If you can show me where i said labor was no big deal i'd greatly appreciate it. What you can find will be that i compared it to torture, and being shot. I guess if that is "no big deal" to you thats one thing.

You have consistently and purposefully twisted my posts to your own means to start a gender war, when that is not what i posted, i have continually pointed out that the quotes you establish to me have never been stated and if you reread my posts you'll see the entire time i have not once attacked women in the slightest, except to say i think it's laughable that you think men have never suffered pain similar to childbirth.
 big pacific
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 10:56:53 AM

I'm far too lazy to perform that however, I strictly remember you stating
that men can perform labor. I would like to do you know
this? One cannot state that men can perform childbirth when a man
has never performed such action. Do you understand the point I am
trying to relay here?

Completely. However, I've seen labor in person, and have ZERO desire to ever go through with it. I've also seen people in such pain that they literally go unconscious. I guess my response would be it in labor the pain isn't severe enough for the woman to lose consciousness, but other pain can cause people to literally shut down, then I think in my personal opinion that the pain experienced is as bad or worse.

Of course it's just an opinion, and pain is subjective, just my .02, but this isn't a competition of pain tolerance, i think people can bear far more than people give them credit. Regardless of gender.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 11:54:54 AM
Worked in a pool hall in my teens and based on what I saw floating in one of the toilets on a sunday afternoon that there are some men who have definetely shared the experience of pushing a football through a small hole AND sphincters are not designed for such torture as a womens vagina is - SO THERE, plus no drugs but I sure hope the guy was still a little drunk from the night before.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 1:16:17 PM
Well nina it was shaped like a football and if it came out dry I can only imagine the pain.
Seeing as I was inches away from the opening during my son's birth I can honestly say I had a better view than you could have during your child's birth and a baby's head does conform a little because the bones of the skull haven't fully hardened yet. It took awhile for it to reshape itself. Not saying that made it any easier but there is a method to nature's madness.
I am having doubts about your "sense" of humour though.

just sayin'

How about this one?

If men had to breast feed they would probably come up with something cooler like chocolate milk and later on get it re-adjusted to lactate beer or scotch. They wouldn't need mothers little helper or suffer from postpartum either - they'd be drunk.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 3:53:41 PM
So's your sense of humour and want to know the best part, the damm thing wouldn't flush - seventeen tries. I finally had to con someone into breaking it into pieces with a plunger.

Oh come on nina, if this was baby poop we were talking about we'd be comparing colours and guessing what new veggie produced em. Wow cheer up.
 My I
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 5:58:42 PM

A "Turd" conforms to the "hole" which it is coming out of.

What? Do you have a "Crapper Cam" in your terlit?
My rectum is not the same size of a baseball bat... but my turds are. I practically have an orgasms and lose my breath

And yes! I do have to remind myself, "Chin down and push!!!".
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What if..........
Posted: 3/9/2010 7:08:05 PM
Wow juice momma, you should get to be friends with nina. You both seem so happy to be alive.
I remember way back sitting around with some friends and this topic came up about what giving birth is like. I just remember Terry described it as trying to shit a football.

Well so much for what could have been a fun thread here for a change.

I know a lot of great single dads who cover it all and have a great time doing it too!
They seem a lot less hung up on image and just try to find a way to get it done without getting strung out on the how. Plus, more men would be more involved if their spouses could just relax about the differences in style.
As evidenced in many threads here many of you single moms are a little pissed about going it alone but are happy that you get to make all the decisions now.

I think if you think about the OP's question, it is about style differences in how a man would get through a pregnancy. We don't have the same susceptibility to hormone changes although IMO kids could end up coming out with a lot more hair which wouldn't bode well for the girls.
Waxing would be growth industry, upper lips, backs - sky's the limit.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 4:20:38 AM
"yes, I have one as dry as it is"

Referencing my sense of humor. There are at least 100 jokes I could make out of this one line. But you all ready did that for me.
I think men like the 50% part we now have in making babies, we to are bearers of life all ready. Things is we can do lots at the same time, were women can only do 1-8 at the same time with 1 as the norm. Not much to be jealous of if you ask me. Well other the milking the system, but most men have to much pride for that.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 4:56:36 AM
Well nina, not to turn this into a gender war but the fact that there is still this impression that there are more deadbeat dads than moms is false. Most women are not subject to the same automatic crushing of their lives if they default on CS.
I've researched this and have yet to find a single female in Canada that has lost a drivers license or been sent to jail for default.

You guys are the ones who (due to your dry wit ) seem to think that men are inferior and have numerous times stated that we do not have a pain threshold that is capable or the mental capacity either.
One cannot play both sides of a chess board. You cannot advocate for choice when men have no choice past conception.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 5:22:18 AM
"Unlike yourself, I refuse to sum one gender up in comparison to the actions of a few."
I think just from reading your posts on this one thread, we cand say this is not true.
"Keep digging yourself into a hole. " as dry as it is lol.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 7:21:33 PM
The truth, freetime?.....

men could be as lazy as women and then say we were victims of discrimination.

I haven't seen many comments as sexist as that, nor as ridiculous! Obviously, you haven't been paying much attention to what is posted here.

If it is a fact that women are not as good as serving in the military, fine, but what you said was vastly different from that, and most definitely sexist.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 7:38:41 PM

If you're curious as to what social changes might occur as a result of this "role reversal", perhaps look into what single fathers do differently than single mothers do. Are they more/less organized? How does having his children 24/7 affect his career? How much more or less outside support does he utilize or need? Does he participate in hobbies or activities that do/don't include the child(ren) or both? What is his mental state three years later?

Good idea, but I don't think it is that easy. The statistics clearly show that in existing single parent households, the situations are much better when it is a single father household. Here are some of those statistics (financially related stats).

A child should be with the "better" parent regardless of gender, but I fail to see what your stats prove. The situation is better? I tend to think it is the financial situation referred to. This is not to say that there aren't wonderful, involved, loving single fathers who tend to their children in all aspects of their lives, merely to say that those numbers show nothing about effective parenting. Being organized doesn't in & of itself make anyone a good parent, and not having to eat scrambled eggs for dinner twice a week doesn't necessarily mean that a child feels more important or loved.

A bit of interpretation of the statistics you cite show me that just over 20% of men default on CS & approx. 15% of women. See, men & women aren't so different after all, are they? As for the full time work stat, it is fairly meaningless without knowing where the kids are while the parent is at work? Do more single men or women have a parent who cares for the child? Who parents them for the hours in excess of school time? Are more single fathers, with their full time jobs, able to afford child care? Are they able to leave work to attend school functions? Take the day off when their child is sick? It is true that most single fathers, most men, actually, earn more, but the cost to a child whose parent is unavailable is steep, and cannot be repaid with "quality time". I'm not trying to start an argument here, but let's face facts. Statistics alone aren't proof of anything at all; most certainly those above don't convince me that the children who live with those parents are better off, one way or the other.

btw (and on topic), the act of giving birth isn't role reversal as far as parenting goes. The parenting begins after the birth takes place! Hopefully, the result of the ability of men to get pregnant & experience birth would be empathy.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 8:06:18 PM
ingle dads are sick and tired of being labeled "deadbeats" when it comes to paying child support. And data suggest they have good reason to be upset.

The percentage of "deadbeat" moms is actually higher than that of dads who won't pay, even though mothers are more consistently awarded custody of children by the courts.

Census figures show only 57 percent of moms required to pay child support -- 385,000 women out of a total of 674,000 -- give up some or all of the money they owe. That leaves some 289,000 "deadbeat" mothers out there, a fact that has barely been reported in the media.

That compares with 68 percent of dads who pay up, according to the figures.

Men who are due child support are also getting tired of deadbeat moms' excuse that they can't pony up the money, and some courts have responded.

California lawyer Eudene Eunique in February was denied a passport because she was $30,000 behind in child-support. Instead of spending money on visiting her family in Mexico and on business contracts, the appeals court ruled Eunique�s money should go to her kids.

Meanwhile, warrant officers in southwest Florida earlier this summer dubbed an effort to list the area�s top deadbeat moms who owed up to $19,000 in support as "Operation Father�s Day." Included on the list were Trudi Dana, 43, who owes $19,001 and 29-year-old Mary Mahadie Friar, who owes $16,493.

Of course, the problem of deadbeat dads remains a serious one. Many more men than women have to pay child support, making the overall number of deadbeat dads much greater.

The statistics show 4.3 million moms out of 6.3 million who are supposed to receive child support actually get it. That leaves the alarming figure of about 2 million deadbeat dads, putting them more in the media spotlight than deadbeat moms.

But men also still pay much more in child support. The Census Bureau last month also released numbers showing fathers paid an average of $3,000 to custodial moms in 1997. Women paid little over half that. Moms also get about 60 percent of what they are owed, whereas dads only get 48 percent.

Not only are the dads paying up more when they don�t have custody, but when the court does hand the kids over to dads, they work more than moms who have custody.

While 7 percent of custodial moms work more than 44 hours a week, 24.5 percent of single custodial dads work more than 44 hours. And only about half as many custodial dads get government help than moms.

Some dads say it�s not for a lack of laws that moms are getting away with not paying up.

Bill Henry is head of Dads Against Discrimination of West Virginia and a single dad. In 1983, his first ex was ordered by the court to pay $25 a month in child support � which he did not start actually receiving until 1987 � even though the state minimum then should have been $75 a month.

Henry said dads are often discouraged from pursuing custody battles by attorneys and often don�t like to make waves in the system, as long as they get to regularly see their child or get complete custody.

"A lot of men are afraid to ask for child support simply because they think if they�re asking for child support, they won�t get a chance to get custody," Henry said.

California dad Scott Downing has also experienced child-support snafus and said courts continue to give dads the short end of the custody stick. "The laws are there, but it�s the way the courts interpret those laws," he said.

Single dad David Wood of North Carolina has similar concerns.

"My frustration � is not so much there�s any biases in me getting child support � it�s just the whole system needs a lot of work. If you don�t get aggressive with it � you have to really work to get it if someone doesn�t want to play the game" and pay up.

Wood, whose ex-wife has had trouble in court, said there are four men he knows of just at his workplace who are currently or are going to be single dads, or are grandparents of kids who had deadbeat moms.

"It�s not the exception anymore," Wood said, adding that before he became a single dad two years ago, "I would have almost bought into that stereotype" the dads are usually the deadbeats. But "that philosophy is just 30-40 years out of date."

But more moms that don�t have the kids simply can�t afford to pay child support since they are poorer, said Geraldine Jensen, president of the Association for Children for Enforcement of Support. Studies show the average income for non-custodial moms is only $15,000 a year, whereas non-custodial dads average about $40,000 a year.

And moms who don�t have custody of the kids often remarry and have more kids, and often choose to not work.

But "that�s certainly no excuse," Jensen said. "It doesn�t matter if you�re a mom or dad, you should meet your child support obligations."
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What if..........
Posted: 3/10/2010 8:28:51 PM
I think we all agree with your last statement, and your statistics, a bit different than the last poster who cited statistics, might be interesting, but....

I can't imagine why men would be affected at all by " labeled", unless they are, of course, guilty of being deadbeats. I have no problem with deeming women who neglect their responsibilities to their children as deadbeats. It is only the men who are deadbeats who are referred to as such; what is the problem with that? It doesn't matter if there is one man for every 10 women, or vice versa, they are still deadbeats!

In any case, what has all this to do with the topic?
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What if..........
Posted: 3/11/2010 4:02:12 AM
"The DOD is the most sexist group of people I have ever ran into in my
life. Proof of this is freetime2bme. His mentality is rampant in the
DOD. "
sexist: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women

Pointing out real isssues is not sexist! Like the time missed from normal duty over the terms of servise. Or inabilities to perform requiered tasks. This is not sexist, but the people that claim it is might be.

For the most part, women are not as good as soldiers as men are. This is not sexist, it is a fact. Why there are two sets of standards, high one for men, lower one for women one the PT testing. This too is a fact. Just live with it.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/11/2010 4:33:57 AM
"You need to live with the fact that women are within our society and they can and do perform equal to men on many levels."

I understand this, but I have had to find replacemnts for deploying units that were close to 20% down before deploying do to over 50% of the females in the unit being pregnant. Lots of them got that way after the orders came down. I have worked to set percentages (male to female) with in logistical units, because the commanders of these units stated that they became ineffective when they had to high a percentage of female troops. The studies backed these claims up. Units were unable to put down petroleum bags or the like in the required timeline if female to male percentages were not kept in check as an example, but not limited to this. This is not to say there were not female troops within these same units that did not perform on level with most of the men, because there were, just they had a higher percentage that could not. I have served in every kind of environment that you could think of all around the world and there are women that did the job as good as their male counter parts in all the place I have been, but as a percentage women as a group did not do as well as men as a group. This has been backed up by study after study. These studies showed again and again female percentages if to high had a negative impact on units ability to perform normal operations. Fact!!! And yes I have put male troops out of the army too so they can have problems also, but they did not make units less effective when there numbers went up the same way females troops can and did. All true!
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What if..........
Posted: 3/11/2010 5:22:54 AM
What I posted went right over your head, but you have never commanded a unit so you have not performed at the same levels I have. The Army has limits set on percentages of female troops that can be assigned to certain types of units. These get updated and changed as required to meet recruiting and retention requirements, but they are real. Some units had caps of no more then 20% and some have up to 40% female troops (others have the level set at zero). These percentages are a fact. They are set at PERSCOM, by types of unit and these numbers have an across the board impact to keep the maximum percentages of female to male soldiers by unit in check, because when that percentage gets to high, the units become less effective.

"P.S How can you recommend someone for discharge and then turn around and claim that they do not take away from the deploy ability of a unit?"
An individual effecting a unit is not the same as a gender effecting a unit. Fact is when petroleum units had over 40% female troops in them they did not perform as well as these same units did when the limit was set at 25%. Some were rated as not combat ready when the numbers were to high. Physical requirements played a part, but because pregnant soldiers can no longer perform or deploy that had an impact also. Why there are caps set, but again this was well above your skill level and MOS.
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What if..........
Posted: 3/11/2010 7:28:11 AM
But according to the US Army I am right!
Every thing I posted was a fact! Some one that worked at a lower enlisted level like yourself just would not have been in the loop.
It is a fact women effect readiness. Why they have caps put on how many can be put in each unit. Get over it lol.
A study conducted at Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, Washington revealed that 55
percent of Soldiers presenting for prenatal care reported their pregnancies were unintended at the
time of conception. Only 39 percent of the junior enlisted had intended to become pregnant,
compared to the majority of officers (60%) and non-commissioned officers (65%) reporting
planned pregnancies.
read the facts this web link has lots of other issues and problems.
In some units, as many as 18 to 20 percent of females could not go due to disqualifying physical profiles.57 Pregnancy was the major contributor to the disparity
(much higher in other units that had been looked at also)
Is the Army Policy for the Assignment of Female Soldiers

It has the coding used to limit females but, not the studies or reasons why, but some of them (reasons) are in the other two links also provided. Having had more then one command (one was a logistical command) I can tell you first hand more then 30% women troops is not wanted or good in any unit. Again this is a level you never worked at so you might not get it. I did I saw the study data, done by the army and it showed to many women lowered readiness.

Posted by you:"Yes...we can have babies. Get over it. Can a man have a baby? No!"

We do not get or have the pregnancies (i like that), but we can and do have babies. In fact we can be responsible for multiple pregnancies at the same time. Not a thing to get over. You just need to live with these facts men can have babies we just do not have to push them out lol.
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What if..........
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(Nina37) You stopped telling women what to do? Actually the law made men stop telling us what to do.

Absolutely right. And, who passed those laws initially, before women were involved in the political system?

You're welcome.

Tozaar, the politically-active man...
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