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Joined: 2/12/2008
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When i reach 53 i will send you a pic of mine .

You could go on a date and ask him if you can have a look .
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/17/2010 3:55:33 AM
Youve gotta be wanting for attention....or just plain goofy....but if your serious..look at pictures...that is if you can see and as for sex with an older guy...Ive been told by younger its great because of the attention I put into giving her pleasure compared to their younger co-parts....
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/17/2010 7:07:57 PM
It was a joke, you know... Ha ha ha...

Like the soup thing was from the soup nazi on Seinfeld...

man, get a sense of humor dude, everyone that posts regularly knows I love men!
(it's that chick on the broom again watching for falling houses...)
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/26/2010 6:17:22 AM
Sex with an older man should be great if he is properly prepared. As an older man, this is what I do:

(1) An hour or so before sex, I have my nurse wake me up from my nap and give me 5 viagra and 3 cialias tablets before she bathes me.
(2) After my bath, she helps me use my walker to get to the bedroom and into bed where she attaches my iPud Erectomatic, connects me up to the ecg and gets me ready for cowgirl position.
(3) She'll ask your preference for erection angle and degree of firmness and set my iPud to accomodate you.
(4) When you're ready for missionary, I just grab the triangle hanging from the ceiling and turrn myself over.
(5) Since my eyesight is failing, my nurse grabs my butt cheecks and guides me in so I don't try to copulate with your navel. Then she just squezes my butt cheeks and moves me up and down. (Squeezing helps with falatulence.)
(6) When I'm ready to cum, she sends me an electrical jolt through the iPud.
(7) When I cum and my ecg flatlines, she rolls me over, puts my oxygen mask on and uses the electrical paddles until she see's a rythm on the ecg. She rarely has needed to call 911 for additional help with this.
(8) In only two weeks, I'm ready for round two, but I'm allowed to have visitors during that time.

So far, the only disadvantage is that because of the oxygen bottle in the room, smoking after sex is a bit risky.
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/26/2010 8:45:05 AM
^^^^OMG Abelian..too
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/26/2010 8:56:30 AM am not sure honestly. I'm not ready to find out yet either!

The idea has always creeped me out until I get to be older and so does he.

I don't think you sound immature either, so don't listen to all of that.

You sound like you have a legitimate curiosity and concern, as I would too if I were in your shoes.

I hope if you decide to do this, it turns out pleasant for both of you.

Sorry I can't be of more
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/27/2010 3:18:05 AM
To all you people bashing me for being the "anti oral girl" which I proudly am:
Oral is not the subject here, and you are not to bash people here for their opinions.
In defense of myself, It is not because I don't do oral that my last older man experience was useless.
I went out with this now age 57 year old man August 2009, when he was 56. He looked good, slim and fit and treated me to 3 wonderful dates and we got along fine. Here is the sex part of this true story. He came without me or himself touching him, not on me, ugh, or in me which I would like. He did not touch me or do anything to turn me on. He did eventually get in me, but he kept complaining,he "can't get off unless he has it all the way in. In where, my cervix?

Here is the really funny true punch line to keep this thread being funny: He said "he can't come unless he is all the way in", but I will remind all of you, he already came before being in and without any type of touch.:
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/27/2010 3:47:50 AM
To you people making fun of the OP. No question is dumb. It just indicates a OP does not know the answer and is asking for answers.
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How is sex with an older man?
Posted: 3/27/2010 4:05:04 AM
Some folks here don't seem to understand taking a strong point in any direction on any topic with result in quite a lot of disagreement and what you're calling bashing. To further attempt to explain your own reasons with some little story is just as useless because at that point no one cares any longer.

The louder and more often a "defense" is offered the more criticsm is returned----its not necessarily the person being bashed but that incessant need to explain things. State your opinions and thoughts, reply to those with legitimate questions or comments then move along----its really no more complicated than that.

Maybe ask yourself if inserting an off topic about being "anti-oral" is the best thought out bit you can contribute to the thread. It seems the need to keep this fact about you is more your doing than anything. You stop first and interestingly enough so will all the replies and follow up comments, snarky or otherwise.

Think of it as a drive by shooting----fire off a comment then leave the area ASAP. Let those who remain deal with it just don't return thinking you'll take just one more shot----always backfires!
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