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Internet predatorsPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)

Which brings me to a subject that sickens me, people on here with profile pices of children, one I saw last week was about 11 long blonde hair and a summer dress not covering much on top. I really hate to see that. How can anyone in this day and age be so naive.

Because "Scouting" for kids on the internet one profile at a time for hours on end is clearly a much better than seeing 600+ of them in just 15 minutes outside the local school.
Get their car reg number, drop the DVLA a back hander (they're money grabbing SOBs) find out where it's registered and hey presto!!

Seriously I think keeping photo's of your kids off the internet just for these reasons is a tad over the top. I don't know how many times I need to say this, but most (90%+)cases of child abduction/abuse/etc have been traced to close family members, friends of the family, care workers, teachers and catholic priests.
I even dated a woman who wouldn't allow her son to tell anyone his first name in a public place..... I mean seriously!!
The average UK citizen appears on CCTV 300 times per day and we're afraid of a simple small blurry photo on some dating website?

The risk from complete strangers is minuscule. Im afraid that we seem to be falling into this media generated belief that our kids are in danger at every turn and from everyone. I mean, what exactly are you giving away in a simple photo?

My nephew is all over mine and my brothers facebook photo's, my family love the little blighter!
 vlad dracul
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Internet predators
Posted: 8/7/2013 4:36:34 PM
Now unless you are a complete naive idiot then you would be aware of the
problem of internet predators.
Whilst having a wee gander at stories from europe i seen this snippet from
russia. A group called Occupy Pedofilyay" (Occupy Pedophilia) and its smaller sister movement,
"Occupy Gerontilyaj" (Occupy Gerontophilia), are causing a major storm.

Occupy Pedofilyay set up websites pretending to be (mainly) young lads who are then
targeted by older stoat the baws (child molestors). When said molester arrives at
the arranged flat he is met by a team of lads who humiliate him on film and then apparently
turn cameras off and dish out a kicking.

The smaller sister organisation does the same thing to young lads offering sex to older men.
What think you of the tactics employed? Do molesters have a 'human right' that is being abused?

Each clip featured different people, but they all followed the same basic script: a middle-aged man
enters the scene expecting to have sex with a teenage boy he met on a dating website. Instead, he’s
greeted by a group of young Russians who proceed to lecture, humiliate, and abuse him.
Within minutes, the plot is laid bare. The boy he met online was a decoy — a fake online persona
created to lure him into a trap. Like spiders toying with a fresh fly, the young Russians behind the
operation ridicule and excoriate the alleged pedophile, forcing him to pose with dildos, painting his face,
and pouring urine over his head. A cellphone catches it all on video, but cuts off just as the group
begins kicking and punching him.

The article brought to mind a story i read a while back about a web page called catch a perv. It was young geezers
in england who said they were 13 year old girls and were then targeted by perverts of all ages but mainly middle
aged men who then tried to get the 'young lassie' to put a web cam on.

'Wave, you're on Catch a Perv!'
Two students have set up an internet chatroom that catches out men making sexually explicit advances to someone
they believe is a 13-year-old girl. Entrapment, or a public service? James Silver reports

So public service or entrapment? I believe public service. The first clip is a geezer meant to be in edinburgh, these
are from the now defunct catch a perv website

and look at this other ****in weirdo
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Internet predators
Posted: 8/8/2013 12:33:41 AM
Rather not. This sounds to me like entrapment/vigelantism(can't spell won't spell)/propaganda etc. Mother Russia is in the shit. Who is to say the vids are not made up? There is a series of porn on the internetwhere men off the street are invited into the back of a vehicle by a busty woman for sex. Whilst he is blind folded a man sucks on his dick, the blind fold falls off, the bloke gets angry but nevertheless ends up fvcking the man. It feeds its target audience. . .
 vlad dracul
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Internet predators
Posted: 8/8/2013 1:22:05 AM
Good morning nottingham from a sunny edinburgh.

Well i think that the videos may well be real although the main geezer
who runs Occupy Pedofilyay has reputedly made a video before showing the killing of a non russian which was staged.

At one point in the video, the teens force the boy to praise Maxim "Slasher" Martsinkevich
a 29-year-old former skinhead who created the Occupy Pedofilyay movement in 2012.
Musclebound and mohawked, Martsinkevich recently served a three-and-a-half year prison
sentence for staging and filming a fake execution of a Central Asian drug dealer in 2009.

But the same article also states that that the group Martsinkevich started up upon release from prison has links to a group
which DID kill someone.

Restrukt representatives insist that Martsinkevich is no longer personally involved in politics, though the organization
allies itself with Russia’s National-Socialist Party — a neo-Nazi group that garnered international notoriety in 2007,
when it decapitated an ethnic minority on video. Prior to his arrest, Martsinkevich led Format18, a neo-Nazi collective
that spread anti-immigrant vitriol and violent videos across the web.

By all accounts they have over 75,000 followers on a social network site. Now i happen to believe they are doing what is
said but if not then it's a very elaborate plan by the homosexual lobby in russia to bring attention to their 'plight' although
one wonders why they would seek to associate themselves with middle aged men who want to beast young boys.

Most of the time especially in this country it seems there is a complete lack of wanting to actually do something about
internet grooming, and stopping middle aged men from contacting children for sexual purposes.
Whether it be the grooming gangs that the authorities let flourish for 'too much of a hot potato to do anything' to the
creepy twats who got caught on catch a perv thinking they were talking to a 13 year old (if you watch the clips these
rodents are reminded constantly that the person they want on web cam is only 13 and yet they persist)
So if authorities are going to do nothing about it then there is only one other avenue open as far as I'm concerned
and that is sort it ourselves.

Vlad Dracul
heading up toon for a couple of pints later and have a nose about the festival to see if any chainsaw juggling
street performers will cut themselves (i have a dislike of them as EVERY year there is another chainsaw
juggler who thinks no one has seen it done before and they are unique. An irrational dislike it may be but
it keeps me happy)

Toodle McPip
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Internet predators
Posted: 8/8/2013 11:03:02 AM
Good evening Vlad, from not so sunny Nottingham.

I had to dash off to work this morning, and thought I would come to use a computer rather than my mobile phone as I hate the fact I can't use paragraphs on my telephone.

I don't think for one moment these acts are an elaborate plan by the homosexual lobby in Russia to bring attention to their plight, their plight is due to these acts and similar acts all around Russia and beyond. Whether the beatings actually take place in the vids is irrelevant, it is the belief that they should and that people issuing them are above the law. The fact is the vigilantes are breaking the law too, but that is ok in their eyes. (well not sure as they are breaking the law in Russia as it stands). Then when someone finds out what the beaters have done was wrong (for example if their victim was innocent) then the cycle of vengeance starts again.

Why did it not come as a surprise that these events had roots within National (lets find a scapegoat) Socialism.

I think these vids give other people permission/encouragement to behave like these so called neo Nazis (or Nazis as I prefer to call them), though it is ironic they are alive and kicking (literally) in a country which fought national socialism with and for their lives! The perceived link between homosexuality and pederasty is strong by tvats all over the place, including GB, and I have no doubt well embedded within Russia and the Russian Federation, certainly by their own government it appears. The plight is real not perceived.

I recall a similar trial by television, possibly in USA where the pederast was brought to a house after internet grooming, but apart from the name and shame they were handed over to the authorities, not had punishment meted out by some self righteous thugs.

I simply don't like vigilante process. It is judgement without due process and worse than that, punishment without due process. This goes for all acts not just sexual ones, and indeed no acts if the vigilantes don't like what they see.

Yes I have to admit to having been beaten up by four people for being gay, had my nose broken and four teeth kicked out of my head. Was I trying to fumble with any of them, no. Was I just walking along a street, yes. They thought being gay was wrong so acted upon it. Whilst acts of pederasty are wrong it is not for others to give punishment. As someone else has said on here, "the full force of the law" is for that.

As the moors murders have been mentioned, I also want to say that it is not just men who harm children in every inconceivable way.

Really this is the same as the death penalty. We do not have it in UK so does that mean those that think we should are ok to go and kill people?

@ Vlad, I hope the festival is going well and that the jugglers were in short supply ;-0
 vlad dracul
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Internet predators
Posted: 8/8/2013 3:58:00 PM
Well guys whilst i know what yous are saying are trueisms i still head back to
the main part of my argument.
That when caught the rodents do not usually suffer much of a punishment
from the courts. Yet if you set up a trap like the catch a perv lads did then
the polis are all over them waffling on about leave that to us.
But you cannot leave it to them because they are bloody useless. Look at
the grooming trials and how they let it carry on because it was awkward?

Now i think parents have a responsibility to check their bairns computer
and see just who they are talking to.
The clips i provided showed 2 geezers who gave not a toss that the 'lassie'
they were talking to was 13. They did not care.
So their words are there for all to see yet none were arrested. Why?
So whats the alternative but to name, shame and give a slap? The
legal and justice system are doing plums.

If any of the weirdos on catch a perv went on to commit a crime against
a child or had child pornography then the polis who done nothing are equally
guilty of the offence as they had the chance to get their names and done nowt.

We had a great example of the way the country has gone in scotland recently
a brothel owner from edinburgh was jailed for 5 years
An Edinburgh madam who made a fortune running a £1.2m prostitution racket has been jailed for five years.
Margaret Paterson and her business partner Robert Munro ran a brothel and escorts service from the capital.
Munro was also sentenced to five years in prison and Ian Goalen, who acted as a driver for the business, was given 150 hours community sentence.
Paterson spent almost £500,000 on designer goods and earned the nickname "Madam Moneybags".

and then this story

A teenager who raped two boys in the grounds of a primary school has been ordered to be detained in a young offenders institution for three years.
Beedie admitted raping the boys - aged nine and seven - on two occasions between June and October last year, when he appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh last month

I personally think the establishment is riddled with molestors and perverts anyway and they look after their own because they know that lenient sentences
set a guideline to be used if any of their friends should fall.

Na lads i have no faith in the legal systems in our countries and feel there is no will to stop the grooming and stop the molestors.

A juggler free vlad dracul who stayed in the house and done some washings instead. Doing washings is the new rock n roll
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