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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?Page 2 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Well there you go, ladies and gentlemen. The facts. No need to continue discussion. Freetime seems to have all the answers.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/19/2010 1:27:22 PM
How many men will admit that they told little white lies to get a woman in bed? Me for one. "Sure you look better then your sister" is the only right thing to say if a women asks you who looks better me or my sister. For the record, the sister was way hotter.
How about the men who claim to love the woman but really are just using her for sex? Done that too, but had all ready locked in the FWB deal first, so it is more of the above, a little white lie. If a FWB goes "i love you" they want to hear it back even if they know it it total BS.
Never done any of the other things, but had one women that agreed to a FWB deal that said your cheating. Sorry it not cheating if it is a FWB deal from the get go. I will admit to the things I have done, because I don't think any of the things I have done are bad. The BJ thing not that bad, but never did it, but I was thinking about it lol.

I get what your saying too. People lie and they really lie here in the forums. There are different kinds of lies. A man that goes "you look nice in that" (when she does not) is not bad. A women that said "I am on birth control and if it fails I would never have the kid" well if a lie that is a different level then the little white lie, which all most every one does. A man that does some of the other things you listed, not much of a man at all. Just like a women that does any of the things I listed is not much of a women.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/19/2010 11:38:58 PM
Ok... uhmmm Well I was on the pill when I got pregnant... however, contrary to some peoples beliefs it IS possible to get pregnant when you are on the pill, particular antibiotics on the market at the moment will sometimes make certain birth control pills non-effective, as was my situation. I got pregnant and I knew that my daughters father wasnt going to be around but that was not my fault and it certainly wasnt my daughters fault. If a woman is capable of raising a child on her own, which lets face it alot of women are these days, then they have every right to raise that child. I am a college student, with a child, and I struggle all the time, but my daughter is happy, well taken care of and very well provided for and that has absolutely nothing to do with her father. I agree that some women need a man in their lives to raise a child, especially the selfish ones, there are women who refuse to give up their old lives in order to do whats best for their child, and it makes me sick to think of it. But there are women, like me and another woman I know, a woman who had three kids on her own and made her way through nursing school all on her own with no ones help and she is one of the strongest women I know. My point is this, in some ways I might agree with the person that started this post, and my point of agreement is this, if you find yourself pregnant, and you know you are going to be alone in raising the child, if you know that you are an inherently selfish person and you might not be able to give up your life of going out and partying, bouncing from man to man, bed to bed, give the child up for adoption, PLEASE. There are so many people out there that cannot have children, people that have been trying for years, and just simply cannot concieve, and people like that would give their right arm to have a child. My point is... when you have a child you give up the right to think of yourself first, there are so many things that I need, but when I stop and think about it I always end up getting things for my daughter first because like I am trying to say, when you get pregnant, and decide to keep that baby, you will always be second, your needs will always come after that of your child and if you cant accept that then you dont need to have a child especially if you are going to be doing it alone. I love my daughter more than my own life, I would give every last thing I own to know that she is happy, that is being a mother, and if you cant say that then you dont need to have a child.
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I feel like a success story!
Posted: 3/20/2010 9:57:56 AM
Wow hook and happy,
I would never say that I have the right to judge anyone based on my own experiences. You say that you don't care what anyone does but yet you can judge them. To me that seems like you may not care about other people that you don't know but have a strong opinion about them. You make it sound like if people arent' born because someone planned it, then they are less important and can judge other people. Guess what, when I was 7 I was raising a 5 year old, a 3 year old and an 18 month old baby. My brothers and sisters who were planned. Yet, life takes turns that people can not control. I would like my daughter to be married before having
children but I am not going to judge her if the husband or dad leaves her. Even if I were perfect, which no one is life is, is would still never say I have the right to judge.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/20/2010 10:59:50 AM
A little story....

six years ago, I met my son's biological father. My first mistake was seeing him while going through a nasty divorce from an alcoholic..well, that's actually my first mistake...My second mistake..saying things such as "I don't care if I get pregnant, I don't care if I get AIDS, I DON'T Care.."

I really didn't care about anyone or anything..not even myself. I got pregnant four months after being with my "rebound" relationship. I started caring then. The bio...found out that he was going to be the father of a daughter. He started claiming that he wasn't the father, had a blood test and wouldn't you know it..he was the father...Anyway, this story isn't about the father so I will continue.

As I was saying, I was the kind of spoiled little brat that liked to get her way...I even lied, stole, did drugs (Pot)..I was a complete life was a mess. BAM here comes my son... Complications all throughout the pregnancy, staying over nights at the hospital because my son kept wanting to visit the world too early. Then, it happened..six weeks premature my son is born...

Three months after that, I'm a single mom. I could have aborted, but I don't believe in abortion so scratch that idea. I could have placed my son up for adoption but with all the trouble we had already been through together...not an option.

Because of my actions, the state got involved wanting to take my son from me. I was given the option of going to a home for single moms to learn how to be a parent or I could have my son taken from me...

Well, I chose to go to that home...keep my son...

It was a growing experience. Did I go through this for money? No...I get minimal financial support at best from the bio father...Did I do this to keep the father chained to my side for all eternity? No...

I will be honest, I made mistakes in that relationship...I entered it too soon for one...I was on a "I don't care" kick...I lied....I smoked up....I did a lot that made me unworthy to be a mom...Did I know he was going to that point, I didn't know but then again..I didn't care...

After six years....I am so happy to be a mom...I care, love, laugh....I've grown..changed...learned the importance of owning up, honesty...taking responsibility for the best responsibility in the son..he's my world...

so, hate me...judge me..condemn me...up to you...I tend to think that the judgements placed in this and other forums are just a waste of space. Anyone can judge other people because they can or because they have nothing better to do...or just because they're so fed up with their own rotten lives that they need to make other people feel horrible as well...I'm not sure what the point is, actually. I just know that if you own up for your heal instead of help destroy'll live a happier, longer life..

OP ..If I knew back then what I know now, would I have made the same decision..My answer is yes..why? This whole situation helped me see clearly my old ways and how I never want to go through that messed up crap again. Even knowing how the economy is..having children isn't about's about growth and development..not only for the child but as a parent as well....
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/20/2010 12:59:44 PM
Hooked and Happy,
I don't have a problem with you giving your opinion. I respect it, but to say that you judge single mother's is a whole different thing all together. Your opinion is that you don't like it when people have unprotected sex and then the woman get pregnant. That's fine, but when you say that you judge them that means something different. When you judge someone you label, outcast, belittle or have a preconceived notion about them. If you want to judge me because me daughter's father is dead, fine. If you want to judge me because I am not married to my son's father who is in his life, fine. But for someone who says that they don't care what anyone on here does you are doing a lot of judging. If I tell everyone on here like you did that you don't care what they do with their life than I wouldn't even express an opinion. You can't say I don't care what you do, but here's what I don't like about it.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/20/2010 2:54:33 PM

...cont. story...

A few months ago...oh I don't know how long...I posted on the forums..somewhere...that I didn't want to have a sexual relationship...I got sandblasted for it..because I ended up being a single mom..having sex in a previous relationship...lesson learned..., you all are bashing this lady for having sex...

I'm so confused...

I'm starting to think..people have nothing better to do than to argue sheesh...

yes sex...yes to sex but use protection....whatever the's each person's both say you want a child..go for it but if someone bails it's not the other person's fault...
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/20/2010 4:16:49 PM
I think everyone knows who the pothead would be out of the two of us erasersedge...

Wow jenn do you really want to go that road too? I am proud of some of the company I keep as far "potheads" go. Some have been gold medal winners, great thinkers, novelists and musicians, great actors and writers and not a hypocrite among them.
If you'd like to show your ignorance about your life that's fine but if you wish to show your ignorance about mine go for it. I'll show you for the hypocrite you can be.

Have a look through your album collection or think back to some of the profs you had at school, maybe turn off the radio and think about some of the books you've read and enjoyed. Dig a little deeper.
I don't hide the fact that I like to smoke the herb but you'd be hard pressed to guess when the last time I did. I also don't lie to myself about it unlike you who seem to need to rehash your woes here with every post.
I doubt I am the only one who has repeatedly heard about the smoking, drugs and the truck, trust me you fit the type I speak of who is in denial about nor seeing the warning signs.
 My I
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/24/2010 4:54:58 PM
My mistake was a failure to assess my partner properly before I fell head over heels in love. I own that error of judgement

Ya know... a woman who owes up to her part deserves more respect than those who blather on about the man being 50% responsible - I'm still trying to figure the reasonning of such logic. Legally, you are held responsible for loaning out your car to someone. But, for some reason, some women accept only 50% of the blame for letting a man inside her body.

As far as the responsibility is concerned after conception, that is more of an equal responsibility and some men do fail on their part - but that's what douchebag men are known for anyway. They're fun, but they're totally irresponsible.... just as the woman is.

But to suggest a man has 50% control over your body before conception and during, is utterly irresponsible and outright negligent on the woman's part.... if you can't say "No! Not inside me!!" prior to conception then don't complain after conception.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/24/2010 8:03:39 PM
Well some women dont think they guys are going to bail,
Me and my sons dad were engaged and then we split and now he wants no part of our child.. "see what i mean?"

but if someone has a crack or coke problem, or is just a nut job and a women chooses to breed with this, then i have no idea what to tell ya.....
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/26/2010 9:32:09 PM
found this thread by accident. was searching for something else and it came up. just so happens me and my peeps talk about this a lot. i read all the posts thus far.

OP, i completely understand where you're coming from. why would a woman go through with a pregnancy knowing good and damn well the guy she got knocked up by is a wash AND there's no way she'd be able to take care of the kid on her own? whether anyone here wants to admit it or not, options exist. accidental or not, you can either have the kid and raise it, put it up for adoption, or abortion which i 100% support.

i don't care about what some of you ladies are saying about how a man will never know what it's like to feel the baby inside of them and the bonding that occurs from it. for those women that are INCAPABLE of properly raising the child, meaning mentally/physically/financially INCAPABLE, abortion and adoption should be looked into and it should be mandated in my opinion.

spread your legs for a loser and blame him for your troubles? naw, that sh1t ain't gonna fly. one cat here already mentioned SOME of the numerous reasons women choose to have kids. the most ridiculous one that i've heard told to me by women i've met is that they simply want a kid by a certain age. 35 seems to be the popular one. they don't care where they are in life, they just want a kid no matter what. it's an incredibly stupid mentality. yes, i get that by around age 40, those eggs are gonna be all but dried up and gone. still, that's no reason to bring a kid into the world for selfish reasons.

one chick said she wouldn't care how poor she was, she just wants a kid and her parenting skills would be more important than poverty. another said that she already made a pact with a guy to get her preggo. yep, a loser. one of her exes. i asked her what she'd do if she was still single and he wasn't around no more. she said she'd hit up a sperm bank. dumb b1tch is barely making ends meet and wants a kid? c'mon now. i think some women just want kids as a fashion accessory not realizing that their own life is pretty much done when that child pops out. interpret this as you may, but in my circle it's agreed upon that a child is the worst investment anyone can make these days. meaning if you choose to have a kid, life WILL NOT be easy for many people. parents can attest to this. you have to be of a certain frame of mind to tolerate parenting. just look at shows like supernanny and nanny 911. people starting families, everything looks great on the exterior but inside it's chaos. not everyone can afford proper parenting guidance and if anyone has been to walmart or rode the city bus, you know what i'm talking about.

the sh1t starts when women are kids themselves; playing with dolls. it manifests later in life. one thing i don't care for is when women label themselves as single mothers. so that's it? someone asks you who you are, what you do and that's your answer? you get even less sympathy from me for that. plain and simple, if you knew it wasn't the right guy to begin with, then you shouldn't have gone through with the pregnancy. point blank. accidental? like that TLC show? that's an excuse. if you find out you're pregnant, you DO NOT have to have or keep the child. throw religion and all that other bullsh1t right out the window. it's about what's best FOR THE CHILD first! that part people tend to ignore. so many hardships in life are avoidable. go ahead and ask yourself and answer honestly: what would life be like for you if you never had kids? you know just as well as me what the answer is.

some women have a support system and that's great. go for it. others are just down in the dumps and know they shouldn't have the child but do it anyway. why should your family have to suffer for your decision? some think that laying the kid on mom, dad, granny, aunt, etc is all cool. now those people's lives are affected. if they support having the kid, great. in most cases, it ain't like that and that's what OP is saying. the women who DON'T have that support, who aren't in ANY position in life to raise a child properly, who know IN ADVANCE that the father is gonna be a poor provider or just ain't gonna be around at all, those are the ones who are the problem. those are the ones labeling themselves with "i'm a single mother."

whether anyone wants to accept it or not, there is a stigma associated with that label. i can browse some of these profiles right now and see chicks barely in their 20's with 3 damn kids already. i see some on here that are fvcking pregnant. i see others who have young kids; like, newborns and toddlers. and they're on a dating site? hell, one chick was 24 with 4 kids! i've met chicks with 3 young kids from 3 different daddies. it's ridiculous. and all of us have to pay for it in the long run cuz of the irresponsible WOMEN. keep in mind i'm talking about SOME, not ALL. every one of you know who the SOME are. hell, some of you are the SOME but will never admit to it and that's perfectly fine.

i can feel you though, OP. good topic that needs to be discussed. lots of subjectivity here and biased opinions. you can already expect that from the labeled single moms. but there's gonna be those that are rational thinkers. those are the ones that aren't defensive. those are the ones that aren't the SOME. i applaud the mothers who made it work for their kids. but every single person in this thread knows what's real. you see it and hear it every single day. so don't front with it. you know what OP is talking about. it's a pretty straightforward question. my answer to it? a stupid b1tch, that's the type.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/28/2010 3:40:08 PM
i think the op is talking about women who complain about not getting help, or are always bad talking the guy or always complaining about how hard it is on one salary or having to be mother and father.

in his opinion it seems that he believes if you knew the dad wasn't gonna be around, whether you found out before you got pregnant, after you got pregnant or after the child was conceived; you can't whine, **** and complain. Because you didn't have to keep the child; you could have aborted them or given them up for adoption, an im not saying you have to do either.

But if you choose to take the child, keep the child; then you lose the right to b*tch and complain. Should the guy help and be around, sure; but if he isn't and you know that, then what is the point of complaining or bad talking him. Its not gonna change anything at all.

i know alot of women who keep their kids, but are in terrible financial situations, or just aren't very good mothers; now the women in this group may not fit that description, but you guys aren't indicative of every woman who gets pregnant.

their are alot who lie to get pregnant, make no effort not to get pregnant or sabotage any attempts to keep them from getting pregnant; all in an attempt to be a mom or to keep a guy, then then when it comes time to put in work and make sacrifices or be a parent they make excuses, have to lean on the govt or lean on other family members cus they can't take care of the kid on their own.

an all these women do is complain about what the guy didn't do or shouldve done or could've done; instead of accepting the fact that they messed up choosing a bad father and having a kid they weren't prepared to parent or financial support. So instead of owning up to that, they play the role of victim and cry about how they were abandoned or left behind.

op is speaking of a very specific type of woman, a woman who many of us know personally or have come across casually; an that is the women he speaks of. The one who is in no position to take care of or pay; the person who is now having to burden other people because she is incapable of supporting her child, the one who is now bashing the father who she knew didn't want kids.

an yes he plays a part; but if he says he doesn't want kids, an you don't want kids, why not just pass on having sex w/him. Yeah the guy should say no too; but since your the person who must carry and support the child, why wouldn't you look out for yourself before it happens. Not complain after the fact.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/28/2010 3:44:02 PM

So I am a stupid b1tch in your opinion. That's ok, I really do not care what your opinion is of me. I had a son and was fairly certain at the time that his father wasn't really going to be all that involved. My instincts were right. I've spent my life since his birth making up for it by taking my responsibility ( and his father's) very seriously. I've raised my son to the age of 16, he is a great young man and I'm very proud of him and of the job I have done raising him. I wasn't does take a village to raise a child, with or without the active involvement of both parents.

You know who I really think is a b1tch? The woman who knows she is not ready for the responsibility of motherhood but goes on to assume the responsibility of motherhood. Also the people who engage in sexual behaviour that may result in a pregnancy and aren't really ready to assume the responsibility of creating a human being.

your right taken woman who is not financially emotionally or mentally ready or responsible who puts herself in the line of fire; those women create situations and then complain about it, make excuses or half ass parent. Both people are responsible, but we always discuss the men, so for the purpose of this i will address the women who willingly put themselves in position; an then turn around and cry, lean on or take advantage of others who are now picking up their slack
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/28/2010 10:07:53 PM
Wow I can't believe anyone would feel that way you must have has something happen to you very traumatic that's pretty sad that someone could feel that way. Becuase you know its not always good to have them both person being the child of parents that were better off and the fact that my daughter is better off with out us together! No body is always financial stable when it comes to have a child you get through it, and if they do drugs or alcohol you deal with it when the time comes.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/29/2010 8:51:33 AM
Enough said? in English would help ^^^^^^^^^^^

No offense guy but wow you may want to rewrite your stuff.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/29/2010 11:18:07 AM
Nope, sorry exiled, I'm with Eraser on this one (rare, but true) - that was pure unadulterated gibberish. Seriously - you speak and write well? Have you attempted to READ what you write? Cuz that's where the rest of us are left scratching our heads.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/31/2010 10:01:57 AM

A woman that has love to give and receive, by those facilities where she is (en)abled.

And woman that have a price tag attached to her young with subsequent human privileges to speak in likeness to or for others or against others.

Give peace a chance, remove price tags from the head of children and let them be free to be loved by no other condition.

Mama's dont let your babies grow up to be crackheads............
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 3/31/2010 8:41:21 PM
exiled, you have quite a way of putting things, and you must be intelligent enough to understand that your way of doing so is confusing to most, and condescending to many. That having been said, I quite agree with this:

If you ask yourselves for what purpose do you respond to the question/problem you are interpreting you will see where you come up with your motives to respond in agreement or disagreement.

It does leave me wondering, however, what your motive is, and how it is that you have more experience. Are you a woman who has had a child, knowing that the child's father won't stick around? If not, I am certain that you do not have more experience. The strongest influence is made by those who appeal to the masses; food for thought.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 4/1/2010 6:14:24 PM
You claim not to judge, as a matter of fact, what you said was "I NEVER" judge, you yet have deemed me less than open or honest. Not only that, you (in another thread) use the words "dumb" and "blind" to describe the man who raised me, someone who genuinely cared. I suppose, then, that you are a liar?

Look, I am not here to argue with you. As I have already stated, I find you highly intelligent, and I merely suggested that one of such intellect might be able to find a way to communicate that is easier for the masses to interpret. You purport to communicate better than most, yet care none about the masses, when the truth is the inability to effectively communicate with the masses leaves one unable to communicate, period. The purpose of my response to this thread was simply a direct response to your judgment of others. Supposition as to others' motives it dangerous only to your self, though, so it doesn't concern me in the least, once I sign off this site.

I am sorry that you have been mistreated, even if your talk of "secret societies" smacks of paranoia, but that doesn't mean that you are right. An air of pompousness surrounds you and not only does nothing to lend credence to your opinions (they ARE opinions!), it is the the most assured way to be ignored. I was trying to help, but not to worry, I shan't waste any more of my time doing so.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 4/12/2010 5:39:28 PM
Sounds like your friend had some problems of her own. Forgive me, but anyone who believes that someone gains stability by raising a child is seriously misguided. Having a child with the intention of personal gain is never a good idea, if you ask me. Poor kid.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 4/21/2010 5:20:30 AM
You really believe that do you? ^^^^^^^^^ Know anyone in your world who's had an abortion? You will note I have never been the one to even introduce abortion into this thread.
Or how about any friends who decided or admitted that they thought having a child would make him stay or save a relationship?

Ever witness a bunch of guys sitting around getting all gushy about wanting to have kids?
Ever have any of your friends say out loud , man I forgot to take my pill today OR damm I forgot to pick up my pills at the drug store?

See, I don't think I am a fish out of water here and most posters in this thread have lost the ability to see past their emotion attachment or defense of how they became a single parent.

I especially like the one from strawberrykiss, how inapropriate was her post?
I know she's dealing with a tragedy but how did she think that my question had anything to do with what happened to her.

Sure you can say I'll never get the what its like to carry a child thing, so what?

If you wish to believe that that many "accidents" occur that is your perogative.
I find my inquiries show different and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the outraged posters here do to.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 4/24/2010 8:55:04 AM
It really depends on the specific situation, more than 50% of all pregnancies, in the not so or more traditional sense are actually 'accidental'. We all know how babies are made, it is a more complex social and biological inquiry. How many women do you know who have a 'husband' at home, who is not engaged in parenting at all? Many women today, are more than capable of effectively parenting a child and maintaining a career that provides both emotionally and financially for a 'single parent' family. There are also many single dads out there raising children, albeit they comprise the minority, quite successfully, my own brother is one of them, as his ex-wife is in failing health. He has a great career and raises two children, with some help from the mother, as much as she can help, but he is excellent at both. It is challenging to raise children as a single person, no doubt, married couples and those living together 'with children' have there own different challenges. As a single mom I often find myself sharing the weekends with my 'mom' friends and their children, while the husbands are off fishing, or working on some reno. We need to be careful not to assume, families come in all shapes and sizes today.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 4/24/2010 8:58:56 AM
I'm still wondering as a child who's father wasn't in the picture what having a child and raising that child has to do with a father at all. Again some fathers stick around and life is actually worse than it would have been had he walked away. In a lot of cases the father does little more than help create the child.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 10/26/2010 6:48:26 PM

I don't believe it when many women say they didn't terminate the pregnancy because they are against abortion

You'd be better off believing that as opposed to keeping your head up your ass and refusing to believe that some catholic families are large because they don't believe in birth control.

Religious and moral convictions can cause people to do, or not do, many things that may seem to be unreasonable to others. For example: Jehovah's witnesses would permit death as opposed to accepting a blood transfusion.
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What kind of woman has or chooses to keep a child knowing that they won't have a father?
Posted: 10/26/2010 6:57:17 PM
You don't believe what people tell you, based on statistics? How silly! Consider this:
"Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended; about 4 in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. Twenty-two percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion"

SO, 100 women get pregnant, 50 of them are "accidents", 4 of every 10 (4 x 5=20) are terminated. Accordingly, thirty of the 50 "accidents" produce a child. Easily, that conclusion could be used to argue the fact that indeed the majority of women do not believe in abortion, on a personal basis. The point is that numbers alone never tell the story. Just sayin'.
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