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^^ I love Stan Rogers. *grins*

Being optimistic is a habit. One that is worth developing.

How I do it is to remember:
No matter what I am facing, there is someone else worse off than I am - that helps to keep perspective. No matter what 'gets my goat' there are people who face much, much worse than I do and THEY keep managing to put one foot in front of the other.

Problems are just things you haven't found the solution to. I am confident I can find the solution or will figure out who to ask.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/6/2010 10:01:18 PM
I'm no Pollyanna, but I'm no depressed Dora either. I don't see what it gets you to worry about chit you can't do anything about, like global warming or the sun imploding, things happen, I doubt me having the blues about it will help anything. Besides, I like my own company, I like doing the things I do, I'm easily entertained in my own company so I don't get blue because I'm single nor do I think I'm being left out of something. If I've already lived the best part of my life, oh well, things could always be worse but I don't look for trouble and I hate whining, especially when I hear it coming out of my mouth. Life is a lot more fun when you enjoy your own life instead of wishing for something else.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/6/2010 10:10:39 PM
how? one day at at time. if that doesn't work, i go for an hour or a minute increment. i also know from life experiences that you have to ride the waves. HOWEVER, if you have clinical depression, i'd take that very seriously. but, if meds are in order, i'd start in teeny tiny doses and work up as needed. working as an advocate, i know that "less is often more".

as to global issues? weltschmerz! google it. i just try to do really good things with several people. if i make a difference, they will hopefully pass it on and it will multiply. i also put my money where my mouth is. dwelling w/o doing is depressing in and of itself. if you really think about it, it is amazing that the world is still here and we haven't blown it to pieces. the glass half full. keep it no less full than that. philosophically, there is a balance between good and evil. just do your good part. you can't play G-d as one individual. that would be more an expression of "ego". on the other hand, do YOUR share!

in a bad economy, it's good to be in school or to volunteer. while you are contributing, you are also making connections.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/6/2010 10:17:21 PM
Being older helps, after awhile you've seen those "huge problems" cut down to size. I've been through reccessions, and I'm old enough to remember that Time magazine cover that announced that new STD herpes was going to end sex as we know it.

In my view, if you've got a job, a few friends, one person that truly loves you for what you are, live in a peaceful society , have your health, and some food on the table... you're already doing better than not only most people on the planet - but most people that have ever lived on it up to now.

I'm only one thing away from winning that lottery.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/6/2010 11:10:11 PM
I try to stay optimistic because the alternative is too depressing.

Fortunately, I live in a community that mirrors smiles, waves of hands, and consideration. Not always, but the majority of the time.

Optimism has allowed me for the most part, accept things as they are, rather then how I want them to be.

But I STILL have to go through the process of acceptance, which may or may not include impatience, testiness and a plethora of subtle nuances that rely on the negative.

For me, the key is to bounce back. I recognize that these feelings reside in a moment, but my commitment to my fluid ideals in which optimism plays a huge part, are a lifetime of devotion and a desire for progress.

I believe in the potential for humanity...I really do. I think that it inhabits the part of us that engages in everyday interaction. It may be found in the subtlety of things.

And for me, that is enough to sustain my optimism...
 *Wild at Heart*
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 6:12:51 AM
I think living in the moment, becoming totally immersed in what you are doing right now, not living in the past and not spending the majority of your time projecting the future.

A quote I have painted on my kitchen counter to remind everyday..................."Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 6:53:48 AM
when i get bummed......i listen to "take it easy" by king harvest.....if your bummed after seeing this need to see a dr
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 2:59:32 PM
I visit the Zimmers or Young @ Heart crowd to see how one can age gracefully and with humor.

I also savor those playful moments with the youngsters I encounter to remind me that the inner child CAN and must come out to play whenever there is an invite and to also be one who invites play.

Have also been privy to some really dedicated, creative, and humorous activist circles of fine humans who eat really well, laugh, dance, hug freely, laugh more, and share home made libations. We celebrate our victories shamelessly.

Since I began starting the day with pay-it-forward humor on the first encounter, I have found that nearly all encounters throughout the day tend to show the finest and funniest in human nature. Mere smiles and kind acts randomly thrown at strangers are amazingly effective.

There is a way to be informed, yet not dwell on cable news. I had a friend suffering from chronic depression who cured herself by merely limiting corporate media intake to a half hour a day. Meds no longer needed.

When all else fails, there is Paul's noted Tequila therapy, in moderation of course, along with a page or two of Funny Times, a chapter or two of Carl Hiassen, Christopher Moore, or Bill Fitzhugh.

Dog therapy is always a sure winner. Better yet, dog therapy at sunset with owls calling, fantastic colors, and the serenade of the wind.

I would venture to guess that the worst day for virtually everyone on this forum is nothing compared to the billion souls who hunger daily, those in war zones, those losing children from lack of clean water, and those who live in fear daily.

It is good to count the blessings frequently and give God or Dog, momma Earth or the person next to you.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 3:02:41 PM

So for Tom Friedman when he gets down thinks about his kids to lift his spirits, What about the rest of you.

Well, normally my mind keeps me going. Especially when i have a pad and paper to put some of these characters running amok in my mind.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 5:43:10 PM
It's unlikely I'll ever be described as optomistic, but I find listening to Weird Al songs for about 20 minutes chases away the blues.
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They say the human race is falling on its face and hasn't very far to go
Posted: 4/7/2010 9:38:04 PM
I live life like it's a new fresh start every single day.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 9:39:52 PM

How do you stay optimistic?

It's done with magnets
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/7/2010 10:20:26 PM
I do it with gratitude for what I have and anticipation of what I have to look forward to.

(thank-you in advance for reading my post)
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/8/2010 12:43:04 AM
If one woke up alone on an island with bearable weather and foods to eat, would one (still) be incapable of optimism?

Perhaps one consciously avoids optimism, in addition to not knowing what it is nor where to find it.

I knew not of gratitude two decades ago when my actions and thinking had laid me low. Thank goodness I encountered others who taught me what gratitude is and how to experience it.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 4/8/2010 7:09:54 PM
I've had some really bad times and some really bad experiences.
survived em.
So now every day is like my own personal bonus round.

If I get down about where I'm at....
I just remember where I came from and cheer right up.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/5/2011 8:55:02 PM
I start my day with things I love:
a good cup of coffee
nice warm jammies
a hot bath
my favorite scented lotion
I get into my car I have a collection of my favorite music and
I sing all the way to work
I eat either my favorite cereal with fruit
or my favorite peanut butter.
I spend time checking my mail in the morning
I work afternoons so I spend time with my dogs
get things done I have to do before work with ease, because I have the time

It's the little things, plus I have trained my mind to see the joy and once I did that it made all the difference.

Granted I have my days......but I have this secret motivation.
I once saw this documentary on this guy in a third world country who literally walked
20 miles for his 1/2 cup of rice and to bring back rice for his family. I have the ability to imagine literal situations sometimes, my mind just works that way.
I was so humbled by this, that when I feel like I have it bad I always remember that guy.
Sometimes I feel like asking why do I have so many gifts, rather than why don't I have this or that.
If the sun comes up and there is coffee I am chipper.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/5/2011 9:21:00 PM
I actually don't STAY optimistic. I have to work at it. I DO work at it, because I've been through multi-year long depressions, and I know they didn't help my life at all. The best trick I've learned so far, is the simple act of smiling. It's one of many things that can work.
The thought behind it is that the action of smiling causes a subconscious journey/effort of the subconscious to try to find the explanation for this odd grin being attached to the front of the skull, and that rapid search either succeeds in locating something pleasing in the old memory banks, OR...another part of the subconscious kicks in, and in a panic, and in order not to appear foolish to the REST of the subconscious, persuades the body to release appropriate chemicals that actually make me FEEL better.
Essentially, by purposely setting out to embarrass myself, I cheer up. A bit ironic, but mildly amusing.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/6/2011 1:49:06 AM
1. gratitude attitude
2. world travel including 3rd world countries for a reality check about how well we have it
3. daily spiritual practice
4. actively being selfless
5. communing with nature by gardening or hiking in the wilderness or surfing
6. lots of great sex (i wish)
7. kindness
8. reading and talking about noble people
9. allowing myself to feel sadness without judgement
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/6/2011 11:34:04 AM
Learned optimism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Learned optimism is the idea in positive psychology that a talent for joy, like any other, can be cultivated. It is contrasted with learned helplessness. ...

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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/6/2011 11:57:00 AM
The best trick I've learned so far, is the simple act of smiling. It's one of many things that can work.

Yes that works, and our default mindset matters most.. As someone very savvy once said
" People are about as happy as they choose to be" A. Lincoln

Remaining free of violence and reducing stress as much as possible within our control..

Being able to change those things that you can, and not overly fret about those things/people that you can't,
and having the wisdom to know the difference..
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/6/2011 7:50:19 PM
i go birding every morning before work, when it doesn't rain, that is. lately i've added about a half dozen new warbler species to my life list.

in the evenings, i work in my clients' gardens. it lifts my spirits to transform a barren area into something filled with life and color. i feel i'm doing my part to maintain a healthy environment by encouraging my clients to let me plant native varieties and use healthy growing practices.

regular checks of the daily racing form help too. it excites me to read about my favorite horses and/or their progeny.

also, i do the new york city ballet workout twice daily. this helps keep me energized.

with all of that, i don't really have time to let events or people twist my perspective.

but most importantly, i spend as much time as i can outdoors. the sky, the land, the rivers, the animals and plants maintain a healthy outlook more than anything else.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/6/2011 9:42:54 PM
When anyone can tell me what it gains anyone to be pessimistic, please let me know. There is no time for that--the clock is ticking all the time. Do everything you can to be as happy as you can.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/14/2011 5:20:22 PM
For a quick instantaneous smile and feel good warmth, I love you tube videos of kittens and cute animal pairs and babies laughing.
Guaranteed mood changer for me.
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How do you stay optimistic?
Posted: 5/14/2011 5:47:56 PM
My optimism developed and began to stabilize ONLY once I emptied out my "grudge sack", and stopped believing the "offended victim" programming. Once that changed, I found that I could trust myself to do whatever was necessary in whatever situation I found myself in.
I've assumed that you're speaking more in terms of general life attitude than of occasional or momentary peaks.
Also, I completely stopped watching television!! Since the news, programming, and movies all seem scripted and spun, pessimism is a natural by-product of its consumption!
While my family and friends are dear to me, they can never be as close to me as my own thoughts, in the rough moments. At those moments, self-acceptance and gratitude for who I've become seems to get me back to the sunny side soon enough!
P.S., Had to edit this to include the one about CONSCIOUSLY LOOKING FOR THE GOOD in the situations I encounter. It's amazing how habitually people can seek out "what's wrong" instead of "what's right"..
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