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Joined: 10/23/2010
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This guy asked me out (this was years ag0). I hesitated and he said "Please! It's my birthday! I'll take you to this fantastic restaurant where I know the owner. You'll have an amazing meal!".
Well, I'm not one to knock back a fantastic meal and he pleaded on about it being his birthday so eventually I said ok.
We turn up to the restaurant, which was very stylish and expensive. We sit down and look at the menu. The dude orders a side salad and a glass of water. That's it. So I ordered a soup, thinking he obviously didn't have any money.
The owner walks past and the guy yells out "Mike! Mike! Remember me? I sold you some coffee!". The owner walks over to us and asks us what we've ordered. When he hears it's a salad and a bowl of soup (and it was a dinner session) he just leaves in disgust.
Eventually birthday boy drives me home and begs to come in for a coffee. "It's my birthday! Please? Please??"
Gggrr. Like a fool, I said, ok, but just a quick one. I go into the kitchen to make the coffee and when I come he said to me "Your cat just told me his mistress wants me to stay the night".
I told him not to put words in my cat's mouth and he went, into the dark..God that was a bad night...
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/6/2011 10:54:54 AM
I had one come to my apartment with a 6 pack of beer, and when I asked for one he told me no, he needed all 6 to get a good buzz. Realllly? lol

I had another date once, where we coincedentally ran into his parents at a mall restaurant, and of course, since we were all there, we sat and had lunch together.
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 1/6/2011 6:22:18 PM

Here is something women you want to date on this dating web-site don't know:

You use:
·casm [sahr-kaz-uhm]
1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

You might be the nicest guy in person BUT
To someone who doesn't know you, you come across as an angry guy
When You call women "broads" and 'chicks' on your posts it doesn't help you either, you see now?
And then you come here and ask people why would women go out with you once or twice and then dissapear? You remember asking that to people YOU DON'T KNOW in a thread, you started, right??

Women are not big fans of tongue in cheek comments, your dates are not your buddies, but according to you, not even they stick around to experience your kind of personality, I know you think is a winning formula but only grouchy 60 year old women, seem to enjoy your posts, maybe that's where is at for you? lol

"Now relax, before your head explodes."

I get it now, you are NOT being an a$$, right?
It's just more of your bitter derision??
Sneering is your last name, kind of thing?
You are just being playful, right?
I'm so glad you explained it all to me.

Good Luck getting Anybody to play with the iddle X-box, it's so sad it lays there untouched, snif, snif!

I don't think I have ever read one of his posts and thought he was actually serious; then again, I am a die hard sarcastic (insert appropriate term:chick broad beezy biznatch) so I guess.... bygones.

Now back to the topic at hand, I had a date with a guy that cried. Yes he was stone sober. Newly divorced and was talking about how much he missed his kids. Ok I get the missing kids part but crying? On a first meet? Really? Suck it up man; cry AFTER I leave!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/6/2011 10:30:38 PM
Well I really should screen better lol
I talked to this one guy for about a month, we liked the same things yada yada
We agreed to meet at the local bowling alley. I get there and the first thing out of his mouth is "Oh I just want to tell you that I am still married, but it's okay because my wife actually put my profile together." "She lives downstairs from me and she is always trying to pick women out for me."
So I said, I am not good with that and he says well we can still get something to eat and chat awhile if you like, how about I get you a drink? wrong #
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 2:42:15 PM
i had a lot of strange dates off here . i had guys check there cell phones all through the dates. and they were humpy thumpy average guys . they should of been lucky itook my time out to even go out with them , come on girls , that is rude when guys do that
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 2:59:12 PM
Had one guy who, thinking it would be funny, shout out into a restaurant on our first (and only) date:

"Hey! Anyone know where I can score some heroin this time of night?"
 christ on a crutch
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 3:07:26 PM

i had guys check there cell phones all through the dates. and they were humpy thumpy average guys . they should of been lucky itook my time out to even go out with them

if i knew i was being pity-dated, i'd be checking my other prospects too. but not during the date, because i'd have already left.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 4:03:58 PM
(Arlo grabs the Talking Stick)

I have two strange ones:

First was a girl I met fr0m here. We ended up in bed on our 2nd date. She tells me, "I got pregnant when I was 15, and my parents sent me away to have the baby, and put it up for adoption." (she was 15 years older than me...) "So", she continued, "you could be my son!" EWWW!!!

Second was a gal I met IRL. I had asked her out before, but it was a n0-go. Then, one night we were both at the same place, and she said, "Would you like to go see a movie?" (we ended up going to see "Burlesque", which was actually a pretty decent flick...). In the theatre, before the m0vie, she said to me, "Don't expect sex, because I'm 0ne month pregnant!"


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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 5:52:32 PM
^^^There's a life lesson for you. Never date a woman who's 15 years older than you!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 7:27:58 PM
Wow. I mean, just, wow. No wonder the women here don't like to answer back when I write. They've all been reading this thread, and are afraid!!!

Or, I could look at it like this, if I ever dated any of you ladies who have posted, at least it wouldn't be your WORST date, lol.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/10/2011 8:27:56 PM

Met a guy from another web site. He started off by telling me he was an x professional football player that got hurt, a musician who played with BB King, Barbara Streisand 's and Leslie Ann Warren's body guard (he even did her voice), taught Jon Peters how to drive a Ferrari, had a x girlfriend with a black AMX who he dumped when he fixed her computer and found porn shots with another man, was arrested and went to jail for kidnapping his son who he did not have custody of, saved Dell millions of dollars when he went to work for them (even though he was a service tech), usually drove BMW's but was currently in a pick up truck and was an x chipndales dancer who could dance better than any black guy (got up and showed me in the Restaurant). But the final straw was when he told me about his 3 foot tall pet parrot who "has the softest toungue in the world when you kiss him". That is when I excused myself and went to bang my head in the bathroom stall. The guy did not ask one thing about me and when I left I was glad he didn't.

That is absolutely hilarious! Damn near snorted my drink all over my laptop!!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/11/2011 3:59:52 PM

(scottey63) ^^^There's a life lesson for you. Never date a woman who's 15 years older than you!

At first, she told me she was 7 years older than me. I was hip to that. It was later that I found out that there was a 15-year gap in our age; and, to be honest, I wasn't averse to the idea of being a Kept Man/Older Woman's Love Slave... but I digress...

I sometimes think that my sole purpose in life is to serve as a bad example to others...

Joined: 7/24/2010
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/11/2011 6:26:47 PM
OK, so here's one for you ladies, and a heads up for you guys.
I started chatting with a POF memeber. We seemed to have a lot in common. Too much in common. Like we used to live in the same city in another state, been to the same hospital, moved to another state and live close. Shared a lot of the same interrests and enjoyed the same foods. So we decided to meet. On my way to the meet, he called and stated he would like to be back in time to watch the ball game. I slipped out that if I'd known that, I could have recorded it on my DVR. OOps, cause he had me head back home to set up the dvr, then called to ask why it was taking so long. Anyway, met at a fast food joint, (stated he was starving, but didn't eat there) Requested we drive my car to a tourist area nearby to walk and talk. (reason was his car was not legal, hadn't been registered, and had been forging the temp plate for quite some time). Walked for a while, never purchasing anything, stopped for coffee, which he did not offer to pay for, but yet added extra items to the bill. I PAID.... After walking for a while, he was still starving, so he mentioned heading to my place where he would cook me dinner. But needed one or two things from the grocery store on the way, 50.00 in graceries later, I PAID, we were headed to my place. HE took over my kitchen , rutting in the cabinets, fridge, etc.... while cooking, and watching the football game. Very good meal (infront of the tv so he could watch the game) Dinner finished, he headed outside to smoke, (outside at my request), returned to watch the game on the couch. I CLEANED UP! Hmmmm, was so bored with the football game I almost dozed off..... Time for him to head home, after all the game was over, he'd gotten a full belly, so I walked him out to his car. As he was ready to take off, he opened his cigs and turned to ask if he could borrow 10 bucks for gas, because since he had come to my place, now he wouldn't have enough gas to get to work the next day. Course I'm the bigger idiot. I gave it to him, I can only claim I was in shock, but then if I hadn't maybe he would have expected to stay the night, and want me to run him to work the next day. Either way, the 10 bucks got him out of my driveway.....still think he bought cigs with the money. Oh one last note...... Occasional smoker, does not finish off an entire pack in the afternoon you've been together....... Another one kicked to the curb, don't get me wrong, I don't expect to never spend any money on a date, I just don't appreciate my date spending all my money, and on top of it, just adding on extra things that weren't needed.
Good luck to you all
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/11/2011 8:00:58 PM
It still amazes me that people invite total fricken strangers in to their homes.

This guy would have been history when he told me about the forged plate.

Dear God in heaven....
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/11/2011 9:27:51 PM
I'm with you UFC.......
Who's weirder......the man in the scenario.....
or the woman that allowed all that to happen
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Joined: 9/17/2010
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/11/2011 11:08:32 PM
she said average body type and turned up being hugely OBESE (surprise)

brought 2 obese friends with her unannounced (surprise)

they talked only to each other the whole time completely ignoring me (surprise)

excused my self to go to the bathroom and bolted out of there, leaving her with the bill.

Joined: 8/21/2010
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/12/2011 2:21:07 AM
You posted that tale here on 01 January, email tom now.

Must have been scarred by it, eh?
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/12/2011 4:07:33 AM
This thread has been a great read, partly for the humor, but mostly because it makes me appreciate the relative normalcy to my experiences. I've met some very nice people, just no spark. But I did go out with a girl many years ago who would come out of left field every so often. We left a bar one night far too obliterated, and as I'm driving home, I realize she's got her jeans pulled down, fiddling around in the passenger seat. So, (always the gentleman), I ask her if I can help her out with anything, and she asks me if I really really want to, and at that point, I was pretty sure I did. So she says, Sure, why not? and hands me a tampon. Apparently, she was changing it right there in the car. I took a rain check. Some people just ain't right, but man that chick was a great dancer.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/12/2011 7:31:06 AM

It still amazes me that people invite total fricken strangers in to their homes.

Gotta agree with that. I think your ratio of weird dates gets higher when someone wants to come to your house before they really know you, and they actually expect you to be ok with it. Red flag on them for asking, and red flag on you (which usually goes unnoticed) when you're ok with it.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/16/2011 1:11:33 PM
a guy gave me a cellphone on the first date and at the end of the date, he only paid for himself and not for me
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/16/2011 2:12:36 PM
I had a date that drank the water out of his finger bowl. It had a lemon in it and he'd never seen one before. But he was the sweetest guy and I never pointed it out. By the way, we had a lot of fun on that date.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/16/2011 2:43:37 PM
i had a lot of strange dates off here . i had guys check there cell phones all through the dates. and they were humpy thumpy average guys . they should of been lucky itook my time out to even go out with them , come on girls , that is rude when guys do that

yup I find it rude when a woman I'm out with does that too.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/16/2011 3:44:00 PM
Life on Brian (the dog from family guy) is my screen name because when it comes to dating, I do feel like I am Brian, the odd one out among all the odd ones LOL... okey dokey.. here goes
- Date with a fantastic guy on paper over the phone. We speak for TWO months before he comes back from Brazil. All is well, nice guy, nice company, nice food. Till he talks about his ex and casts this faraway look and says "she said she was pregnant over the phone. I think I am gonna have to kill her and kill her baby". My jaw dropped still trying to figure out if he was joking. Then he looks into my eyes and says "I will kill any woman trying to give me a baby I did not want. I will kill her baby, too". Okkkkk... Do a Hillbilly Shuffle and Run Forrest Runhhhhh

- After that date^^^, I decided never ever to waste a long time talking with men and build castles in the air, meet as soon as comfortable after sufficient exchange of info. So, I meet this guy who came across as an outspoken, elegant professional. We go for a coffee. He asks me a long list of questions about my possessions (guys can be gold-diggers too lol). Do you have your own house? No. Do you have a car? No. Do you have any property abroad? No. Then he picked up my small purse that I put on the table and flipped it over. I was a smoker then. He took my packet of cigs and took a look at the price tag. I was disgusted. He started to talk to me in a haughty manner. I said I was very sleepy and I needed to go. As we walked to the door of the restaurant, he asked me with a lot of contempt in his voice "So how much in debt are you?". I said "I am not a penny in debt". The look on his face was priceless.

- A date showed up without his arm. He forgot to tell me he was an amputee. I was trying to get over myself and take that in when he asked "do you wanna know how I lost my arm"? I said "Not really." He said -ANYWAY- I lost it in a drug deal that went bad. I was a drug dealer before I turned my life around. My ex stole a kilo of hash from my bag and didn't tell me. When they found the kilo missing, they chased me while I was on my motorbike and knocked me down off the bike. That smashed my helmet and it got stuck to my skull. Someone came out of their car with hatchet and hit the helmet to slice it open but it wouldn't give. Then they hit me on the foot. A part of my foot is missing, too. And they hit my on the stomach and sliced it open. Then a police car could be seen in the distance. They just left me for dead and ran off. -----------

- A guy cried on the date because his ex wouldn't let him see his son.

- A psychic "exorcized" me in a restaurant, dancing around my chair to dispell the negative spirits.

- My date lost his wallet. He was not pretending. We actually had to walk around for hours to look for it to no avail. I had to buy him his train ticket back to London for sheer mercy. I got a thank you, out of it but no offer to pay me back.

- had enough yet? LOL I met this gooooooorgous guy in the gym. We talk for a bit, we go out for a drink. I ask him how old he was and I was gobsmacked to learn he was 45. He looked barely 30. I asked him you said you had only one relationship. Was it long? he says "Not really. The reason I didn't have more relationships is that I was in jail for 15 years for rape, aggrevated assault, and forcing a minor into prostitution.".......OKKKKKK.... You know the routine by now>>> Hillbilly Shuffle, and Run Forrst Runhhhhhhh... Man, I am a sprinter by now lol

Wanna hear more........... naaah. Let's leave it there LOL
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/16/2011 3:46:18 PM
My, ladies, be careful out there. Bringing a guy to your house who sends you back home to tape the game, doesn't pay for anything, drives illegally, etc.
If it had been a woman, I would have put a stop to it by the time she had me pay for dinner (if the understanding was that she or we paid).

What a bum. He took advantage of how willing you were to accommodate him, TrueTo Myself46! For all you know he probably does these things deliberately.

Next time be firm. You don't have to do that for strangers. They may be exploiting you. What a lousy date to begin with asking you to go back home to record his game and complaining about how long it took. Selfish, exploitative, and living a sub-par life. Needs to take charge of himself.

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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 1/17/2011 12:32:34 PM
I went out with this girl once, we met at a pool hall. She shows up 25 min late, I was a bit annoyed. We had not really had a great night, she had no personality. She starts chatting with the midget in a wheel chair... I go to pay the bill, come back and they are swapping numbers! So I head out with out saying bye, see her outside walking and I tell her to have a good night. She says to me, you left! I told her I did not want to interrupt a possible love connection, lol.
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