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Weirdest things dates have done!Page 8 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

I have only been on 2 dates so far since I joined pof on Feb 21 2011.....He was very nice looking in pics and I was glad to see hot in person too.....We sat down on the same side of the booth and within 20 min he is tonguing me right there.....I just went with it.....then we outside and I sit up on the railing and he starts kissing me again...this time he sticks his hand down the back of my pants and starts grinding his woody into my leg.....I thought that was so disrespectful and told him why I didnt want to go out again....he also told me that he was bipolar....he has some major issues!!
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 3/11/2011 3:17:31 AM
i've had more than a few dates who either showed very odd behavior and/or did some very weird things on our date.i'm thinking "what the f*ck is wrong with this person? is she mentally ill and/or is she slamming dope?"
the worst date was the lady i dated who acted like some victim but later on that eveningto my shock we stop by her house.we go inside and meet her husband and she proceeds to pull out a needle and a seal of crystal meth and shoots herself up.i was the third of this threesome without ever being asked if i was into this which i'm not(two girls and me i can do but no f*cking way am i doing a girl and another dude)

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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 3/11/2011 11:33:36 AM

He was very nice looking in pics and I was glad to see hot in person too.....We sat down on the same side of the booth and within 20 min he is tonguing me right there.....I just went with it.....then we outside and I sit up on the railing and he starts kissing me again...this time he sticks his hand down the back of my pants and starts grinding his woody into my leg.....I thought that was so disrespectful and told him why I didnt want to go out again....he also told me that he was bipolar....he has some major issues!!

you should count your blessings he came clean BEFORE you started banging him - not months afterward. and it's hard to be sympathetic to your outrage since you were welcoming his tongue at lunchtime in a diner booth.

as far as 'major issues,' online dating will teach you (or maybe it won't) that dishonesty is one of the worst of all, and he was free of that one. you should be grateful for the way things played out with this man.
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 3/11/2011 7:46:01 PM
This has been the most enjoyable thread on PoF. I love swapping war stories. OP should consider that it isn't easy to kick a fellow in the nuts. I think the lass may have practiced before hand. I can see her at home in front of the dressing mirror practicing her kick like we used to do at a Taekwando club.

Weird date #1. A woman at work from a low income neighbourhood married her childhood sweetheart and worked to put him through school only to have him divorce her for his secretary, and was she pissed. She was still obsessing over this when one of her younger sisters got married. Coworker asked me to be her datge at the wedding. Being a lifelong bachelor I avoid weddings like the plague but she lured me with tales of free meal and drinks at the reception. On the day of the wedding she takes me to meet her parents. At the reception she's all over me. I finally realize I'm there to create the impression for family and friends that she's not pining for the ex. She dances real close and every so often takes me by the hand out to the parking lot. I play the part. A man's work is never done.

Weird date #2. Woman I met online is oversensitive. While waltzing her around the floor at a singles dance organized by a friend woman says she has to stop for a minute whereupon I realize she is having an orgasm right there on the dance floor. Apparently her thighs rubbing together when dancing can do this. I ask if it's pleasant. "Yes", she replies. Weird, but nice, as it turns out later. Humans are a wonderously varied species.
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 3/11/2011 7:54:08 PM
Here's another. Normal people. Weird situation.

Group went out for a meal after an afternoon of sailboat racing. I'd had affairs with some of the club women. It was a active group. I ended up sitting between two I had not seen for some time but who were apparently still interested as each had a hand under the table stroking a thigh while I sat minding my own business waiting patiently to see what would happen should their hands meet.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 3/18/2011 10:33:09 PM
This is such a great thread. I got a couple to add.

first was a guy i went out with a couple of times he comes up to me one day and tells me that he talked to his lawyer and that i can't move in and help me with his kids. That he talked to his lawyer and that it should wait until after his divorce. WTF? Who ever mentioned anything about moving in? We only knew each other for a couple of months!

The other we only talked on the phone once. He starts talking about how when i move in that i'd be taken care of and never have to work again. Ok i play along and tell him if i ever move in i'd still like to work. He then started making plans about how he doesn't want me to work a mediocar job but that it would have to be something big like my own buisness and such. The whole conversation sounded like a buisness meeting and then at the end he tried to make plans for me to move in right away. Talk about weird!!

Needless to say i never talked to either one after that!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 3/20/2011 9:02:56 PM
I would showing up is out of the ordinary; probably why I quit bothering.
Now the ones that did make an appearance, I am sure I wasnt what they were looking for, or I would not be typing this now. But it was a worthy occasion when it happened, and the events have been noted as educational.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 3/20/2011 9:15:49 PM
~OT~ I had dinner plans a few years ago with a man that I'd been emailing and talking to/with for a long while, but we had not met in person. We went to dinner and he literally would NOT stop staring at me. It wasn't listening to me talk, it was staring. I wasn't talking much because I was so uncomfortable that I didn't really want to look his direction to talk to him. I was later honest with him about exactly why I didn't wish to see him again. He wrote to me last week, years after this happened and he mentioned the staring. He knew he was doing it. That creeped me out as much as the staring itself. Just made me feel icky. Ewww!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 3/21/2011 2:11:53 AM
I went on a date right before Christmas 2010. The guy showed up plastered! He was slurring his words the whole night, and kept repeating stuff he'd previously said. Extremely awkward! I also went out with a guy right after New Years...he was all right looking, but physically not my type...and to top things off, he talked about his ex. All night long!! Uuuummm...RUDE??? lol
Joined: 10/5/2010
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 3/29/2011 6:43:43 PM
I am SOOOO hard to shock, so this first date was a trip.

30 minutes into a nice mexican dinner, she blurts out "I like men with big**** and lots of money". Well dang, I asked her if she would settle for 1 out of 2, and not surprisingly, she did.
Joined: 12/12/2012
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/3/2013 10:48:30 AM
Most recent....I thought it was going "ok" the very end he blurts out of left field how he worked at a nudist resort as a bartender before...then some past sexual history like how he has had a threesome....
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/6/2013 2:49:57 PM
wthell- My first online match was on another site.
I'm careful-I start by chatting for a while, then exchange e-mails, then numbers so we can talk, then meet in public.
I figured by the time we get to the meet any "crazy" flags should come out, maybe not............,
We meet for coffee, he proceeds to stare at me, not saying much, made me really uncomfortable, I tried making conversation, which led to the revelation he had been divorced three times, his second wife kidnapped their daughter after accusing him of molesting the child, his third wife brought him up on domestic violence charges, he was convicted, lost the right to carry a gun, so he couldn't be a police officer anymore and he really wished he would have killed her since she ruined his life, all this while flirting with the waitress every time she came to the table.
After all this, the creep asked me to go back to the trailer he lives in with his brother, not to worry though, he had his own room ;0
of course i said thanks but no thanks and took off like I was on fire, I didn't go on another date after that for 6 months.
Joined: 2/8/2004
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/6/2013 5:42:31 PM

at the very end he blurts out of left field how he worked at a nudist resort as a bartender before

At the very end, when things were merely "ok", that's not so crazy -- something to laugh about, etc. A nudist resort isn't a sex resort. Sometimes people talk about craziest jobs they've had, things they've done back in the day, etc. on a date...

then some past sexual history like how he has had a threesome....

Now that of course depends on the context in which it was brought up. If you guys weren't on a sexual topic at all, and he just blurted that out, out of nowhere, then yeah -- really weird! But if the concept itself bit you the wrong way (understandably for many), but the back-n-forth was about sex and all -- I wouldn't say it was wise of him to bring it up at all, but I wouldn't say it was shock-n-awe if the main topic for a while was sexual-related.

In other words, sure, a marker of incompatibility that may turn you off quick -- but not necessarily scary At All, if presented in the right flow of the conversation.
Joined: 7/2/2013
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/6/2013 10:01:07 PM
O.k I've got one for everyone out there...I met this guy through a mutual friend.We had spoken for two weeks over the phone prior to our date and met up with him in a bar one night playing pool.I observed he had one drink.We then went back to his place...made out for awhile but to prevent it from going any further I asked if we could go for a walk.He brought me to this car.It was sweet!!!!He decided to take me for a spin...ended up getting pulled over by the cops.He started lying to the officer and became increasingly inebriated during his conversation.The nice officer asked me what my name was.According to my date this car we were in was mine and I was his fiancee and the car was in her name.Well....I was honest cause yknow they'll ask to see your license....which he did.The car was towed.My date was hauled off in a police cruiser.I explained to the officer that I didn't have a ride back to my vehicle which was at the bar.The officer offered to drive me.There was a bunch of equipment in the front passenger seat so I had to sit in back.I told the officer while he was driving this was my first time in the back of a police cruiser.He offered to complete my experience with handcuffs!I said thanks but maybe some other time.I did get back to my car with everyone staring at me as we pulled in to the parking lot.At least it was memorable:)
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/7/2013 11:09:06 AM

30 minutes into a nice mexican dinner, she blurts out "I like men with big**** and lots of money".

The correct response to this statement is "Why? Are you broke and have a large vagina?"
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/7/2013 11:21:40 AM
I went on a first date with a lady. In the first 5 minutes, she told me that she was on SSDI for being bi-polar since the age of 18 (22 years ago). But that it was okay, because she was on her meds. If she was off her meds, she would be in the hospital, so since she was out and about, that meant everything was fine. On her profile, she listed business owner / entrepreneur for a profession. On the date, she told me that she was actually disabled and made jewelry to sell at flea markets as a hobby.

She then went to say that she was rabidly Republican, that the Tea Party wasn't taking things far enough and she was a strict literal constructionist of the Bible. Every word in there is literally true. No parables, allegories or metaphors for her. She then went on to rail about government freeloaders and ObamaCare.

Umm....haven't you been on Social Security and Medicare since the age of 18? "Yes"
Umm....haven't you received government benefits without paying into the system? "Yes"
Umm....Aren't you getting free health care from the government? "Yes"

Then what's wrong with other people paying for what you're receiving for free? "I just think there's enough of that going on and we shouldn't have any more." Oh. Okay.

Unfortunately, we met for dinner and they were only bringing the salads. I stayed through dinner and we did not go out again. She thought the date went well and wanted to come back to my place. That didn't happen.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/8/2013 9:20:37 AM
Thanks for the thread, which had me laughing out loud.

The best I can offer from recent times is a guy I never met. He messaged me on here the day before he went away on a course for two weeks, so we could only email and not meet for that time.

After we had exchanged only a handful of messages he said that he'd told the other guys on the course that his girlfriend was an author, and they were impressed. This came as a bit of a shock to me as on his profile he said he was single. "Your girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah, you," he replied. While I was reeling in bewilderment he went on about the future we were going to have together once I moved in with him.

That put me right off, and I never met him. A year later, and by sheer coincidence, I ran into him (last week) in a public place, but I don't think he recognised me!
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/8/2013 9:47:42 AM
I once met a man on another dating site who didn't look too bad in his picture. When I got to the restaurant to meet him, he came from around the side of the building, all hunched over using a cane. He looked kind of like the crypt keeper. The worse thing of all was when we sat down at the table, he smiled at me and was missing his front teeth. Plus he drooled during dinner..............ugh. After that I became obsessive about scrutinizing profiles to be sure they have their teeth and I won't agree to meet anyone who doesn't have smiling photos in their profile. I'm sorry to be so dentally prejudice, but it's just a dealbreaker for me.
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Wierdest things Dates have done!
Posted: 8/9/2013 4:17:00 PM
I met up with a guy after several POF messages. Great writer, funny, we met for coffee the next day. He was pretty attractive but he talked more than I do. Getting a word in edgewise was impossible. I talk a lot too, but I think I leave enough room for the other person too. At one point (we're on pretty good terms sense of humor wise) I just say, look. Be quiet now. I talk a lot too. You're hogging the whole date!! We're still having fun though. On our second cup of coffee he says "Oh, shoot...I have to check the baby now!!" I'm sitting there, coffee in hand, thinking baby? Who? What? So I follow him to his car to see what's going on.

He gets into the driver's seat and pulls this little box up off the floor. Inside is a tiny, itty bitty just born squirrel -- like two and a half inches long, still looks like an embryo! He feeds it some puppy chow mixed with water out with an eye dropper and he sits there baby talking to it!! For like an entire minute! I'm sitting there, thinking sweet, but strange. He's an arborist and saves the babies from their nests of the branches he's removing if their parents aren't around. Tells me he's saved ten and only lost three, but he's never worked with one this small.

It was interesting to say the least. I was done, though, when his kiss goodbye became a graphic almost obscene act. A kiss is nice, being ground up against my car is a little much though. And his baby's name was AssKicker. Yes, with a capital K, he was sure to point out. I'll never forget sitting there, listening to him talk little cutie things to a squirrel that was only like two inches long.
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 8/9/2013 8:23:20 PM
About 13 years ago, I met a guy from a phone date site. He was from Vietnam. My license was suspended for 6 months because of a DUI so I allowed him to come to my house, instead of meeting in a public place. We each ordered a small pizza from Papa Johns. My pizza was totally vegan, no cheese and I have no idea what was on his pizza, but one of my cats was really interested in whatever he had on his pizza. After we both finished a slice of our own pizza, he stood up and took his "little thing" out of his pants and said he " wants to do it and he wants to do it now". Quickly after getting over my shock, I stood up and said "no way". He then tried to light a cigarette and I said he must go outside to smoke a cigarette. He realize it was his last cigarette and said he has to go to the store and get more cigarettes and he left and never came back. I would not have left him in if he did come back.
The next weird date was from POF, a man from Albania. On the first meeting he brought me a big beautiful boquet of flowers. That was very impressive. Second date, I invited him in my house. He stopped at my bookcase as all guys do to see my beautiful pictures of when I was a Professional Dancer. Also on my bookcase was a Christmas card from my mother which had my Christmas present of $200. sticking out of the card. We chatted a bit and then I went upstairs to use my upstairs bathroom while he was going to use the downstairs bathroom. I came back down and he was gone with my $200. Christmas money.
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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 11/8/2014 5:41:57 AM
Best story so far... donJuanvol2 ^^^

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Weirdest things dates have done!
Posted: 11/8/2014 12:53:32 PM
I can add two more to the mix!
Last March I met a gentleman who was originally from Iraq. English was not his first language and he had an accent that wasn't too thick when we spoke on the phone. We agreed to meet at Panera's for tea and biscuits. He was inside waiting for me and when I saw him, I smiled and said hello and he froze! He looked down at the floor and didn't say a word and I kept asking if he was ok because he had just had a heart attack the two weeks before because he was stressing out about meeting me for our first date that we cancelled due to him being in the hospital. He nodded that he was okay and we went to order our green tea and he still had not said a word but was using hand gestures. Finally we sit down at a table and he just keeps looking down and about 15 minutes of sitting there sipping tea he finally squeaks out that he forgot how to speak English. We sit there for another 15 minutes and I finally said. He could speak to me in Arabic and I would try to follow. It was enough to get him talking and then his mastery of the English language came back. He told me that my eyes were so blue and beautiful it made him forget how to speak. We did see each other for a few months.

Fast forward to this fall. I was invited to go see a football game at the university. He was going to pick me up at my house because of the parking and he had a pass. He pulled up in front of the house and saw my 150 lb dog and texted me that he was NOT going to come to my door with that dog there. Okay... what ever... I get it some are scared of dogs. When I went out to his car he didn't even come around to open the car door for me. We drove the short distance the university and while walking to the stadium he stayed 5 steps ahead of me. Get in the gates and he stays closer to me but is still very distant acting. We are there an hour early and he is barely talking to me and just commenting on the dark clouds rolling in. Again... okay, what ever...

Twenty minutes into the first quarter the tornado sirens go off and the man wigged out and wants to get out of there as fast as he can. He is literally running to his car 20 ft ahead of me and I am limping along as I had a fractured ankle and plate put in my ankle a few months before so I finally yelled that I can't run. He says "Okay. I'll meet you at the car" and took off running again. I limped back to his car where he was sitting inside out of the rain and didn't bother to drive across the parking lot to pick me up or open the car door. He drove me back home and I started to thank him for taking me and he looked at me and said "Get Out". I am not sure what I did to upset him because I look like my pictures and have been told even better. I had a full body picture that was a month or two old so shouldn't have been a problem there. He was really stand offish from the minute I came out of my door and really was just downright rude.
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