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I am not a masochist, which is why I have no desire to attempt to engage you in a serious conversation.

Well, you succeeded. And your attempt to validate yourself, by ranting about your intelligence being reflected in other posts, does not agree with the your posts here. And I am not required to search your other posts, nor do I want to. If you can't say something intelligent in this thread, I have to assume you can not contribute anything of value. You impress me as someone very immature, with an over inflated ego and a myopic view of science.

Cosmologists claim that they have found black holes all over the Cosmos. The black hole is however entirely a product of mathematics. The simplest case is the 'Schwarzschild' black hole, from the solution to Einstein's field equations in the absence of matter, for a static, uncharged, non-rotating mass. "In the absence of matter" involves linguistic legerdemain, but in any event all types of black holes reduce, mathematically speaking, to a very simple question: Can a squared real number take values less than zero? Symbolically this is restated as follows. Let r be any real number. Is r^2 < 0 possible? No, it's not possible. Thus, the black hole is not possible. Anybody who can square a real number is capable of understanding why the black hole is a fantasy of mathematical physicists and cosmologists, illustrating once again why it can be very dangerous to put trust in the word of an Authority.--------

-------Black holes are the product of mathematical fallacies. Just because mathematicians, physicists and
cosmologists do long sums does not mean that they make sense or that their mathematics is even right. Mathematical mumbo-jumbo cannot be observed floating about in the Cosmos, devouring stars and nebulae, or ‘spaghettifying’ intrepid astronauts boldly going where no man has gone before, despite the claims of cosmologists [5]. It is by wishful thinking that observations by cosmologists of what they don’t
understand are made to conform to the mathematical fallacies of the black hole.
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