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 *mae* flowers
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Do you feel the need to live with somebody at our agePage 9 of 9    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Singleness has it's perks. The exclusive friend with benefits looks more inviting all the time. Everyone needs their refuge to go to, separate residences where you can kick back and do what you want without checking with someone. That freedom becomes intoxicating after a while. It would be difficult to give up. Who knows what the future brings, but for now I'm comfortable where I am.

...I'm with zippy on this. Friends with benefits is looking better and better. I too have been single for a long time, 14 years and have become quite comfortable with my own company...most of the time. What usually happens is I get this damn "feeling" inside where I just want to be held and kissed and know...hee hee. And then I start thinking, "wouldn't it be nice....."

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Do you feel the need to live with somebody at our age
Posted: 4/12/2011 8:20:02 PM
Need?! Not even the desire!
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Do you feel the need to live with somebody at our age
Posted: 4/13/2011 8:26:57 AM
I fantasize about living alone. The problem is I am not sure what that would be like. I have not lived alone even one day of my life. I went from mama to husband to kids to husband to living with a roommate and one of my kids. I have owned my own home forever it seems but there is always someone in the house. I guess I have a little fear of being 70 one day, keeling over on the couch and being gnawed on by the cats. I don't need a lover or someone to take care of me, although those are wonderful things to share. But I think, I would have a difficult time living alone. I find that some men are turned off by the fact that I don't live alone as though it is in some way a hindrance for them. Perhaps this is because they don't want to scrutinized by my entourage of family and animals, I don't know. Or maybe they see it as a weakness on my part, when in reality it is simply the way it has always been with me. I tried to run away from home once but I ran out of peanut butter sandwiches and started worrying that no one would pay the bills.
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Do you feel the need to live with somebody at our age
Posted: 10/11/2015 9:46:56 AM
Most definitely NOT a "need" or even a want.

I would LOVE to meet, "the one"
unless we hit the Lotto, and could afford a HUGE (like 7,000 square foot place, where we could each retreat to our separate wings when we want to be left the hell alone) place (with servants),
I do not think I am capable of living with ANYBODY. The only possible exception MIGHT be, a woman who works A LOT of hours, like 60+. Very often, I like nothing more than to sit somewhere in TOTAL silence and reading or surfing the Internet.

Not to mention, MOST women in my age range tend to aspire to live in the suburbs, with the picket fences and all that.
That will not work for me. I am a loft-living city guy. I 'could' do VERY rural, way, way, WAY out, with no neighbors in site. But, HELL NAWL to the suburbs.

And, for ME, as someone wrote earlier, the problem is........................."the longer you live alone, the more difficult it becomes to incorporate someone else into your routine."

I really ENJOY coming home to an empty house. Not having anyone questioning me, asking me to fix something, or asking me banal questions like, "How was your day?"

Really? How the hell are you supposed to answer that question? It is the epitome of just talking just to talk.

A married friend of mine once asked me the most interesting question I have ever been asked, "NikonGuy, do you think you've been single too long?"

Probably, but I even had a difficult time with roommates in college. I have been used to my own stuff, my own way, and my own routines. Call it spoiled, lucky, or whatever.

As crazy as it sounds, in theory, I could even see marrying again, but we would have to maintain separate households (like the Hollywood crowd does it). Not that they have the best track record, but, just sayin'....................................
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