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I am the boyfriend of More1984.

Are you using condoms? If so, it's pretty normal to happen sometimes, especially if he has something on his mind.

No condoms? Then how frequently is this happening? If it is all the time the only answer I can give you is that he is no longer sexually attracted to you. Sorry, it may hurt to hear, but it's the truth. Nothing makes a penis softer than a lack of sexual attraction.

But if it is only occuring 50% of the time or less, it means he is stressed (and has a lot on his mind) and it will go away. Hope that helps
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Erection problems
Posted: 11/24/2010 7:45:27 PM
Do you have any pictures of Rosie O'Donnell or Oprah in any room that you have sex?
I know that would ruin it for me. I saw a picture of Rosie O'Donnell in a wet t-shirt and I was impotent for 9 days.
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Erection problems
Posted: 12/3/2010 5:27:13 PM
the OP says:
"I'll admit i'm getting sexually frustrated as it's been a few weeks since i've gotten some.

what do i do if this happens next time?"

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Erection problems
Posted: 12/3/2010 9:51:39 PM
I understand both your frustrations in this situation as 1. he does not know why he is having this problem and 2. you're not having sex. So an option for him is to buy some Viagra until the problem is resolved.

As for yourself, do not pressure him or vent your frustrations if the problem persists as that will simply not help but rather, be supportive of him and the reality of what he's living!
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Erection problems
Posted: 6/11/2011 7:44:19 PM

He went to his doctor and his doctor said 'he has too much on his mind, otherwise he is perfectly healthy.' My boyfriend says he's not stressed and that he doesn't know why he can't maintain an erection because he`d love to have sex with me.

My boyfriend is 26, is this common for a man his age? I'll admit i'm getting sexually frustrated as it's been a few weeks since i've gotten some. I'm trying not to be selfish either.

Also, what do if this happens next time? What do I say?

How did you react the first time? Honestly...did you think it was because of you? If you did...he most likely picked up on it. Believe me he has plenty on his mind. He has probably psyched himself out. All the time thinking...OMG...what if it happens again. And then it does.

Just like a baseball player in a slump. The whole time at back thinking...OMG...don't strike out again......don't strike out again...until he has stuck out. He needs to blast one out of the park again to prove he still has it. And that pressure just adds to the problem.

Whatever you can do to turn down the what will help the most. You have to convince him that you're in it for the package and not the performance.

What should you do. Let him take control of the pace. Even if it means skipping foreplay. If you do talk about it outside the bedroom.
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Erection problems
Posted: 6/12/2011 12:30:58 PM
I was in this situation for 10 yrs out of the 14 yrs I was married. It started when I got pregnant and continually got worse. I tried leaving him alone and did not initiate sex (after about 6 months I gave up on that), we tried not trying to have actual intercourse but I would give him oral, which is what the last 5 yrs of our relationship was so satisfaction still for me. I tried to spice things up, offer an open relationship, 3 some...anything I could thing of over those years.

We separated and we agreed to see a sex therapist but by that point our relationship in my opinion was over. He finally admitted after 10 yrs that once I got pregnant he saw me in his mind as a "mom" and it freaked him out. He just could not see me as a sexual being and since his needs were being met, in his mind the marriage was great.

I don't really have advice for the OP, except that if he will not talk about it he may never get over whatever is going on in his head.
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