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Is Texting Cheating?Page 4 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
I believe that any communication involving flirting is cheating, because does'nt that involve building bonds with people other than your spouse or significant other.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/2/2012 10:27:15 PM
Most of these comments are total crap. No, it's not cheating. And most of you calling it as such have at one time or another, done the same thing in your lives. In every relationship, there's always one that is more attached to their partner than the other. It's not cheating until physical contact is made. Up until that point, it's purely interest, attraction, and considering other options. It's just human nature. All I ask of other men is that you man up, be respectful as possible about it by breaking up with your current partner BEFORE any physical contact is made with your new attraction. And the same goes for women. Take a deep breath, find some courage, and break up with your current man BEFORE any physical contact is made with your new attraction.

People need to calm down and realize most people in relationships don't deliberately try to hurt their partners. Attraction just happens and if it's a strong attraction, there is very little the person feeling it can do about it. Most people feel bad when they know they've done something to hurt someone else. Just realize that your ex partner did what they did because they found someone else more attractive than yourself for what ever reason, and move on. This gives you something to work on. Making yourself more attractive to the next person that comes along. A failed relationship should be seen as a growth opportunity for the person who got hurt and dumped. Don't close down and become negative. Realize and accept your mistakes and become a more attractive person. Good luck.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/2/2012 10:45:44 PM
It is cheating, period.

Guy with a girlfriend = no relationship = cheating
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/3/2012 8:52:52 PM
dare to

I agree with you. What is with all the texting anyway? A man only spends that amount of effort on a woman if he wants to bed her, sooner or later. It is cheating with intent I think.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/3/2012 11:31:10 PM
Hmm. The dilemma with SOCIAL networking?

The heart and soul of this conversation belong to a MORAL state of mind in that if your partner and his partner were OK with the TEXTING, then why shouldn't they be included in the the chat line.

Were human and at some point should we all not have the ability to have some privacy if NO one is hurt?

Hurt = in relationship = not respecting the other enough to find out what you are doing would be hurtful.

Cheating - happens when it HURT!

If it doesn't no you are OK.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 5:16:26 AM
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 10:48:06 AM

Omission is betrayal.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 10:50:13 AM
*Shakes head*

What the hell happened to these forums, 2007 was such a better read.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 3:11:01 PM
Anything you do with another person of opposite sex that you're unwilling to tell your significant other is cheating....
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 3:51:50 PM
No, it's not cheating. It's texting. Now if he was actually banging you and not just flirting with you, then that's cheating.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 4:09:10 PM
question , what type of relationship is ok to have with a man who has a girlfriend ... answer, the same kind you would want your boyfriend to have with a female friend...
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 4:29:45 PM
still not cheating.... yeah it's a****move, but it's not cheating.

If I just typed out a detailed message about me and you having sex, does that mean we had sex? It's an outlet, everyone has them. How about if guys started dumping you every time your jaw dropped when someone like george clooney or that spanish dude from dancing with the stars (i only know that because of my grandmother) are shirtless on TV?

People, like literally every other mammal in existence, are just not monogamous. It's not our nature, but we're trained into this concept of monogamy (which roots to the fact that back in the day, marriage meant the man owned the woman, and in a lot of other cultures today, it still means that).

So they play out a fantasy of being with someone else on the side without actually doing it... it's the same thing as you playing with your vibrator, or watching porn, or becoming a bigger perv than any guy in the world because the spanish guy has his shirt open. It's why so many married guys go to strip bars. It's the "fantasy", it's getting rid of our natural instinct to go have sex with as many people as possible. Remember, we're programmed to reproduce....

Texting isn't cheating. Texting is actually what's stopping him from cheating.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 10:19:55 PM
what scares me is that you are actually asking this.

He is cheating and you are knowingly helping him cheat. not getting that people dont know this is wrong.

cheating is doing something that you would never do if your partner was there.

It kind of shocks me that you dont know what is and isn't wrong in regards to communication with a guy that is attached.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/4/2012 11:14:53 PM
i agree with mark
cheating is something that you would never do if your partner was there
there is no such thing as innocent flirting

he is somebody else's boyfriend
why don't you get your own?
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/5/2012 1:43:06 AM
Does anyone want to hook up? Text me.......
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/5/2012 2:43:54 AM
texting is not cheating, but I have seen it lead to cheating about 50% of the time.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/5/2012 1:16:53 PM
LoL most of the guys say, no, it's not cheating, most of the women say, yes, it is.

We really don't speak the same language at all.

*smh* LoL
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/6/2012 6:15:09 PM
agree with that one google cheating ..there is mental and physical cheating ..yes it is cheating !! and if he has a girl friend already says allot about your self ...seriously ..and like he said .if the girl friend found the txt what would she say or think ..dont do to others that you wouldn't want done to you .. ..
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 4/6/2012 8:38:02 PM
Sound reasoning is....if what you're doing would in any way, hurt or insult your significant other..than it's wrong.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/13/2012 10:01:31 PM
Would you want your bf doing it (if you weren't single)? There's your answer.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/15/2012 7:52:21 AM

None of these questions strikes me as terribly relevant.

Seems to me this is just a great big time-suck for you, which will also make you unattractive to someone who is available and does want to actually date you.

I think the type of relationship that's okay to have with a guy that has a girlfriend is one that doesn't eat up hours of your day, and about which you could quite comfortably tell any new dating prospect the absolute and entire truth.

Also one which doesn't potentially endanger you. Who knows how his girlfriend will react if/when she sees all this crap on his phone. That's a headache you don't need!

He was either telling you that he knew where the line was in order to remind you so that you wouldn't cross it or to lull you into thinking that whatever transpired was okay. If he hadn't crossed a line she wouldn't have posted the thread.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/15/2012 4:25:31 PM
Not cool. Emotional cheating maybe?
Joined: 12/26/2011
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/15/2012 4:37:53 PM
Sigh. I think it totally depends on the intention behind the texts. My husband and I are friends with a 'couple' and he gets along REALLY well with the wife--they love the same college football team so they text incessantly when there's a game. I also push him to chat with her whenever we have a misunderstanding, just to gain her perspective.

But my relationship is different than most. My marriage is open, I'm not an incredibly jealous person.
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/15/2012 5:00:36 PM
They are not cheating...
They are just being swingers
Without you :)
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Is Texting Cheating?
Posted: 6/15/2012 5:08:02 PM
Get the girlfreind texting to........then it will be a threesome
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