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Dated for a few months and then dead...Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I see bi polar has been mentioned. Read up on it seems like a text book case!
Joined: 11/24/2010
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 12/25/2010 10:40:44 AM
bi-polar maybe..

grass is greener on the other side of the fence syndrome?

has you in play while having being the back up insurance for when certain others dont work out??

dude..why would you continue with such an emotional roller coaster ride?? time to get off or suck it up and run with it as far as you can...
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 12/27/2010 12:28:09 PM
It's a relationship that never really got off the ground. It wasn't meant to be.

And yes, despite this philosophy, I DO notice a trend with dating site participants to have like a check list or ledger thing going on and any issue(s) you have in your life are going to be held against you. Granted, sometimes the issues are of one's own making,but sometimes they aren't. As ray of moonlight pointed out, if only people who were issue-free/have perfect lives are entitled to a pair-bond relationship, singlehood would be very much the NORM.
Believe me, it's a pervasive trend that I often catch myself starting to do-looking at one or 2 factors, mentally constructing a worst-case scenario, and passing on a potential dating/relationship interaction. I'm not saying that everyone should throw all caution and common sense to the wind and ignore all negative factors,or that people should force themselves to date and be involved with people they don't like or are not comfortable with,or ignore a gut feeling that something just ain't gonna work.
But most dating involvements that fizzle out or break up do so because the interest/attraction/chemistry was not in balance. If one has to sit down and analyze and dissect every dating situation that fades out or relationship that fails, either quietly or with much sound and fury, we'll all be basket cases.
However, I do have to make one observation...if someone looks at an illness, trauma, or other problem that rises from a situation beyond a person's control, and uses that to make a blanket judgement about the person being "not dating/relationship material", for ANYONE, not just their own 'druthers', that seems like someone lacking in compassion and over supplied with arrogance. People with illnesses, handicaps, or history of a trauma manage to make good relationships all the time. To call someone who was a victim of abuse or sexual assault "not relationship material", to me, is tantamount to saying anyone who saw combat in the military must have PTSD and therefore "isn't relationship material". How fair does THAT sound? Not very,right???

Lots of dating situations and relationships just don't work out. It's understandable to want to try and sort things out, vent a little, try to get ones' "thought ducks" in a row.
That's fine. But why is it that every dating or relationship involvement that fizzles out, fails, or just never gets any momentum, seems to have to be blamed on some sort of personality disorder or mental illness? Just because someone won't fall in love with you, or starts to and then stops, or falls in love and then falls OUT of it,doesn't mean that they have emotional or mental disorders!
Cindy O
Joined: 9/30/2010
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 12/27/2010 12:34:39 PM
sorry, I just read the OP's post-she sounds like an unmedicated bipolar woman. RUN as fast as you can...and ask yourself:why are YOU thinking enuf of HER to actually start a thread about this???
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 5/24/2011 11:48:35 PM
cause your playing games you told her it wouldnt work then kept in contact your an asswhole
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 5/25/2011 1:04:42 AM
Dude...stand outside her window with a boombox blasting one of her rap songs. Something with a lot of attitude, like "Cold-cocked the sucker!" so she'll understand that you mean business.

Better polish your skillz, because she'll be about to out-talk you no matter what you say. The best you can hope for is a little props for coming on strong, hard, and REAL.

If you're gonna bring it, then BRING IT, but if you're just gonna perpetrate, you a fool.
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Dated for a few months and then dead...
Posted: 5/25/2011 2:14:36 PM
So what did you lied about? Or she claims you lied about?
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