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 The Saint 77
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"I Love You... Inside Me"

damn, that clever.
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I Love You... Inside Me!
Posted: 12/6/2010 6:07:07 AM
When a women tells you during the heat of passion "she loves you inside of her" is totally different than a women who tells you she "loves you" for who you are. Its clear, you satisfied her sexual needs which is great. The two expressions are entirely different and have two totally different meanings..
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I Love You... Inside Me!
Posted: 12/6/2010 6:49:12 AM
"I love you inside of me"
now continued we have
"wriggling in and around my various lower pelvic sub-assemblies"

now...."I love you inside of me wriggling in and around my various lower pelvic internal sub-assemblies" doesn't sound so hot does it? Visions of needless animal husbandry come to mind and that is not good e.....specially for blokes, wost women aren't tickled pink either.

Unless we're talkin' 1960s "Fantastic Voyage" then I'm not inside you!

My wee-wee-bob/tongue/finger/ fist/ foot/( elbow?nahhh!) maybe.
My argument is this:
If my finger is inside the house but the rest of me is outside what do I have? A frackin' sore finger when someone slams the door or window shut..... aint that right now? actually poor analogy but by now you know what I mean.. I not inside. my appendage -
is...... inside .....full stop

The real meaning of "I love you inside of me" is...ready for it.......

"I love your (0ck inside me"

Ahhhh Yikes! look out here come all you butch closet sexually frustrated homos to hump me.....Aaaaah no don't. Nooooooo stop!
I was quoting! ...not me silly billy!......I don't go on hog-hunting campin' weekends with swamp buddies/don't like shotguns and V8s n' pick up trucks ..tho I'm partial to a little moonshine
gawsh that was close!

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