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^^^I do agree with you, but not everyone is misclaiming. I'm on medication, but I also go to the gym regularly unless I'm not well (which is not that often). Most folks haven't a clue I have a chronic condition! And some actually think I want to be this thin!

What I'm referring to is that I have some larger friends trying to get back in shape and can't walk or run because it hurts and they have been to the doctor, and the doctors tell them not to walk or run for exercise - it's hard to not be able to do something that others take for granted. However, one friend in particular called me to discuss and we came up with a solution - swimming.

But yeah, I get what you are saying. I find myself constantly biting my tongue when acquaintances go on and on about how crappy they feel. I wonder if they'd like to switch with me sometimes? LOL. If it weren't for my working out, I'd be in a lot worse condition. I'm a huge advocate for working out as I know the benefits to aid illness. There is NO med out there that can do what the gym does.

All that said, I can't change my size and I can't change what men are attracted to. There are more important things to me than whining about men that are not attracted to me because of my size. More people need to learn how to handle rejection and not take it so personally.
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/7/2010 6:58:46 PM
I rather enjoy popping in on occasion to share thoughts, whether good or bad, with all the nice people here...

So my first post on this thread was immediately responded to with:


Using the F word against a complete stranger shows a real lack of respect where I come from. Especially against someone older with a lot more life experience.

I ignored that and came back to post again, this time it was:

It's rather hypocritcal to suggest

So yes, a touch of condescension (thanks for spelling that one right) might have been included in my statement. I'm looking forward to the next disrespectful response illustrating my words taken out of context.

Yes, I'm slightly thin, but I have big broad shoulders.

For the others here, my statement about outlawing comments against thin people was mostly a joke. I've just never put a "lol" after anything I've ever written, and we all know the last thing we need is more laws. Hehe!
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/7/2010 11:26:45 PM
It's rather hypocritcal to suggest you are entitled to put you prefer a thinner woman, and yet think it should be illegal to tell you you need some meat on your bones.

I don't think this ^^ is hypocritical. Stating a preference isn't the same as telling someone what to do. He's not telling fat women to lose weight.
Ahhh, the age-old problem about fat. Tell me, what do fat people love so much about their fat? All this baloney we hear telling obese women (not men) to "love their bodies". I don't get it (actually, the cynic in me feels these messages come those who can make money from obesity and its side-effects).
I'd love to hear from fat people on this: what do you love about the fat? Coz I certainly do not think my rolls are all that pretty.
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/8/2010 2:42:04 AM
a fat man would probably break my ribs because i'm far too lazy to get on top.
i'm not fond of skinny guys either,
there's nothing to cuddle!...

i do like a man with a fat...
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/8/2010 5:25:13 AM

I'd love to hear from fat people on this: what do you love about the fat? Coz I certainly do not think my rolls are all that pretty

And for me, I don't think that love handles are nice. Fat is not attractive to me. A woman who'd encourage me to have some fat around the waist, so that she could get a grip on it would encounter some resistance..
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/8/2010 3:35:09 PM
It is called preference and we all are attracted to what we are attracted to. I cannot control what I like about a man. Physically and mentally. All you can do is find someone or let someone find you who like you for you. I think everyone suffers in this catagory. What I will say is you sound down on yourself. And sometimes, attitude will scare someone away before looks. Work on yourself a bit more and maybe project a different attitude and someone will be into you. You can have ANY body you want. It is up to you to make the changes. Good luck OP. Things always work out one way or another.
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/8/2010 8:03:34 PM
When I mentioned the accusations of being shallow due to my preferences, it was about reverse discrimination. I probably have over a hundred overweight female relatives, not including the ones who are passed away. And I love them all without prejudice. They are (and were) absolutely fantastic, loving people.

So it shocks me when I subtly mention my preference for smaller women, and almost always get a knee-jerk reaction. I feel bad for all who struggle with their weight, BUT I'M NOT THE ENEMY! I've even been asked for my input from some of my customers in the past, and gave that idea up quickly. I started with simple basics that fell on deaf ears, in fact most are still sucking down cans of diet soda to this day.

Most of us have sensitivities one way or another, the subject of extra weight seems to be one of the biggest triggers of negative responses that I've ever seen.

Everyone has preferences, if I'm too thin for a potential mate, so what. I won't freak out if they told me the truth.
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Men and Woman size does count??
Posted: 12/10/2010 3:35:33 PM
Belle Requin, I hope I didn't upset you. You're probably a nice girl, and what you said wasn't as bad as I made it sound. Please accept my sincere apology, I always pride myself in making friends instead of enemies...

Back to the subject.

I get a kick out of being called skinny. I actually weigh about 10 lbs more than what some older weight charts recommended. At 180 lbs I'm not skinny, maybe a little thin compared to today's average, but have absolutely NO DESIRE to gain weight. I don't care what others think, my weight is perfectly healthy.

That being said, I don't mind women with a few extra pounds. Just not POF's "few extra pounds" because they usually look to be 300+! Some "average" girls look to be twice my size.

The flip side is the anorexic-looking ones. I feel bad for them but protruding bones just don't appeal to me.
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