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Wawa. I thought of an excellent idea why the colonization of space won't save the souls and the quality of life of those who remain.

Even in our wildest dreams.

To save the quality of life of those who remain, we constantly must export people, over eternity.

But people can't leave without taking some of the Earth's oxygen with them.

initially this won't be a problem. right now in the state of the world today, we got oxygen to burn, we got so much of it in the atmosphere.

But if we steadily keep shooting people away, and we make sure they don't die, we must give them enough oxygen to sustain themselves for the trip. Even if we pack a good biosphere into the capsule, with plants that make oxygen an sugar out of carbon dioxide and water, the oxygen will still be constantly drained. in a couple of thousands of millennia the people who are staying beind will be gasping for air.

So no, shooting ourselves out I vote against. I vote for my idea, to double up the souls in the bodies.
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Working in Space
Posted: 12/15/2010 4:11:11 PM
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Working in Space
Posted: 12/15/2010 4:59:43 PM

And a very simple argument can be made for spreading beyond our planet - we have to. Extinction through war, disease or cometary impact are real threats. right now, all our eggs are in one basket. Worthy or not, if the species wants to have any hope of survival, we need to spread out.

any hope lies in spreading out... hmmm.. interesting....and if that doesn't work there is no hope, so in essence we put
any hope[s] of survival... in one basket

Is there any other reality based idea?

Not being Debbie downer but it has reached a critical point that may not be able to withstand the pressure cooker while we dally around with space biosphere programs. It is a great idea to inhabit another planet and create more homes and residential habitats for some lifeforces.

However, if we do not correct the problems we have: We would spread our war,and disease to another planet or biosphere and then allow those left on this planet to be impacted with the negative results of war, disease and a comet. Eventually, the new residence would be impacted with the same ills as the old, including a comet. For we did not correct or learn to cope with any of the old ills and problems we only escaped, starting a new environment with all the old problems tagging along. What is so special about any of us that make us worthy of creating a new and better place external to the earth if we can't do it with what we have here?
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Working in Space
Posted: 12/15/2010 6:57:24 PM

Extinction through war, disease or cometary impact are real threats. right now.

All can be survived by a sufficiently deep (and isolated) undersea colony.

As for disease, no single cell organism will ever wipe us off the face of the planet. Microorganisms don't work like that. With every successive pass through a different host, the microorganism becomes more and more attentuated to that host. It is the reason the Bubonic Plague only took half of Europe, even without medicine or any idea of Germ Theory to fight it. It's just how germs work.

You watched too many sci fi movies.
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Working in Space
Posted: 12/16/2010 3:20:18 AM
Historically, as far as we know, viruses and other micro-organisms have not wiped out the human species. Not to say that other species have been rendered extinct because of those little critters. We don't know that. We don't know what wiped out our neanderthal kin either. We also don't know yet, the implications of genetically modifying bacteria and viruses and food, nanotechnology already showing up in our food chain, the man-made chemical stew that our bodies now harbor, or what kind of superbugs we are breeding with our temporary experiment in anti-biotic dependency. Trying to run to a bubble under the sea or a distant planet might well be an exercise in futility once something wicked is unleashed and infecting the herd.
"As for disease, no single cell organism will ever wipe us off the face of the planet" could easily be one of those famous last words on the epitaph of humanity. MRSA is a warning shot over our bow. My father finally succumbed to an antibiotic-resistent form of pneumonia. Cancer is now poised to become the leading cause of death worldwide for the foreseeable future. Lots of things to fix here before we infect the rest of the universe.
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