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Why do you think you should get her back? You had several chances and you proved to yourself and her that you didn't really want her back, you wanted control and then you wanted to hurt her all over again. Get some professional help and be honest about yourself, don't make your therapy about wanting to get her back, make it about figuring out why you do what you do. Let her be.
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Getting her back
Posted: 12/28/2010 10:56:43 AM
Oh puhleeeze. If she was done, she would not stay under they same roof, no matter what. The relationship may be doomed, but she ain't done yet.

That said, introspection and coming up with the conclusion that you were a jerk for some vague reason is LAME and probably downright insulting to her. She likely feels abused and confused.

Get her back by moving out, getting counseling, and making yourself attractive enough for her to ask you. And if she never asks for you back, you've done the work you need to do to be with someone else.
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Getting her back
Posted: 12/30/2010 4:08:25 PM

(karma1160) Two things: 1. you are still living in the same house, so all is not lost.

Very true. They have minimal travel-time to take away from their serious work of getting on each other's nerves...

2. 2. you need to back off and show her that you are doing something to improve your mood and way of handling stress.

No, he needs to either get out of the house, or get her out of the house. Living in the same house is just gonna make 'em both sick and tired of each other that much faster...

Dr. ES...
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Getting her back
Posted: 12/30/2010 4:37:28 PM
Dude, when women leave they NEVER come back. You are done. You are history.

A month? That's a lot of turmoil and it makes absolutely no difference if you've been together and a perfect couple for 35 years, a month of not treating her like a princess is unbearable for the majority of women....

... shit, I've been kicked to the curb after less than a DAY of not treating some woman like a princess....

Sorry, but it's time to move on.

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Getting her back
Posted: 12/31/2010 9:54:16 AM

We live in the same house, and she's just going to be moving from one room to another...which will add stress, for me at least, anyways.

It certainly will. One of you needs to move. Now would be good.

Looks to me like you've been pushing her away, likely because you're not sure about getting married. People do this kind of thing all the time! Psychologically speaking, it's totally normal, just really horribly painful for both parties. Another thing that brings to mind this possibility, apparently you've been clinging to a 2008 profile here saying you're looking for a relationship, despite having become engaged since then (I'm assuming you didn't create the profile in order to cheat, but rather, simply left it after you and she got together). That also is an "I'm not really ready" thing, keeping options open as sort of a safety net. So, obviously this is still a guess, but it does seem probable to me that your behavior is trying to tell you something.

If she was done, she would not stay under they same roof, no matter what. The relationship may be doomed, but she ain't done yet.

Concurred. I think there's still a shot. Barely. But I wonder if it's worth trying.

I mean, consider this, Xion_Xiathyne - have you been happy with her?

Would you have been picking fights if you were?
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