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 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree huggerPage 2 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
part 19

Hello house
hello dogs
hello goat
hello birds
Hello friend
I thought I herd you last night
I called for you but
all I herd silence
you usually come running
my mind is playing tricks
The Days have been nice
they go by faster when
they are nice
sunshine green again
snows all gone
its mild
almost warm
Been thinking of
a sweat lodge
There are willows
by the creek
I just need twelve
I use to sweat every day
keeps sickness away
It cleanses you
clears your mind
brings you to
a center point
I was tought this
by a Cherokee couple
Morning sun and Three Feathers
who over wintered
with me one year
These two traveled
by donkeys
Turbo and
Anna Belle
Most stubborn donkeys
on the Western Hemisphere
These Two spent there time
traveling up and down Cali
with there donkeys packing
tepee's and what ever they
need for the trail
Turbo was spooked
by a diamondback
reared and shoved
his leg through
a cattle guard
So I let them hole up
at my place in the
It was a good winter
Morning sun tought me
While Three feathers
read poetry.
we hunted
and gathered
prepared a garden
sang lots of song
played lots of music
a very Magical
Turbo Got Better
Then April came along
They left and headed
for Lake Tahoe
I m sure we will cross
paths again
if not now well
in the next
maybe in another lifetime
Here's some Cherokee
Oh see yoh
suh no day
day lay ga la sss
Nay he
ooh jay hee
knew go he luh ee
Ooh hah
yea he ss dee
Oo hah
yea he ss dee
Cherokee song
played with a
I keep tripping
on that dream
My dad
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/7/2011 7:34:30 PM
Cherokee phonetic spelling of the above song


If anyone knows Cherokee
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/8/2011 8:35:03 AM
Part 20

Last night I looked out
over the meadow.
I thought I saw you
way out there
the green glow
of your eyes

Flying around my
my porch light
was a moth
Just fluttering around the light
something besides
I watch that thing for
an hour.
just fluttering
Then I asked it
a question
When is spring
it looked at me
and said
Do You think
I'd be out here
if I was gonna
freeze to death?
and then it called
me a dumb ass
some moths can
be rude
Animals speak
really they do
I learned how to
predict earthquakes
from birds and ants
and storms from ants
and trees
and wind storms
and tornadoes
from butterflies
and dragonflies
and any jay
will let you know
when there's trouble
ravens and crows
will tell you where
there is something
good to eat
and show you
where there is
listen to silence
and emptiness
that will tell you something
wild fire coming
blizzard .

Be safe my friend
I hope your listening out
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/11/2011 7:40:32 AM
Part 21

I wake up every morning
and what I put out for you
is gone
You don't stop by and say hi
any more
I don't understand.
we have to have
a talk
I think I'm going to
set a trap for you
I have that live trap
I"ll use that
Then we will talk face to face .

I Planted some seeds
the other day
I'm not sure what they are
but that is something
I like to do
plant unique unknown.
strange interesting seeds
I do it a lot
some times I know
exactly what I'm planting
other times,
I have no clue
Some times I get weeds
annoying things that never
go away
and then sometimes
I get beautiful flowers
that make me smile
as I glimpse
at them.
Sometimes though
nothing grows at all
no matter what I do
Sometimes fruits grow
and vegetables
ummm good
and good for me too
Sometimes there are
certain one's that just
make me think..
I just got some seeds
the other day
Very interesting seeds
I have no Idea what there
going to be
but I planted them.
Its a bit early
but Ill keep them warm
and see what happens
I'm' hoping they turn
into something big
Something I can
really hug.
Or something that
bares really good
A while ago
I once planted
a seed.
I swear
it turned into
a Sequoia.

Got to get that trap
I've been playing
phone tag with
my Dad
Ill try later
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/12/2011 3:41:12 PM
part 22
Last night it took
an hour to dig
that trap out.
I guess I owe you
an apology
I woke up to a skunk
in the trap
it wasn't you taking the food
a skunk
so now Big dilemma
skunk in trap
and pissed
Have to get skunk
out of trap

Its like life
We start out in bright sunlight
then we start digging
and once we realize were in a tunnel
we start looking for the light
we look for that light
we perceive as the end.
and we make a bee line right to it
sometimes its not the way out
Then there are those times
you reach that light at the end
of the tunnel only to find
another damn tunnel
with a light way at the
Its happens to me
I start digging

My goal is
to stop digging
stay out of the
tunnels and enjoy the
sunshine .

Well with that said
I just dug my self
a small tunnel
the light at the end
of it is......
to get the skunk
out of this trap
without getting
and then I can call my Dad
once again i f your out there
be safe my friend
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/22/2011 5:45:17 AM
Its been nice
I woke up to fire
in the sky.
another day of
I think you are gone
for good
I saw your kind the
other day
it wasn't you though
I know
Got a phone call
from that indigo girl
I didn't think she would
but she did
I missed it
but her message
I've herd that voice before
It is the same voice
a familiar voice
do I know you?
maybe from my draems
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/10/2014 9:40:46 AM



haven't been back here for a while
this old place
this old holler
this old house
Coming here was like
opening an old box you
have stored in the adtic
Blow off the dust
open up and look at
all the old stuff
all that old past stuff
from another time
I have to admit
at first I was flooded with
Old stuff
Negative stuff
Then I Remembered
I gave it all up
let go a long long
time ago
Gave it to Karma
Gave it to Good
Gave it to the
never thought about it again
until this second

My life
its been good
really really good
it been grand
Im having a ball
no debt
all bills paid
house is mine
Im free
Ive been around
hugged people
in Finland
Sang with people
in Surinam
and cried with them
in The Ukrain
but now im back
here where I started
in the old house
in the old holler
Life is a circle
round and round
we go
When I first came here
I was young in this world
I was niave, Just a baby
inecent ,unaware
to this worlds workings
but now
this moment
Im much older
much wiser
I question more
I know the difference
between non reality
and real reality
digital reality
and physical reality
I don't live in a box
I live in real life
why do I bring this back
to life?
This place my
old home
is still very insperational
I came back for a bit
of nistalgia
memmeory lane shit
The first thing that greets me
I invented hot springs
to me
that is
a sign from the universe
an insperation
this is how it goes

Where my soul lives
Hot water in blue pools
Ecteacy felt every second

Heres something else
I was inspried by
the phrase
"come on in "
I wrote a song
hears how that goes

Come on in from the cold
come on in and tell me that storie you once told
Come on in by the fires heat
Come on in for a little moonshine treat
Come on in and warm your feet
come on in and gets yourself somethin to eat
Come on in and Smoke a bit
Come on in and have a sit
Come on in and rest your eyes
Come on in away from lies
Come on in and rest a while
Come on in with that great big smile
Come on in its Okay
Come on it and Stay all day
Come on in where life is good
Come on in where your understood
Come on in where the noise has ceased
Come on in and get some Peace.

Thats how it goes
i like it
I guess im back
for while
with all my
misspelled word
and bad grammer
and insperational Trivia
at least
after winter
the spring
Then Im gone
life continues again
for now
IM home
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/11/2014 8:13:02 PM
part 2

Iv been here for
a couple of days
its a lonly place
don't remeber bein
so empty
reminds me of an ol
dive bar
where there's an old guy
the only guy in the whole bar
sitin at the end of the bar
drinkin his Miller
you go back
8 months later
and that guy
is still there
same guy
thats what it
feel like
In this old place
That Old guy
at the bar
not even
lookin at me
Its an empty
silent universe

and on a brighter note
9 out of 10 racoons
perfer Crispy Cream Donuts
Over Kentucky Fried Chicken
thats a fact
did my own study
goverment funded of course

Today I was thinking of hot springs
my old home
where I left my soul
floating in hot water
with oneness in all things
becoming lost in the sound
of the flowing hot water
cascading downward.
everything in your body
is disolving
as the warmth
and soothing heat
of this healing water
in gulfs
your total being
and then I open
my eyes
and I'm here
in this place
in the ol holler
in the ol house
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/13/2014 7:47:28 AM
Part 3

Woke up to grey skys
cold, foggy. stillness
The room is empty
its cold
I look out the window
to lightly falling snowflakes
My old dog comes over
starts pushing me
with his head
he wants out
I litterly crawl
out of bed
stand up
walk to the door
It looks nasty
out there
I open the door
cold wind hits me
it feels like a punch
a slape
to my face
I walk over to
the old wood stove
its out
not even coals
another cold morning
I get the coffee going
get the stove going
my old dog
is back at the door
I walk over to the door
and I let him in
I look at the thermommeter
in my house
42 degrees
I walk over to
coffee pot
and pore
the hot water through
a make shift coffee filter
atop the silver fox news cup
Falicia gave me
when I left Cali.
I sit by the Old stove
and huddle close
sipping my coffee
and doing
other vises.

Gooooood MOrnninggggg

That was my morning
I know exciting
well I see this ol bar
sparked up a bit
Some ladies
show up
Livened things up a bit
I think even that old guy
who's been sittin at the
end of the bar
for enternity
lifted his head
took notice
I didn't know
he wore glases
It was nice to see
some ladies in here
for once
They have a differnt
way of putting things
different prospective
Its always nice

Here' s someting
We are Microworlds
yep its true
we are a world on a world on a world ..........
I guess
Scientist Who ever they are??
Have dicovered that
there are thousand upon thousand
of seperate organisms
living in and out side
our body
They haven't even discovered
all them yet
AND this is a big and---
If wern't for them
Living on and in
You would not be here
so be nice to your world
Just think
Your like a little planet
Isnt that cool
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/14/2014 8:15:52 AM
Part 4

First snow fall
I awoke to the soft peter patter
of snowflakes lightly touching
down upon the roof
The windows are frosted
with tiny crystals
of ice
you can't see out
I take an old subway sandwich
gift card and use it for an
ice scraper
Out side there is a white blanket
of snow covering eternity
The snow is gently falling
all around are greys and blacks
and whites dominating the
land scape
black twigs of sleeping tree
agains a grey skys
there is an icy fog
drifing about
its cold
the inside thermommeter
reads 36 degrees
I exhale a
cloud of fog
is released
I get the wood burining stove lit
and the coffee going
I look out side again
the snow is everywhere
no getten out of the holler
I'm stuck here.
I huddle next to the heat
of the stove
I embrace it
as i sip my coffee
I think
alone in a white nothingness,

Goooooooooood Mooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrninnnnnnnngggggggggggg

Wow did you here what they did
they landed a probe on a commet
yep that sright.
here a little side not about Commets
this is true
Apparently they are made up of a lot of
Methain and Sulfer Dioxide
YOu know what that is?
Thats what F A R T S
are made of
apparent thats what they smell like
one huge F A R T
get ya a wondering don't it.
all that kind of stuff
makes you wonder about man kind
like why are we tryng to leave the planet
we are the only species that is trying to leave
think about it
Hmmmmm Mabe we are not from here.
Makes ya think
more on that later.
Maybe tomarrow
but forsure wer'er
goin to discusse this
whole evalution thing but not now
OK here some poems
from last night of
lightning round
last line first line thing

What the hell was we thinkin
to buy an old car like a Lincon
Its such an old car
it shouldn't go far
not with the exhaust all a stinkin

heres another

Screw it all what the fruck
sure glad I got rid of that truck
It was ugly for sure
The paint job unpure
and a drive in it always did suck
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/15/2014 11:14:51 AM
part 5

Today I woke to sunshine
cold frozen golden sunshine
Inside thermommeter
29 degreess
Its clear out side
still, icy
wonder land like
everything is moving
in slow motion
like a dream.
my ears ach
my fingers stiff
they want me at work
this morning.
Out side is clear
very cold
I dress like im headed for
the artic
Parka gloves
good warm socks
boots I open the door
Its cold my ears ach
when I breath it hurts
It feels like a puch in the chest
Im standing there
barley able to move
Its soo cold
I bundle my face up its 9 degress
I walk out to my old
1994 ford exploer
and it is incased
with ice
I grab the handle
pull upward
and give it a thrust
The door its stuck
frozen solid
I go back into the
boil water and bring back
to the 1994 Ford Exploer
Poor it over the frozen door
I here a crack
the door opens
I get inside It feels like
a freezer
I find the Ice scrapper
and start scrapping the ice
off the front window the sides
The back window.
I get in the car
put the key in the
Ignition and
click click click
I have a dead battery
I get out of the car
go into the house
make a call
" Hey Im gonna be late"
I grab the battery booster
go back out to
the 1994 Ford Exploer
I get in
I unlach the hood
I hook up the cables
I get back into the car
turn the key
Click click click
I have to walk
I go back inside the house
I make a call
"hey I have to walk
I get my black cherry walking stick
and I walk the 1.7 miles
to my job
I get there and open the door
walk inside. To
What the hell took you long enough
I don;t like having to all this work"
I thought I called
I work the shift
ask for a ride home
nobody going my way
so I walk the 1.7 miles
back home In 12 degree

That was my Morning
How was yours
Im back home things are good
got the car running the place wamed up
Should be a good day after all.
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/16/2014 1:49:28 PM
part 6

Its Sunday
One of those nothing days
There nothing to do
but sit around
whatch the dark cloud
watch the rain
and wait for Monday
Its warmer today
so that better
Inside temp 57 degrees
easer to warm up
and No ice on the window
its better today
its sunday
no work to do
no one around
no one expected
beautful loniness
in all derections
surounding me
covering me
taking me Over
from the inside

Hello all

so Just thought Id ramble
a bit so have a sit
first though a bit a useless
unproven trivia
Ok It takes the brain
.25 of a second
to look at
all this gibberish
to prosess it
figure out what it sayin
then to come up with
a response in your head
"Why am I reading
this gibberish"
Yep Point 2 5 of a second
POINT two five
or 1/4 of a second
to do all that
so hears the point
you live in the past man
Its true we all do
there no way around it
because every thing you do
becomes past instanly
so you can't live
in the present nor
can you live in the future
just some thing to think about
Ok Ok
I did some reasearch
well I had my own
private resercher do it
about this forum and
about this thread
I sent him some data
and he did all this math
and calculating
and marketing anilyzing stuff
bla bla blaa
It seem there are aproxemently
7 of you that are following
this thread soooo
welcome you fabulous
people. My heart bleeds
tears of joy. Yor all fabulious
all 7 of you
feel free to add
Poetry Forum on Saturdaynight
Its must be closed or something
I swear it was totlay empty.
No body
just a dark gloomy room
not even that old guy at the
end of the bar.
Kind of creepy
Ok Iv started takeing request
on topics that you might want
My opinion on
and just the other night
got a little IM
from a fan
wanting me to discuss black and white Vacations
So this what I think
I think it a good idea
a vacations scheluald should be
broken down into some sort
of a color system
A black vacation could be
like some sort of a ghost
hunting experance
or maybe some sort of
a hunted house
I don't know
something black and dark
Then a white vacation
you go to places that are white
like the Alps or a glacer
or Antartica
some place where theres snow
Beside black and white vacations
they should have other colors
like blue vactions
and red ones
Like a yellow vacation.
Or Like
OH NOOO OOOPs big oops
sorry guys my bad
I did'nt read this right
its not black and white vacations
Its black and white relations
little typo there
well lets see
every one should get along
its that simple

see yaaaaaaassssssss
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/17/2014 7:13:33 PM
Part 7

Hello Monday
insdie thermometer 61 degress
It s been warmer today
but snowing off and on
Now this moment though
the cold hit hard
everthing frozen
Tonight 9 degrees
were getten a blizzard
but im ready
bring it on God
plenty of wood
plenty of food
plenty of water
plenty of music
plenty of beer
blenty of scotch
plenty of vodka
plenty of Congac
plenty of Ice got a lot of that
plenty of other things
plenty of lighters
plenty of thoughts
plenty of lines
plenty of rymes
Im ready
Let the wind blow
Let the snow flow
I think its winter
this is winter weather
January kind of weather
Febuary kind of weather
but its November
winter is a month away
Hmm I wonder if there something wrong
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/18/2014 6:17:40 AM
part 8

Morning cold cold light
the polar vortex, it knocks
its knocking is loud
Inside temp 33 degrees
outside temp 8 degrees
How long will it last
when its cold like this I ach
Polar Vortex sucks
Another log burns
The wood burning Stove heats up
Coffee almost done
When will this all end
Winter still a month away
Who can explain this
Global warmings true
Can we cure this great big earth
No one knows for sure

Goooooodddd Mooooooornnniningggggggg

Hi yall
Hello all seven of you
The first really really cold night
The Polar vortex seems to like
West Virginia, Its wild and wonderful here
well at the moment not so wonderful
but really really cold
That Polar Vortex thing
keeps commming around
so if your wondering what that is
its a mass of artic air that
travels south englufing
the lower half of North America
The strange thing is that normally
it happens from time to time
but not two years in a row
and it don't hang out so long
and you listen to the weather guys
and they say "Its goin to stick around for a week"
but the week ends and the damn thing
is still here, and then they say Well this Polar vortex thing movin slowly"
and then they say. "Gonna be stickin around a while"
Translation ALL F^%^CKIN WINTER
now heres a delima
who do you get angery at
Its fustrating having to chip
your car out of Ice.
Keeping the house warm
fear frezzing to death
going to the store
but I will get over it
Like I said
bring it on
cuss God
and continue
its not like you have a choice
you eather exsit or yo don't
Ok done complaining about the
even though weather
inspries me
Just trying to say this ant normal
geting you all to think
about your surounding
become aware

ok have a good one
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/19/2014 5:34:38 PM
Part 8
I woke this am with the
frezzing sunshine
streaming through the window
licking at my face
It felt like a warm caress
of soft fingers
familar fingers
stroking your face
a comftable feeling
with my eyes closed
I glance up toward
the window
my eyelids light up
theres warmth
beuatful sunshing
im alive
I get out of bed
its easy today
sunshing charged me up
coffee ready
and im ready
bring it on bring it on

Well Helllloooooooooo Seven
a little late I know
fyou all thought something happend
what happend he burned out
nope just stuff
you know everyone has stuff
but im baaackk
its not tomarow yet
Ok first
a little useless triva
its Former long Late Prez
James A Garfield'sBirthday today
Happy birth day Prez
where ever you are
and today in 1863 another Prez
Lincon, gave the Gettyiesberg address
well thats all the useless trivia
I could come up with
It was a broring cold day today
so this thread just might reflect
that fact
really time stood still today
and speaking of time
what we write in here is
forever so bla bla bla bla
I probley should be serouse
make more since in my
ramblings but hey
did you read the title
OK then I will
well Ill just say this
Im sorry im really very sorry
really i am im so sorry im very sorry
im sorry IM SORRY really im sorryy
See ya

heres somnething
Drummers Drumming
Dancer Dancing to Drums
Stomp Dancer feel the Earths Heart Beat
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/21/2014 8:12:14 PM
part NINE something differnt

walking amelessly in nothing ness
floating on sun beams and light
cold frozen sun beams wrapping
carresing, stroking but still a chill
a kiss, a black kiss
and black roses
nothing is real nothing is real
all is in the little box
im the only one left
outside living
I am aware
I can still feel
The rest are gone
sucked into numbness
brain re wired
then hard hired
not to learn
not to feel
not to hurt
not to recieve
not to laugh
not to see
not to hear
not to know
not to cry
not to hate
not to anything
not to love
your brain is gone
it belongs to them now
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/22/2014 6:36:15 PM
part 10

The morning was good
it was warm
Out side temp 45
Inside temp 66
I have to work
I get up early
go to work do my thing
come back in 6 hours
its a nice day the sun
its out blessing us
my dogs are happy
there running around
my little dog
a brown chiuahaha
brings me a toy
I thow it
she runs after it
grabs it
then comes back
she drops its
I pick it up
I throw it
she runs after it
she picks it up
brings it back
drops it
I pick up
I t hrow it
she runs after it
she picks bla bla
ok get the picture
goes on for enternity
Its summer time for
a second
calm before the storm
tomarrow is even warmer


all right first
I want to say HELLO
SEVEN Cool People
thanks for being so loyal
I was going to take about some
crazy thoughts about
Just some observations
Frist I just want to say
that the Earth Is much
older than 6000
Ok I think there is Evelution
but I don't think Humans evolved
like Darwin thought
I think there a strong posiblity
of maybe some intervention
Maybe God s and Alian
Like Q on Star Trech
Ok when the white men
came to the coast of
California 1500"s
the Natives thought they were gods
they showered them with gifts
because of there technology
see where Im going with this
If God was an alian
and came here and
did a little DNA
engneering with the locals
poof you have modern day humans
Ok Ok crazy I know I know
Look at earth and all the animals
here something check it out
6000 years ago man was chipping rocks
and dogs where chasing balls
Today Man is leaving the planet
and dogs are chasing balls
If you look at all the animals
there all evolvling the same ways
like dogs cats raccoon and a lot of
other animals
they all have tails
they all walk on all 4s
they all have fur
Its like we HUMANS do not belong
we cook our food
we have to clothe selves
we use fire
There is a native american
belife in Cali that certain
tribs came from a big hole
in the sky.
ok im dong just a thought
look around see how different
we are compared how everthing
else is simillar.
OK thats it
Im back on earth
see ya
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/25/2014 9:28:55 AM
part 11

5AM I was woken to
then Silence Then
Then silece again
a few minnuts later

Deer huntin season started
all morning it goes on like this
first huntable day
Blam Gun shots everwhere
One Blam means you got it
Two three four blams
you missed it got away
soon in the next couple of days
the deer will be in my woods
10 to 12 of them
out in my medow
They seem to show up
like that every hunting season
my thearoy
They get scattered and start movin
they evently end up down the canyon
in my holler in my medow
There no hunting on my land
is there santcuary
Its been like this for a few years now
Ill have to put hay out
when it snows.

Brown deer brown deer
you are comming near
you don't have to fear
you won't get shot here

Helloooooo al 7 of you huggsss
ok hunting season started
every year i deal with this
can't let the dogs out
theyll get shot
The first day sounds like
a war zone
people shooting everwehre
one shot you you got it
two shot or three shots you missed
no Im not against hunting
you gota eat
I just don't hunt w ith guns
I love deer meat
but I don't hunt
The hutin season goes on
for 30 days
but after about a week
the deer get wise
and are able to avoid hunters
There pretty smart
Last year
went to a popular hunting area
and in the camp ground where there
are large posted signs in
There were about 23 deer
not camping just hanging out
They know whats up
I think they can read
and another thing I notice
during hunting season
more deer haning out by
the sides of the road
You cant shoot them from the road
There smart.
and to keep in traditon
inside temp this am 54 degrees
out side temp 35 degress
see ya
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/30/2014 9:03:39 AM
Part 12

Its sunday a quite morning
you can't hunt on sundays
not here
Guess they want you in church
not out killin deer
The sun is out it is pleasant
out side temp 45 degress
Inside temp 66 degrees
The deer are starting
to show up
the dogs bark
its to early
I tell them to shut up
but they contiued
I get up and look out the window
there in my pasture are
5 deer standing grazing
looking easy looking safe
tomarrow there will be more
I make coffee go out to the old
grey porch and sit down
and whatch the deer
as they graze
non shalantly in the medow
one looks up sees me
and in unecin without a clue
or que card
the scatter into the woods
The sun is out and its beating
on my face
its a warm cozy feeling
it makes me happy
I get up and go inside
The router to the internet
shows 5 green lights
Good that means it will work today
Its been out for the last three days
My life line to the other world
during the dark days that
are ahead of me

ALLL seven of you that are sill following this
mabe six now that its been a few days
Ok Ok How many of you have
internet problems?
Man my provider sucks
And if you call the teck suport
the queastons they ask
is your unit pluged in
are all the cables attached
and it goes on and on
WEll sir we will have to put a work order out on this
and then they expect you to hang out for three days
before they might send someone
kind of nutty
OK OK done with the rant
I messed Thanksgiving
But I d like to say
I did do anything just made
sweedish meat balls
but its good wanted
to hang this year by my self
its good to reflect.
TO me this is the real
end of the year
Sometimes I have a big ordeal
other time its just me and the dogs
Ok OK got this creep thing
im gonna tell you about
Its kind of cool
there are these parasites that
control there victims minds
two exsample i going to
share with you
ONe is type of fungi called
and the other Toxoplasma the cause of Toxoplasmosis
The Cordyceps not a problem unless you are
a catapillar or a wasp or a caricket
It just atacks insects
The fungi get inside the nervous sytem
and turnes it into a Zombi
it makes it crawl to a peticular place
and there it goes to sleep
and mushrooms start popping
out of its body
Imagin if that happend to poeple
mushrooms growing out of you head
This toxoplasm thing get into cats
but it don't effect them
they have a sibiotic relation ship with the cat
But it does effct mice and human
so what happens is
the cat poops
the mouse eats the poop
because mice they eat
more things than cheese
they will eat any thing
so they eat the poop
and the toxoplasma
orginism which is a
little protozoa migrates
to the brain of the mouse
and causes the mouse to
fall deeply in love with cats
Not a good idea if you a mouse
The mouse now digging cats
walk up to a cat and munch
the cat eats the mouse
the toxoplasma organisim
goes to the gut where it lives
there causing B 9 conditon
I don't hurt the cat
but if poeple accdently
get it in them well
it can cause brain dammage
in unborn childern.
But in adults its not supose
to do anything
Havc you guys ever known
like that nutty old lady
that had about 20 cats?
Iv known a few and
they they being scientist
have tested such poeple
and have found that 60 percent
tested positive for exposer
Hmmm makes you wonder
no I do realize that 77 percent of statistic are made up on the spot
so who knows
so that s it for me
until next time
and remeber that 63 percent of statistics are made up on the spot
see ya
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/30/2014 8:24:00 PM
i was in the woods searching for your face
amongst the many twisted grains
I saw you smile, saw you curse
saw you born, carried out in a hearse
on one particularly dark and dreary tree
I saw you whisper, come to me

I ran until the wind blew my hair against its gnarled trunk
face plastered to splintering wood, I ran with all my might
right to the tree
where I heard thee
whisper softly
i love thee

i ran to through the woods
searching for your face
was it all a dream
within a race???

axes tore down the forest
a walmart and gamestop were installed
a chipolte's grill

the silence killed
my mind
but I'll give it one more time
run to the wood in that tree
knock, knock
do you love me?
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/30/2014 8:24:50 PM
i was in the woods searching for your face
amongst the many twisted grains
I saw you smile, saw you curse
saw you born, carried out in a hearse
on one particularly dark and dreary tree
I saw you whisper, come to me

I ran until the wind blew my hair against its gnarled trunk
face plastered to splintering wood, I ran with all my might
right to the tree
where I heard thee
whisper softly
i love thee

i ran through the woods
searching for your face
was it all a dream
within a race???

axes tore down the forest
a walmart and gamestop were installed
a chipolte's grill

the silence killed
my mind
but I'll give it one more time
run to the wood in that tree
knock, knock
do you love me?
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 12/1/2014 9:01:10 AM
part 13

WELCOME naievlover69

Thats a very delightful poem thanks for sharing
and to your queston do I love you?
Well I love everyone
but at the same time I hate everyone
but at the same time I care about everyone
but at the same time Im indiffernt about everyone
but at the same time I want to help everyone
but at the same time I want to ignore everyone
but at the same time I want to be surounded by everyone
but at the same time I want to be left alone by everyone
but at the same time I want to embrase everyone
but at the same time I want to run away from everyone
but at the same time I want to be loved by everyone
but at the same time I want everyone to hate me
but at the same time I want you to love me first

Hello to the others that are following this
we have 8 now it appears although
the same scientific methods for determing
the tracking of this thread was not used
just a little disclamer
for the rest feel free to write to wr ite to write to write to write to rite to right to write to wright to rite
something in here
ok lets talk about homelessness
Iv been there look at the pic
don't i look a bit homeless
well im not but I was
I just know a lot of homeless
want to be homeless
They would rather sleep in a dumpster
shoot smack up every day
panhadle do waht ever to get
what they need
they rather do that
than get off the junk
get normal
there to comftable
Or they rather live in an
old lazy boy chiar
placed in a grove of cotton woods
and drink quarts of Old English malt ligqure
than get a real Job
they only do what it take to get what they need
Now theres others I ve met a few woman and
childerin but most of them where crack
whors and had no intention of finding stabilty
now theres others
the working homeless
those are them that owe
usually the goverment
for back taxes huge fines
those people have to live on the
fringes of life in there cars
they get a little cash
but its not enough
I was one of those
I lived in my tyota pickup
for 6 years in the National Forests
pulling into little Isolated places
setting up camps and staying
there until a ranger kickes me out
usually a couple of months I would
get away w ith at a given spot.
but then pack it up find another
and hang out there until the ranger
finds me again
Winter time go down to the desert
where your not bothered by the BLM
rangers. but by May its way to hot
to hang so back up into the moutains
Thats how I got to know earth
Migrating back an d forth
to cactus to pine treess
then back again in the
late fall
lots of times of solitude
just me and creation
It helped me find paradise
which does exsit here on Earth
I will tell lyou all bout it in
upcoming threads
Ok Ok thats it for now
time to take on the day
tome go out and play
time to do what you say
go out side and get a sun ray
see ya yay yay
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 12/2/2014 8:26:40 AM
part 14

grey morning grey sky
icy rain falls
theres a stillness
except for the patter of the rain
Im tired been up off and on
through out the night
a hungery opossum on
my front porch
rummaging making noise
causing the dogs to go
totally insain. crazy night
It not as cold for the last
couple of days
outside temp 41
inside 67 degrees
the wood burning stove
is ragging, coffee is made
a little bit of sunshine
breaks through the grey
and shines through my window
I stand in front letting it
wraps it rays around my face
Time to get in touch
Time to relize theres a world
Time to see whats in front of me
Time to hug the moment
Time to belong to something real
Time to find all that is lost
Time to be who you want
Time to appreciat a smile on a dogs face
Time to make dreams into reality
Time to expearance goodness
Time to laugh more at life
Time to go to work

 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 12/4/2014 10:00:42 AM
Part 15

Its an ealry morning
got up 4 30 am
as usualle it is cold
I yhink I will take a
Hot bath
I feel the tub up strip of my cloths
and slide into the warm water
It dfwwls like a heated balncket
warm hand nice
relaxing smooth drifting
drifing off into dream world
My mind is taken back
to the paradise i use to live
Deep creek hot springs
my first time there
the first time I came
down the little hill
and came across
terquoize blue pools
I was on my own adventure
I walking on a little
patthway from Mexico
To Canada known as
the PCT
The Pacific Creast trail
I was three in half weeks on the trial
I was weary tired
my feet hurt my back hurt
As I came around the bend i heard
giggling. womans voices
I thought what the hell
I had no idea I was near
those springs, It was
late April creek I was
walking along was full
and raging in places
I was out in the middle of no where
and there giggling
I walked down the hill and came
to the pools
there before me were three pools
blue blue blue. I put my hand in one
its hot nice hot not burning
but like a nice bath
I look up there s a rocke
area. A large Rock
with a flat top
it overlooks the springs
Theres a man on top
Hes practicing some sort
of marshal arts moves
He weareing a lepeard skin
wrapped around him like a skirt.
I look around theres others there
there naked
nobody cares
there an ease a peacfulness
I take my pack off lay it by a tree
I walk down to one of the pools
theres a red plastic bowl full
of bannanas oranges and mangos
I go down the rock and theres a larger pool
Its a little more private.
I slip off my cloths down to boxers
and slip down in to the water
it feels good. Its a perfect tempature
the pool is deep over my head
and blue.
I find a flat spot and lay down
and relax in the hot water
As im drifting off in blank
thoughts I hear voice
" Do you want some fruit"
I look up and there standing
above me is a Red head
she wearing a see through white silk dress
she is thin with perfect curves
perfect breast she is a perfect being
her arms are out streached
and she holding a green plastic bowel of fruid
again she aske Do you want some Fruit
I say yes she hands me the bowl
my choices are bananas dark purple grapes, mangos and pears
I take some grapes there sweet there good
You want a mango for later she ask
I say sure
I take a mango and place it
on a little rock leadge.
she looks at me and smiles
Mind if I Join you and with a stuffer
I invite here to share my solitude
we talke and laugh. I tell here about
my adventure on the trail
she tells me theres been otheres here
there coming through a lot right now
she tells me she ans some friend are
campint there for a while
some time later another blond
bueaty shows up and slips into
the pool. She out of nowere
lights a joint and starts passing it around
Its been a month since I last got high
when it come to me I gladly take a
huge it. I cough its been a while I say
the red head giggles and says
:This should be fun:
I get really high
Im having the time of my life
That night we all camp together
theres a drumming circle and music
I drum late into the night and take
a late night dip. The moon is full
I fall asleep in the pool In the morning
I wake up. tis still except for the constant flow
of the hot Water.
I climb out of the pool
to where my pack is. I
pull out my coffee and little stove
and make a cup.
Im alone
everyone is gone
Im the only one here at the springs
I spend another day there by my self
then I pack it up and head on up the trail
Canada is 4 months away.

True storie there such a place
Ill be telling you more about that place
I ended up living there for 12 years
after i took the PCT
quite the adventure

I have and easy peaceful feeling
after long day reeling
just want to relax a bit
and have a sit
drink a beer
and think about that year
awsome times I had
past they are its sad
just good memmories of good time
back when life was all mine
See yas.
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 12/4/2014 5:29:52 PM

- Peace
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