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 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree huggerPage 4 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Just got back from Standing Rock Rez
Its a peacful protest except for the Oil Police
Their Idea of peacfull is different,
I wrote this about that called........


Here I am at Standing rock
gathered here with the rest of the flock
Donald Trump is the new prez
The indians are comming of the Rez
they want to be thier own
they no longer want to be owned
They have a problem with the oil
they don't want it in thier water or their soil
Thier out here fighting with prayer
The oil police all they do is stare
and point their loaded guns
at all those native american sons
and when they neal down to pray
the oil police drench them with pepper spray
Their calling it a riot
but what I saw was peacful and quite
people from all over the world are there
some just want a good protest other's really care
They all used oil just to get to this place
so really it seems no one has a case
but they don't want no pipeline on their land
so the holy men are there making a stand
Its all non-violent that is how they role
but the oil police are taking a toll
Its all about how and where we live
It seems those with money don't want to give
So those indians are taking a stand at standing rock
trying to turn back the clock
They want to go back to the time of the buffalo
but for most that is a definite no go
so a simpler solution is a must
they need to compramise and gain some trust
They sould all pray together
under the air of an eagle feather
and all sing the sacred melodies
instead of being arrested and charged with felonies
What about thier human rights
seem the oil police turned out the lights
so all the people flock
to protest at a place called STANDING ROCK
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/22/2016 12:06:58 PM
^ Well said, Ed.

I wish it wasn't true,
I wish the police knew what to do
Knew how to treat us as equal...

Wish they knew the golden rule
Instead of acting the dangerous fool
But they really don't have a clue...

While we can all see
How our greed
Has a never ending need to feed...

How our greed
Will never let us
Be Free.
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/26/2017 8:36:46 AM
(Thanks for that Deb Nice ) I haven't been on here for a few, had some things to do
new poets in the room welcome welcome welcome all of you
Hugs love peace light

Just finished doing my time
for holding a sign
for standing up to the man
and taking a stand
and all the people shout
while im getting my teeth knocked out
Being drug away to Jail
being told im going to fail
paid my fine
and did my time
I got a broken jaw
from standing up to the law
All I was doing was holding a sign
That was my crime
But Im back home now
got through it all some how
and life goes on and on
with my teeth that are gone
but Im doing okay
I still have something to say
I was called a hero for the cause
when I heard that I had to pause
Doing what is right seems to be
the only way of being free
Id do it again and again
always there to help a friend
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/2/2017 10:08:14 AM
Wow Just remembered Donald trump is the prez
so here my Donald trump president poem I call it

Its a new day its a new day
Everyone shouts he ray he ray
Because now only a few are aloud play
Its true Its true
who would of knew
Donald Trump is President
Some think he was heaven sent
Others are getting very bent
Lots of people are scared
along with the government they shared
Whats going to happen to this world
When we give the Donald a whirl
Things might be looking really bad
Somewhere someone is really sad
The Donald is how its going to be
for all those who think they are free
Shut down the press
Make it all a big mess
Make it so you don't really know
What for real and what is show
Hard time might be a coming
Its necessary for the world wide numbing
Then in time no one will care
The earth falls in disrepare
It will be understood
When questioned will say" its all good"
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/12/2017 12:05:44 PM
I started reading you with my morning coffee
I went to church couldn't pay much attention to the homily
I kept thinking about your words here that rhyme
You're poetry is so very fine.. every line.
Kudos to you my friend.. I read each word until the end !!!

Keep up the good work. Very nice.

ooxx Penny
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/13/2017 9:19:51 AM
(ahh your too kind blessing to you)

Hers something simple i call it

Our brains want complicity
but our heart crave simplicity
its a deep down sensitivity
I look out Cardinals and Towhees flying by
Feels much better than the lie
deep down we all know why
My life is back in the woods
Its is something I'v always understood
It was just a matter of if I could
so know I live alone
really no humans known
Just me and the dogs sittin on my thrown
I wonder what will become of me
will I fade away and become a tree
will I stand my ground or will I flee
I look round and there seems to be a lot of hate
Its seems were doomed its man kinds fate
I don't know if I ever had love
nor have I never seen god above
But I do know the white dove
If I had to play this same ol game
I wouldn't change it ,it be the same
There are winners and losers in his name
and now I sit and wait for spring
when life again begins to sing
and the birds everywhere take to the wing
Back to the woods away from phones
away from the wireless and strange bell tones
You can have it, I'd rather be alone
So this is the end of this poem i write
on this cold cloudy day with now light
time to leave get out of site
going back to the simple living
Just each day is a new beginning
It my way of winning
keeping away from misery
so I won't feel so empty
embracing simplicity
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/15/2017 6:18:29 AM
I love this new one.

we used to say K. I. S. S.


some people complicate things to no end.
no need to do it
but to call attention to themselves
to get their 15 minutes of fame
but now no one has time for 15 minutes
it's more like 25 seconds.
times have changed
but I don't want to.
all I want
is KISS.
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/15/2017 8:06:13 PM
(Thanks for that Penny, yes KISS I once had a boss that used that quite frequently)
And Speaking of KISS that brings me to my next subject, my newest ramblings
I have figured it out
its simple
yep that is how it was formed
I'll explain
In our universe
we have these things in space called Black holes
There are black holes at the center of most
There are active ones and non active ones
Active ones eat things
like stars and planets and gases
and matter
and what ever comes close enough
to consume.
They call it feeding
The milky way galaxy
(that's ours) has a non-active black hole
100 times larger than our sun
at its center

So where am i going with this
Well the current theory
IS the universe was created
by the big bang
Something from nothing
Ok Ok Ok
I challenge everyone of you
reading this ramblings
to create something from
absolute nothing
go ahead do it
I'll give you a week
no cheating
you can't
I'v tried
so what was before the big bang
well a black hole
feeding and feeding and feeding
until it could eat no more
blow a balloon up and keep blowing
and see what happens
BANG and if its a
Black hole its a
Well that black hole reaches
its capacity to hold all that
matter its been consuming for
the last
1000000000000000000000 to the trillionth power years
(disclaimer for the above number =a random number i just made up)
and it spews out all that matter
a universe is born
For all you Astrophysicist reading this
and I know your out there
do the math
It also explains dark matter
and dark energy
and the fact the universe is speeding up
Its a good theory
better than" it was crated from nothing"

Ok enough of science I'm being blinded
by science.

Ok kind of a bummer day
Had a unwanted visitor show up
Its 5 degrees with a -7 wind chill
The north pole at this moment
is 22 degrees
What is wrong with that picture
The polar vortex well,
it sucks but here's a poem
about it

Polar vortex too
I hear the polar vortex knocking
It shakes my house and keeps it rocking
I'm tired of cold cold wind that's talking

Your standing at my door
I told you not to come back no more
are you here to even the score?

I don't even want to feel
your brain numbing cold cold chill
That can't be cured by a pill

You showed up a week before spring
no notice, nothing, not anything
I'm hoping its a short lived fling

Polar vortex please just go away
I'm quite tired of how you play
no one asked you here anyway

You blow at my house and smack it around
make so much noise you can't hear sound
now you'v knocked an old tree down

So Polar vortex go back to where you belong
Stop committing so much wrong
Let spring blossom to sing her song

and there you have it a polar vortex poem
peace love happy groove
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/19/2017 8:05:44 AM
Well its still snowing
spring suppose to be here
but I'm not knowing
The sun not glowing
today the cold is growing
but hers a poem about

And so the robins came
The cold wind became tame
Spring is here
its finally here
Time to change my kind of beer
Spring has come this I know
the robin showed up and told me so
The robin said no more snow
Its time to turn up the ground
all the while listening to bird sounds
Get to the garden and plant it
so when its time, pick it and can it
Spring time my favorite time of year
Renewing life I hold so dear
The flowers all start to bloom
the sun stays up way past late noon
Trees will bud
The snow turns into mud
The color white all disappears
another sure sign spring is here
Better times are for sure ahead
I won't be staying in my bed
In spring its time to take on the day
cause spring has come back to play.
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/19/2017 1:06:33 PM
I love spring.
The daffodil bulbs are peeking
So excited.
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/25/2017 10:12:27 AM
( im excited too doing summer salts ya spring ya spring)

Happy 5th day of spring everyone
Ok just got some sad news, West Virginia happens to be the top state in the whole
US of A in opiate overdoses. That being said I was told of someone I kinda know that just
showed once again how these drugs cause untold tragedy. So here another Poem
I call it

Another wasted life on drugs

And so there was a man
doing the best he can
to keep his habit going
with out any one knowing
And the more he started abusing
the more everyone started accusing
He'd been on drugs pretty much his whole adult life
Been to rock bottom lost everything including his wife
He ended up on the street
where all the hard core junkies meet
so one day he decided to get clean
It was reachable in his dream
His family said they would help, come move to the farm
The only rule is you stay clean no more needles in your arm
And so he moved in
with the agreement that he would not commit a certain sin
He agreed that this he could do
they all gathered and hugged said" they'ed would support you"
He'd work on the farm
and stay clean, not put needles in his arm
Things were going pretty good
he was off the streets out of the hood
This only lasted a little while
I guess living clean was not his style
Something happened not understood
quietly went back into the hood
Started doing the heroin
letting it rule his life once again
He was quickly becoming a disgrace
opened his heart to the poppy seed waist
His family notice the change that had came
He was actin just the same
Then they found his stash
There were rumors of missing cash
There was drama ,a confrontation took place
Everyone was getting into each other's face
He grabbed a gun
and pointed it at the son
then he said I'm going to shoot your cow
He walked to the cow and the gun went POW
He shot him self instead
Shot himself in the head
Shot him self dead
He committed suicide
went on that final a ride
Another life claimed by this drug
Another life shoved under the rug
When it comes to this kind of life it seems to end so sad
Those that use opiates you've been HAD
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/25/2017 2:34:13 PM
eddie I see you've had quite the life
getting beat up loosing your wife
me I went threw a simular thing
wife fooled around forgetting that ring
but it took me to a better place
much more quiet no rat race
ever sence W living in france
and trust me no
very little romance
but a beautiful place
and wonderful friends
so little stress and no loose ends
just wish to say you have a gift
beautiful words that give you a lift
thow we all have thing we wish to express
you do it so well with grace and finess

tree hugger 16 years in Ukiah california
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/25/2017 5:31:40 PM
Hey guys
Nice to find a few alive :)
See you been busy Eddee
Sorry the police have no clue
What to do with the likes of you
For helping our friends on the reservation
Broke your jaw and losing teeth in the bargain :(
So saw your last poem
Ironic you should mention
The Virginian opium den
Was watching just today
Dr Feelgood's documentary
Decided he's mentally off
Perhaps the Oxy's he did scoff
Like he prescribed to anyone alive
Realized he singlehandedly devised
The epidemic that still thrives
A man with a mission
To create addiction with his prescription
Thinking he helped with pain
But we all know he must have gained
A great deal of dough from friend and foe
Keeping all hooked while he stayed the crook
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/26/2017 8:30:19 AM
Hey Deb. yes a tad busy.
You know poetry,
IS the most awesome
thing in the entire universe
among others things.
thanks for the Poem t hat was awesome.
Opiate addiction is bad here in WV
and I blame the doctors.

Ok OK OK Razzor from Ukiah
got to say hi ya
Welcome thanks
for your contributions
When you said Tree hugger in Ukiah
you brought me down memory lane
we may have crossed paths
Here is a poem about where i use to live


Treehugger from Ukiah
I lived in Boonville with a girl named Maryia
Lived right off highway 128
living there was awesome and great
Lived in a place known as Horse Haven
The old house looked more like a cave in
That house was really old
I remember that winter being really cold
I only lived there just short of a year
went through a lot of wine and a lot of beer
Shopping in Boonville just wasn't fare
In Boonville, they have their own language there
No sense shopping in Boonville
getting supply's there rings up a large bill
When we needed food and supply
I'd get in the Jeep and down the Highway we'd fly
right down highway 253
A two lane road lined with Oak trees
We would go to Ukiah
me and Maryia
To the store known
for "Bag your own
To the Food for Less Grocery store
The store for the poor
Not to Vons
that was for the ones with nice lawns
Then back to Boonville
up over the hill

Across the street
was a place where kids and people meet
It was called The Barn
A social gathering place with a lot of charm
They showed movies and held dances there
The people that ran it they really cared
Across the street at our little house
was quickly getting overrun by the mouse
We did what we could
but the house was made of rotting wood
Things kept falling
the open road was calling
We put up a sign
left Booneville and Horse Haven behind
Me and Maryia
headed out to Ukiah
headed out on Highway 101
Maryia and me traveling with the sun
going to hit hippy highway 1
for more adventure and more fun
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 3/26/2017 9:06:53 AM
I have not lived there sence 2006
and when I did I lived in the sticks
over in talmage by the ten thousand Buda's
twenty thousand arm and lots of charms
but don't let that throw you or sound alarms
back in the day was the state funny farm

now thinking of Boonville
and redwood trees
ever hang out at the horn of Z's
it's been a while and memories falter
but remember a phone was a bucky walter
it was a time in my life I don't often reflect
just like you did I pushed the eject
one last thing left in my credo
a darn good place to get a burrito
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 4/17/2017 6:07:39 PM
Hey happy mushroom season everyone
Its time its time
to find
mushrooms like morels
so I can sell
to the local food place
so you can stuff your face
with 25 dollar bowls of wild mushroom soup
its so much better if your in a group
Its mushrooms season
Im happy again

Ok here's a poem about the spring harvests
Spring comes Again

The trees are turning green
the briers and roses are all in flow
another year to dream
another time to make a go
Out deep in the woods once again
Hunting morel mushroom , for sale
My dogs my best friends
25 dollars a 5 gallon pale
Then there are ramps
mustard greens and fresh green wood nettles
Deep in mushroom gypsy camps
fire hosting boiling kettles
The spring harvest begins
a time of plenty for one and all
Life renews its self once again
It all begins when the robin calls
Trillium and blood root are blooming
Birds are tweeting
Rabbits stand by grooming
Hummingbirds race to keep on feeding
Its spring again its spring again
on more garden to tend again
another year to pretend again
Everything is all green
another time to keep the dream

Ok have a wonderful spring.
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 4/19/2017 5:48:59 AM
^ nice. enjoy!

My last friend here was well into 'shrooms
We took many a walk gathering them
Laying them out on his table to dry
Ready to eat raw or maybe to fry
Hard sometimes to identify
Which were edible and which were not
Had to be careful, not easy to spot...

Now in England would search another kind
Would go each year on a mission to find
Grew wild on the moors late Autumn time
But there were tiny and hard to see
Never said hey, find me!
Many grew in cow pats too
But worth the occasional trip or two...
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 5/9/2017 8:27:25 PM
Thanks for that poem Deb. Nice
Ok ok its the middle of spring
so happy middle of spring
to one and all
Did any one find any Morels?
I did I did. Its Zen
It was a good Morel year
so that being said
this is whats in my head
Its a Poem dah
Ok I call this one.......

IF its Zen I'm In

Went to my place of zen
to my long where my jungle is growing in
No one can see me in my secret spot
never to cold never to hot
the sound of running water sing
makes my mind fly on a trance like wing
There's Old growth trees of Oak and Cherry
Huge trees of beech, canopies so nice and airy
Maple trees are also here
some brand new Chestnuts are growing near
Hope its all saved from the saw
Stopped from destroying it all
I hope the peace here, always stays
and continues to be a place to pray
With its water's hypnotizing sound
where inner peace is always found
So I say sit and enjoy it
before the new forces destroy it
A crow calls and birds sing
a small flock take off on the wing
a coyote cries in the distance
at my feet a salamander taking a chance
Its quiet time this place I'm in
a place I think of, as my place of zen
no disturbances here
If you try hard nothingness will come near
Sitting here listening to birds
sing there perfect words
I sit here a lot of the time
Thinking of words, writing rhymes
Its when I start my re dedication
in the middle of my meditation
No one knows of this place but one
but she is no more left with the setting sun
Is just me here in paradise
sometimes its good sometimes its really nice
The sound of the water takes me away
to that nothingness where there's nothing to say
Content as one can be
my soul complete among the greenery
all I need is a cup of tea
and Ill float on air
and god will be there
Its all about the Zen
and how to get in

And there you go a zen poem
big time mushroom season coming up
and the farm's doin its thing

seeya God willing and the creek don't rise
I hear that a lot round here
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 5/10/2017 4:53:58 PM
^ this one, taken right in.
Your zen place does sound like paradise.
Perfect sharing and caring.
Thank you for putting it into words.
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 10/30/2017 8:38:49 AM
I'mmm back
Do you know what this means?
It means winter is near
First snow of the year
last night
to my delight
the farm is done
in the early setting sun
and now I have to hide
in my little house inside
Old man winter I will keep away
so I can continue to have something to say
The farm did well
and I did sell
Lots of good things
it all started in the spring
and ended in the fall
when I made the call
to come on inside
get off this little ride
I lived off the land
just using my hand
With no need for a store
I have it all and even more
Plenty to eat
good shoes on my feet
It all turned out good
Like it always should
now back in the rat race
were I never left a trace
but its only 5 months or so
then I'll go
back to the land
Like I've always planned
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/8/2017 9:12:41 AM
Welcome to my 100th post
in a room full of ghosts
so hears something that happened
a true story
its one of those random acts of kindness
kind of thing
Its called

Random Stranger

It was getting late
I was getting cold
I was thinking about keeping warm
I had No wood
I had nothing to burn
As I walked along
I saw it
laying there in the middle of the trail
A random piece of cut firewood
Laying there in a random place in the forest
Left there by a random stranger
for a random stranger who was cold
Possibly in memory of a random loved one
who in life, would of left a peice of Random fire wood
for a random stranger in order to stay warm
So I picked this piece of random firewood
and lugged it back to the cabin
and when I got there
I notice some thing on it
In bright red
it was written on this peace
of random fire wood
It said
"Left for you random stranger
In memory of
Daddy Jack
Stay warm random stranger
and so I took it home
and I stayed warm
Thank You random stranger

ok there you have it
and always be kind.
see yas
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/8/2017 10:25:32 AM
Congratulations on your 100
I need the whole tree to stay cold here.
Have a great day.
Keep up the great writes.
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 11/26/2017 1:30:29 PM
Thank you Cinderella. I will until spring and then I will migrate back to reality
hope you all had a great day of giving thanks for all you have. ya

Ok just sitten around today looking at all the work
I have to do
But today its sunny and warm and the crows are talking
so I came up with this sitten in the sun

Crows calling
Sitten here in the sun listening to the kah kah kah
of the crows call
sounding off in the middle of fall
no one knows what the crows call mean
on this sunny late fall day. daydream
No one knows
only crows
There just so much work to be done
but for me I'm better off sittin in the sun
listening to kah kah kah
of the black crows call
during this beautiful fall
Don't know what it means
it all a pleasant day dream
no one knows
only the crows
No one knows what their saying
Maybe there doing some crow kind of praying
Or talking to one another
Maybe to their father, daughter or mother
Today there chatting away
On this sunny fall day
doing their crow thing
acting like its almost spring
and their they sing
Kah kah kah
singing the crows call
I think the crows know it all
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 12/31/2017 12:30:06 PM
Hello happy new year.
freezing my ass off my dear.
but 2018 is almost near
2017 will soon be clear
Raise my glass with another beer
making a toast to the brand new year

Here is something about humans
The Humanzoic

I find my self living in the Humanzoic
This is how I know it
Look around look around
Look up and look down
you won't have to go far
to know where the humans are
There very little silence just a bunch of noise
Go ahead and listen to all the human toys
Look around, plastic is every where
and no one seems to even care
And these plastics might make your children gay
Estrogen released in the water every day
Were liven in the humanzoic
and most of us don't even know it
There's no place to go
where the humans don't show
There's not a place on Earth
where we have given birth
that the humans have not been
some might think this to be sin
We have taken over every inch of this place
To create a new world order ran by the human race
so my thoughts have arrived
Is there a way to survive
This new world order that I'm living in
will we ever begin
To change our ways
so we will have longer and better days.
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/23/2018 6:14:11 PM
Ok here is another ramblings First one of the new year
Here is one called humanity


And so here we are
Living in the new world,
Global warming
Climate change
Hate, mass shootings
Hate .......
Its a spring day
The birds are singing
The bees are flying
The frogs are chirping
The weather is nice and warm
Its 81 degrees

Its February
Its winter
In the Appalachian mountains
That's not normal
Nothing is normal anymore
What's hot is cold
What's cold is hot
And they scream
Its the end of the world
Save the planet
Save the Earth
The Earth??"??
It don't need saving
need the saving
Save the Humans
Save them from the Earth
Save them from themselves
So here we are
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