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How do I start overPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
The first thing you do is go to the super market and buy yourself a box of condoms.

(Silence in the room, all the ladies turn around and say what ta f...)

Yes. It starts with positive thinking and realizing that at some point the most basic of men's instincts will be back, and that is sex and intimacy.

So first you need to work on your mojo, then you need to work on the most important thing there is YOU. And finally you need to work in how to approach women that will be compatible with the things mentioned above.

So how do you get your mojo? To do that, you start by looking at WHY are you single again. Did she dump you, leave you, cheat on you? Did you dump her, cheat on her, leave her? Was it mutual? Did you have children, young? Older? You need to come to terms with all that. If she died and that is why you are here, then you need to go through the process of grieving. Why is all this some important? Because you do not want to recreate whatever did not work, all over again.

Second, work on YOU. If you do not like wine, or dancing, then don't. Find what you like, but also find activities that may attract people of the opposite sex. Women these days get into Fly fishing, cycling, motorbiking, rock climbing...You name it, they are into it. So find what you like. Start enjoying yourself. Discover the GUY in you. A friend of mine does not like bars, but he loves cooking and is good at it. So guess what, he cooks for women and they love it.

After you feel comfortable with the two things above, then try to remember how were you at approaching women 20 years a go. Were you a natural? What worked for you? What didn't? Did you find your partner by mistake? Was your HS sweetheart? So you may need to learn about it more. Don't feel bad about that. And don't let others tell you "just be yourself."

It's like the guy that wants to be an attorney or a top sales person and instead of learning about debate, communications, sales techniques, delivery and so on, the teachers simply say, just be yourself. So read what you can, learn all that is to learn. You are better off saying that the Latter theory is just a crock of s hit because you tried it, than simply you are told not to read it and blindly ignore it. Read. Read about evolutionary Psychology. Learn why men and women behave the way they do.

Then last but not least, realize that rejection is part of the process. So go get rejected a lot. Expect it, want it, and learn.

Also remember that to get something, you must wish that something. And it could be that you want a long term relationship, or marriage, or whatever.
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How do I start over
Posted: 4/18/2011 4:22:59 PM
Outmind- wow. Just wow.

Op- listen. Read and reread that post.

Amazing. Even I learned something.

God - I am speechless.

I could not even offer anything after that.

It's even telling my message is too short-
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