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Yes mainly because I am one myself. And the key word is "survivor"
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Would you date a cancer survivor?
Posted: 10/28/2011 12:30:20 AM
CindyI have a similar question, I lost My Son Kyle. He was murdered by a sexual predator and His death has made Me who I am. i am not bitter, though I could be. His killer was majorly f(*ked up by what happened to Him as a child. First meetings have been hard for me because I still feel the need to tell people about where I am in my life to see if they can handle it. Have any of you have any thoughts on how You wouldfeel if confronted with this>

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Would you date a cancer survivor?
Posted: 1/16/2013 10:34:03 PM
Yes. I would date a cancer survivor. Since I'm one too. I've had a large brain tumor called meningioma growing inside my head. After the neurosurgeon finally surgically removed it I wanted to become a doctor too. But when I was studying at a Native College in Winnipeg, MB, the brain tumor came back again with epilepsy (grand mall seizures.) I also have hypertension, anemia, post traumatic stress disorder, and arthritis. The truth is, I didn't really want to burden any man with my illnesses.

So I've decided to move to Vancouver, BC. I've had coppyrighted poetry published in the newspapers before, and I've received at least 21 awards for best writing in poetry. But then my family members tried to discourage me from writing my autobiography based on 'The Indian Residential School Survivors.' They all think I'm going to bad mouth them with my writing skills. A book publisher in Winnipeg who read my true story told me he found my story to be very compelling and as long as I was willing to talk about it publicly. I told him "Sure, why not?"

But then, I quickly changed my mind and told the publisher to put it through the shredder because I didn't want it to be published yet. I think it may have been too soon. I think I wasn't quite ready yet.
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