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One other thing: just remember that even if you do everything right, some ladies are going to ignore you or write you off just the same. It's not personal. It could be that they certainly don't want to hurt you, but as a stranger, don't feel morally obligated to extend you a courteous rejection.

On the other hand, if they're cold in a rude sort of way, when you did nothing to bring that on, then their rejection will say more about them than it ever will about you. In which case, they might have just done you a favor. "Sometimes, not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck." -Dali Lahma. Food for thought.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 6/15/2011 1:03:39 PM
I can understand the "ick" factor making people block you but it would be nice to know what you are doing to make people go "ick!"
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 6/15/2011 2:48:31 PM
Well, if you sound as angry and desperate as you do in this thread, I can only imagine what "breaking the ice" consists of. You seem fairly "stalker-esqe" without having even met her? Hopefully a woman who finds you interesting NEVER reads this thread or you are SUNK.
Lighten up. Take some pics of yourself. And don't read into anything too much until you actually have met someone and are communicating (in a reciprocal manner, I might add.)
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 6/15/2011 3:07:29 PM
I'm not sure I want to get myself blocked a bunch just to research this phenomena. Well - yeah - I do, but hey, maybe not the best use of time.

There's not much doubt that the polite "No" doesn't work well in POF. Responding keeps the "online green dot" alive longer. After a while women want to keep things simpler. Who am I talking to? Why? Or so I imagine.

To avoid being blocked treat it like any conversation. Look for appropriate times to respond. Don't harass. Find the flow. And hell--- lots are truly getting 100+ notes a day. Babe down the street has her inbox fill in less than 4 days. It is 40 pages of ten notes. This city is chocoblock full of single women with very few eligible guys (fed gov).. places that actually have a high eligible lass to guy ratio are much more troubling.

POF isn't much constructed for easy letdowns- the women would like to be polite about it, but that encourages a lot of ongoing and often abusive notes.

Overall, separate from pof, it is maybe worthwhile looking at how demographics work in this. In places where there are more women than men there will be quite a lot more single women than men. If there are 73 women and 93 guys lets say 65 of the girls will be involved. That leaves 8 women single and 28 single guys, if the camp is spectacularly square. Even with some interpretative dance situations there's still a lot of guys looking. It can be the reverse in gov towns.

People block because they're only looking at the people at the top of the ladder. I'm sure POF will eventually get changed to allow women to communicate with guys that aren't on their short list - but right now that doesn't work well.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 9/16/2012 8:45:35 AM
I agree most of the women here are bad I can get one girl to message back after 50 outgoing but then the convo dies in 3 replies.....

This seems to be the worst site OKC and other are much better for responses.

As far as being blocked I know what you mean. I message gurls too to later relize im blocked and I am being nice as possible.

All the girls on POF want a mute Brad pitt witha trust fund. and a porsche for them to drive and a 18 inch****a doodle do.

the women here need to wake up. I consider myself average or a bit better. And I am shunned like a loser.

5 11" 180 pounds I drive a BMW and a denali and have my own house make a great salary but No girls will talk to me either.

I thought I was the guy every girl types about in there profile.

guess not.

My advice POF girls are stuck up!

There are plenty of forums on the women on POF Google POF women stuck up youde be surprised.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 9/16/2012 4:23:57 PM
I've never blocked anyone. Someone would have to say something really annoying or not go away after I said "no thanks" to make me even think of blocking them.

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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 8/16/2013 1:15:32 PM
Hi there, everyone,

I wanted to address the issue / idea that some had about "eDating is akin to a job interview" and telling the dude that he needs to "improve" his profile:

Well, surprise surprise, I have to disagree!

Each one of us is looking for a particular aspect of another person. And each one of us, ideally, should be able to find someone who Accepts Us For Who We Are. Why should this gentleman have to change who he is or how he speaks publicly in order to find someone. He wouldn't find someone who likes him for Who He Is. I think it's far more important to represent yourself well, not try to represent something you believe may "work better" at "finding someone". And also to represent what you are looking for. I mean that's for a more serious relationship though. Not just finding a chick to have some fun with for a date.

Hopefully you can understand what I mean. I may not have been clear enough or put the idea down properly.

Regarding Blocking:

I noticed one individual to have blocked me. I had sent a short icebreaking message. The next day I noticed that the person was online or had viewed my profile. So I went over to my mail, to confirm if I had sent them a mail. I didn't see one, so I thought I was mistaken. So I sent a new short introductory message and system notified me I was blocked. They obviously didn't like me for whatever reason, or else another unrelated thing. Not my concern! And though I feel it may be a bit rude, (to block people who haven't acted negatively to you) it is also, in a sense, good, because if I message them again, I will completely understand they arent interested.It's not subtle! So I then know to waste no more of -my- time, or consideration of them. Blessings in disguise! In that respect, I wish that a block prevents even viewing a profile or seeing them appear in lists. Because, harassment etc aside, it's clearing the undesired, and that just brings you closer to potential matches!

For the record, the main reason I posted this, is simply to increase exposure of my profile lol. Going on the record about this matter was secondary.

To anyone who read all (or even part) of my post, thanks a lot! I hope that my theory/opinion was intriguing to you. Sorry for being long-winded it is one of my faults ;p And please forgive my lack of strict gramatical control. I only care about getting my message across in informal writing, not conforming to the myriad of oftentimes obscure, language structure rules.

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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 1/11/2014 7:28:13 PM
i never block women i simply politely tell them im not interested , some people beed to get off their high horse, no wonder theyre single.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 1/11/2014 7:32:25 PM
youre right, i don't get why women want d heads, if youre nice you' re shunned dont they wanted to be treated like ladies any more? what the hell is going on?
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 4/8/2015 9:05:14 PM
I've been blocked once. Was chatting with a lady about food at Easter time when I noticed she was a Catholic; I brought up in passing her religion and lent/not being able to eat. I got a seriously sounding return message, saying I was the one which brought up food(which I did) and then she says yes I'm am a Catholic. Then I was blocked. I didn't mean anything by it, maybe shouldn't have thrown religion in there. But seriously I would not want a relationship with someone who gets upset so easily, for what was just an observation.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 11/14/2016 12:56:40 PM
Yeah, I was messaged by this one girl today in fact and after a half hour or so of messaging back and forth, she blocks me. Lets review, she initiates the conversation, takes up my time, and blocks me out of nowhere. I just blocked her back and felt a hundred times better lol. Wish I could get that half hour back though.
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im sick of being blocked
Posted: 11/14/2016 2:13:16 PM
Did your conversation turn sexual or to some other inappropriate talk? If so, did she initiate that type of talk or did you? Men either get blocked because they are rude and inappropriate or because they become stalkerish when a woman doesn't reply. In your case I'm guessing the later since you were actively messaging with her.

I was chatting with a man last week. His profile states he is a nudist. Whatever, I was willing to chat with him. He said he often gets blocked because of him being a nudist. We were not 45 min into the conversation and he starts talking about, the rather sad, size of his junk (3" long). Wants to know if I'd like to see and he can send me pics if I give him my kik account. Claims he "just wants to be upfront". Yeah, blocked him. That is not how to win over a woman! He doesn't get blocked for being a nudist, he gets blocked because he's inappropriate!
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