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His been out lots having too may alocholic drinks. He will learn the hard way. My boss always knew when I’d been out night before. Inability to communicate past Hi and bye., my lack of focus and general effing up most my tasks for the day.
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Relationships with Bartenders and Waitress
Posted: 7/17/2018 7:47:15 PM

My boyfriend of 14 years

I didn't even attempt to read the rest of the wall of text. Only question I have is why are you here looking for a relationship?
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Relationships with Bartenders and Waitress
Posted: 7/22/2018 10:26:19 PM

My boyfriend of 14 years who I have known all of my life, we are seniors, and I am not talking HS, has been ignoring me a lot for 2 years except on Saturday nights.

Been ignoring you a lot for 2 years after you two broke up, or the last two years of your Relationship?

2 years ago we would see each other at least 2 times thru the week. He finally has taken me 2 times in the past 5-6 weeks. ............ We are not getting along because if his going to this bar 4 nights a week without me. What do you girls think. I am very hurt.

You haven't fully broken up. I call BS that you Really have broken up. :) My guess is that you "broke up" in a way, but still are seeing each other, wanting him fully back, but it's not working and you're frustrated still. And you do this, because, as you say, you're not over him -- but put up an online profile in the dating world to at least try and take a step in moving on.

Thing is, you have to Move On. Which means no chasing. It's been 14 years. Not 14 days of some dates of some guy you want to capture the heart of. It's Over. Done. Finito. Your emotion is not a good guide of wise & unwise moves.

Getting back to the original topic...

Most bar/wait staff aren't looking to pick up customers, they're looking for good tips. So I agree that if the guy was looking to cheat, he'd have a much easier time with the female patrons, especially if alcohol was in the mix.

I go to the bars a lot. When you're a regular at a place, you can end up hooking up with waitstaff / bartenders. Or even not a regular sometimes. Yes, guys will too often think they have a better chance than they actually do, though. Especially when gals in their position are to be open to guys (innocent?) flirting, and doing it back a bit sometimes, etc., to keep them coming in.

But your guy at the time said it was the bartenders / waitstaff. He could easily say that if he and his work friends were mingling with Chicks. That's more likely. I'd say the same thing: "Oh, that's the waitress, dear," if I was playing wingman for a friend and my GF was really protective.
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