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GeekedNow wrote:

How long 'dating around' after a divorce would you consider enough time before getting serious again assuming three things. One, you 'know' yourself living by yourself, two you date plenty and three you were married for lets say about 10 years.

Ok, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone/everything else who is a member of the forums . . let's all say it together.

"There IS NO RULE about how long it takes after a relationship before the person is ready."

THERE IS NO RULE. There is no FORMULA. Nothing. Nada.

It's different for everyone, because everyone's situation and everyone's mental make up is different.

I was ready while I was still married because I was separated for a significant amount of time, and let's face it, my ex-wife's behavior GUARANTEED that I'd be over her FAST.

Some people take a long time.

Some people think that a marriage certificate and divorce papers have some magical effect on people's emotions. Because the LAW says you're together, well, you must certainly still be in love, regardless of circumstances.

You know, because unmarried couples NEVER break up, and when they do, regardless of how long they've been together, they don't have the advantage of highly refined mathematical formulas to tell them when to start dating again - they're ready right away.


I don't know why this utter fiction of "You need time to heal" is applied like a blanket to EVERYONE.

When you're ready, you're ready, when you're not, you're not, no matter what calculations any of us on these forums give you about "FDA minimum recommended allowance of time to yourself."
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