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 Dave of Indiana
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It's much nicer to have a lover who is in shape, strong and fit than one who is not. Men like slim, fit women. Does it, should it surprise them that women also like slim, fit men?

No, it doesn't surprise me at all. Most women who have tried to keep themselves in good shape feel the same way as men. The men and women who have not kept things in order have no grounds to call us shallow.

Yes, we may pickup a "few" extra pounds and a few wrinkles but at this age most reasonable men and women can look beyond that. It's only human nature.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 6/19/2011 8:15:17 PM
It worries me that men are racing out to buy viagra and cialis online from unknown sources--let alone women keeping a supply on hand for them. Not sure this is your case OP, but i do know a woman who does this and I often worry about her liability.

Even so called "natural" herbs are meant to be prescribed by knowledgeable physicians who also know your medical history. A good percentage of prescription and herbal remedies are made in China where there is yet a good quality control manufacturing ethic in place. My Dr. is both an MD and homeopath. So he can list endless natural remedies for just about anything, but he also knows the best manufacturers and which meds and herbs are for "you".

In my limited dating experience since my divorce and having many male friends, I do know that many older men experience the same performance anxieties and pressures that women have faced for most of their lives. This is probably why sex improves as you age, because finally you are on the right page "together"...namely SLOW but SURE. So, if a man is now seeing a woman who just wants him in the sack, he might experience anxiety that he would not experience if he knew that the woman really cared for him. I am guessing that this is due to lower testosterone levels and perhaps the loss of a long standing partner due to either death or divorce.

All that being said, there are medical issues and medication side effects that can effect erectile function. There are also hormonal issues with testosterone replacement remedies that are just going mainstream. This is even being prescribed for the female sex drive. Geeze, even Dr. Phil finally had all this on his TV show!

Here, however, is what is interesting. If you cannot "perform" in the usual manner due to a medical issue, do you still crave intimacy and sensuality and what then do you do about it? I had two female friends whose husband's had the same issues. Once became very creative. The other crawled into a hole and left her out alone. This also happens with women, who make the same kinds of choices when the old sex drive starts diminishing. A lot has to do with the person and a lot with the relationship. I just pray that if my sexual choices are ever taken away from me, that my partner and I still opt for sensuality and perhaps some other alternatives "with" one another!!! Another thing I have found is that for me, although my drive is not as "needy" as it once was, it allowed me to be selective and finally find the right person. After that, came a world I never knew existed and it is great. Plus, for the first time in my life, I feel we will always find some form of intimacy to keep us connected. But, time will tell:)
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 6/23/2011 7:31:10 AM

Don't ever buy drugs on the internet. They are phony and can create health problems and death. China and Asian companies make a lot of them. A lot of their profits goes to drug cartels and Al Queda.

I call BS on this. Maybe there is some fraud and phony meds, but most are safe and much cheaper. There are sites that rate the quality and reliability of online pharmacies, so if you follow their ratings, you'll be safe.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 6/25/2011 1:23:44 PM
Both are expensive.
You might check out www dot inhousepharmacy dot biz/mens-health/silagra dot html.
Silagra is the Indian version of Viagra. Same ingredient. I've ordered twice from this pharmacy. A small test order to see if it actually arrived, and worked, and a larger order. In larger quantities a 100mg tablet is about $2.00, vs $20.00 at Walgreens. Same results as domestic Viagra, they work as advertised. The pharmacy is located somewhere overseas and does not require a prescription, just a credit card. Be prepared for some delay in the overseas shipping, both times about 10 days to arrive.

Ps; They'll also sell and ship brand Viagra without a prescription at the much higher cost.

Good luck.

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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 7/2/2011 11:20:21 AM
Have him do it lying down on his side, provides the maximum blood flow. Also, true for standing positions.
 Dave of Indiana
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 7/4/2011 9:20:50 AM

a healthy diet and exercise will get your BP and chol in check as well ....just saying

Not always true. My doctor tested me 15 years ago and my cholesterol, was 240. I went on a business trip to Singapore. Most of what I ate was vegetables and fish. I also exercise three times a week and did so in the hotels gym. I came home and my numbers hadn't changed.
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Cialis free trial
Posted: 10/11/2012 4:46:56 PM
You can get a free trial of Cialis through their web site at www dot cialis dot com/Pages/promise-free-trial dot aspx

I have used Cialis and cut the pill in half lengthwise with very satisfying results. Effects last maybe three days. The wind shifts and you can get hard. Minimal side effects compared to the headache from Viagra that only lasts 4 or so hours.
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Cialis free trial
Posted: 10/11/2012 7:19:13 PM
I agree with woobytoodsday, especially since she said her man does not have a doctor. If he has cardiac problems or problems with diabetes that are undiagnosed, he could be putting his health at serious risk just to get a woody. Also, if he is taking medications, there could be interactions. The guy needs to get a physical first then the prescription. There are free clinics if he does not have health care. If he smokes or drinks, he should quit. Both damage the circulatory system and prevent errection. (No wonder RJ Reynolds did not want THAT disclaimer on the side of their cigarette man would smoke.)
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/12/2012 12:58:55 AM
if you have prostate issues, you should check with your dr. apparently some docs tell you viagra is better with that. most men i know have it covered by insurance. it also gives them headaches. whether to take it or not, depends upon your medical history. many are now finding they need testosterone replacement versus one of these two drugs. then of course there is anxiety the first time and how saavy one's lover is. i would not get online unless my dr. had researched. poor quality control. most of the drugs in usa are made in china and there is little quality control there. shop around your local pharmacies including those who compound.

hi wooby!
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/12/2012 9:34:21 AM
Wal-mart is about $10.00 a pill.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/15/2012 4:35:33 PM

and my guy doesn't even have a dr.

I think you and he should be finding a way to get him a physical-and an Rx written by a local dr before y'all start experimenting with stuff, whether from "big pharma" or the health food store.

ED can be a result of other medical problems and that needs to be looked into.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer-and no, I am NOT in any way shape or form opposed to medical or herbal help for guys with difficulties!-and I also agree that for some people,certain medical issues are NOT just the result of bad lifestyle choices. But if your guy is having difficulties I think that he needs to rule out underlying medical conditions that could put a serious crimp in more than his love life.

OP, your guy needs to get with a doctor and make sure that it is SAFE for him to take an ED remedy. I appreciate that there may be issues with lack of insurance, limited funds, etc but fer pete's sake, do you and he REALLY want to possibly put his life at risk for the sake of a piece of tail? Sorry, it is not my intention to be, or to sound judgemental, but I want my words to GET YOUR ATTENTION.

Begin at the beginning and make sure there isn't an underlying serious problem.

Cowboy, that's a cute idea with the duct tape and the popsicle sticks!
I have been known to use "you are gonna wind up with you d*ck in a splint" as a warning-somehow or other I can't imagine anyone actually trying splinting as an emergency therapeutic measure.
What about those pump thingies?
Cindy O
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/15/2012 10:16:41 PM
Viagra also helps with high elevation. If you go above 10,000ft and going to do heavy phesical work. It gets more blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. Help hold off the high alttitude sickness away and keeps you going all day long,Pun intended . Had a friend give me one to try on a backpacking trip where the lowest was 9,000ft and the highest was at 12,000ft with about 20 miles in one day with 60lb, of going down the mountain just to start up another mountain .. At the end of the day sex wasn't on my mind lol .. I could have fallen asleep hanging up side down from a tree ..
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/16/2012 11:46:20 AM

Not entirely true. I have the same regimen as you. However, the injectable causes my cholesterol to go over 650 which means I require anti-cholesterol meds

That is very surprising since NIH studies indicate for most men testosterone injections lower cholesterol.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/18/2012 12:23:28 PM
I think they are $10-$20 a pop (no pun intended)
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/20/2012 11:43:05 AM
OP? You are a woman and living with someone yet seeking a man. Why this thread? I assume your partner might need this but shouldn't he deserve privacy and find his own medicine if he feels he needs it?
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/21/2012 12:36:55 AM
a friend told me he took one at a party and it didnt go down for hours! even after sex with his wife a few times!
would this be true?
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/21/2012 12:41:23 AM
Yes it can be true, I work for a health insurance company and I have had emergency room claims where some young idiot took some Viagra out of curiosity and well was hard for too long. If you stay hard for over 4 hours, then its time to seek medical attention before you do some serious damage.
 yvonne harms
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/22/2012 4:16:53 PM
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/24/2012 6:59:53 AM

Yes it can be true, I work for a health insurance company and I have had emergency room claims where some young idiot took some Viagra out of curiosity and well was hard for too long. If you stay hard for over 4 hours, then its time to seek medical attention before you do some serious damage.

Now here's a thought guaranteed to make you cringe. My understanding is, the emergency room treatment is to take a rather large hypodermic needle and withdraw the excess blood directly from your penis.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/24/2012 1:13:00 PM
Ouch! And I don't even have a penis!!!!
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/26/2012 10:16:26 AM

Everyone seems to think that you use Cialis if you have erectile disfunction.

I don't have a problem with ED but I love Cialis as a recreational drug. Any time my GF and I want to go all day, I pop one. It certainly adds to the fun.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/26/2012 10:43:06 AM
Cialis and Viagra are virtually always used for recreation: to facilitate or enhance non-procreative sexual activity, or, make sex better. Lots of men are popping that stuff like their lives depend on it! But, hey, we’re the “sex and drugs and rock n roll” generation and we’ve been very focused on the sex part of that triad ever since we were teenagers, and have used drugs to enhance sex. Male boomers are more sexually "enhanced" than any generation before them. Our legacy? Lol.
 sylvilagus aquaticus
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/26/2012 11:23:57 AM
Viagra (sildenafil) was initially used to increase vascular perfusion ( i.e. blood flow) and lower pulmonary hypertension in premature newborn infants who had immature or fully developed lungs. It was noted during the trials that male infants got erections, which opened up the possibility of a cross-label use and here we are today.

I have a fairly uncommon lung disease and my doctor suggested I take a Cialis on my worst days, such as a heavy pollution/ozone index day, or if the heat and humidity are both high, and he gave me a prescription which I may refll as needed. I *might* take one a month, and it works remarkably well in giving me the ability to exchange oxygen in my lungs. Yes, it also works just fine on that, too. I've never had a problem in that regard, but if it's a bad enough day I *have* to take a pill, I'm a lot more interested in my next breath than the horizontal mambo.
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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/26/2012 5:55:57 PM
I know this isn't what you guys are talking about here but I just want to say...


As a 47 yr old woman being in your prime sexually means that 47 yr old plus needs to keep up. Don't make us go looking for younger men. We want to date the older men but we are so blessed with this time in our life we should be able to have both so.....

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Viagra and Cialis
Posted: 10/26/2012 6:13:25 PM
Both Viagra and Cialis cost about the same, about $10.00 per tablet. Some insurance companies cover 6 tablets for a 30 day supply at your normal brand co-pay, some insurance companies do not cover it at all with a claim rejection of "unnecessary medication". Although there is a generic name for these medications, they are available as brand only. If someone has ED they usually have a medical problem causing it.

For those of you who can get it online without going to a doctor for a check up, getting the proper diagnosis, and a prescription are foolish. So are the guys who experiment with it or take it from a woman they are dating. You can have serious side effects from taking any medication and some over the counter medications without checking with your doctor or pharmacist.
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